To my dad,

The song that comes to mind for you "Till I see you Again" by Carrie Underwood.

We would always listen to the Beach Boys in the car all the time and you would have a radio by me when I was sleeping when I was little. I guess that is why I need music all the time now and I have you to thank for that dad.

Love your little angel

Posted by Marybeth Maahs on May 9, 2019
I love you

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Posted by Marybeth Maahs on May 9, 2019
I love you
his Life

Dad I will never forget the memories!

Date of birth February 27th 1941 and date of death April 29th 2019. 

My mom and dad met in college got married in Maryland then had one daughter and they named her Mary Beth. He would do lots of races was always fond of cars whether models or he would drive us around town in his convertible. I remember him letting me sit on the back of his car when I was a Pom Pom girl or taking baton for a local marching band on the 4th of July parades. I also remember him getting me into music and teaching me how to dance. He is the main reason why I have to have music till this day wherever I am.

He then remarried and lived in Gulf Breeze Florida. He had a wife and her children.  He was still the same person he was when he was living at home and we kept in touch frequently. He had a heart of gold and would do anything for you. I would always look forward to when he visited here and my boyfriend Mike would be happy to see him too. Later on he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and it was a slow progress that later turned into dementia.

I say hi to you all the time and when I see a bird now fly in the sky I think of you....  Since there was no services for you this is the only thing that I could think of to pay tribute to you..  

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Shared by Jessica Myers on May 10, 2019

hi Marybeth 

I'm so sorry for your loss of your dad if u need a friend to talk to I'm here for u I love you girl 

So many wonderful memories

Shared by Jacini Bennett on May 9, 2019

Mary Beth, I had my father for 33 years before he passed away.  I had your father in my life for 31 years.  Those were wonderful years with him.  Your father was a wonderful man.  He was very good to me, to my children and to my nieces and nephews and we all adored him.  You should be proud of the person your father was.  He was kind, loving, funny and would take the shirt off of his back for someone in need.  I will never forget that he’s the one who introduced me to the chocolate malt.  He made the best malts!  I will also always remember those monster hulk burgers that could have been as big as the plate he served them on and the back rubs he put me to sleep with.  He made life fun for a little girl of just 12 years old.  He didn’t have to.  I was just 1 of his wife’s children.  But he did.  And he loved me when he didn’t have to.  That was the kind of man your father was.   He built a bond with my own father.  The 2 of them called each other “step-husband”.   When Mom and Roy moved to Florida, holidays were spent at their house with my father.  We were all an extended family and it worked for us.  When my Daddy passed away, Roy was devastated because he lost a close friend and confidante.  That’s another memory that I hold so very close to my heart.  He spent time with the kids taking them out to the National Seashore to pick seashells and swim.  They always came back with smiles on their faces talking about how much fun they had with Grandpa Roy.  I’m so thankful that I was able to take time off of work this past February to go down to Florida and spend some precious time with him before he passed.  I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself if I hadn’t taken the chance to thank him for the 31 years of wonderful memories he gave me and for being so good to my mother.  He worshipped my mother from the moment he laid eyes on her until the day he passed away.  He did whatever it took to give her what she wanted in life.  I’ve never seen a man love his wife the way your father so completely loved my mother.  I won’t forget that either.  He made her happier than I had ever seen her.  Your father will be remembered by many people, most especially by me.

Shared by Samantha Bings on May 9, 2019

this is a tragic passing. I remember when I moved to Florida with my dad and got to spend time with grandpa Roy and grandma Judy. I absolutely adored this man. He always was welcoming and took my cousins and I to the beach every summer. It was our grandpa time.. I'll never forget all the Christmass when they always went all out for decorations. He was a great man. He will never be forgotten.