Posted by Derrick Cross on October 4, 2020
Hi dad i miss u my dude it'll never be the same without you damn.
Posted by Derrick Cross on July 5, 2019
Hi roy didn't know i never visited your page before sorry bout that. But im glad im talking to you now i just wish it was in person damn it just seem like yesterday in my heart but it's really been 11 years almost they say time heals all wounds but they never said it would leave an ugly scar i feel so guilty that i didnt talk to you more when you were locked up i guess i just never thought i would run out of time and i would see you when you got out but it didn't happen like that and i never got to say goodbye. Fuck fuck i am so sorry and i really do love and miss u so much keep resting on my father this is my goodbye finally.
Posted by laqueeda cross on December 13, 2016
Today makes 8yrs you been gone I miss you so much daddy you will forever be the 1st men i ever loved I wish i could hug you 1 more time but i know your watching over us you will forever be my angel
Posted by Nancy Cross on July 1, 2016
To my soldier you are greatly you
Posted by laqueeda cross on June 30, 2016
Happy Birthday Daddy.continue to rest in peace and continue to watch of me i love you and miss you more and more each day

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