Posted by Chuan Teng on September 5, 2020
        懿 德 長 昭
        鄧銓, 劉真真 敬輓
                     Loving kindness is always remembered
                         Chuan and Jen-Jen Teng
Posted by Lin Family on August 14, 2020
I am grateful for my memories of my visits (along with my siblings) in the early 1970s to New York. I fondly remember my Aunt Ruth and Uncle Frank taking us to the beaches and spending time in their above ground pool (even though I spent it inside a floating ring since I hadn’t learned to swim). However, my best memories are more recent in the time that I spoke to her on the phone in the later years, got to grow closer to her, and got to know the person that my mom found great joy being around.

It is extremely rare and lovely grace that a person is able to carry a lightness and joy that overflows from within. Aunt Ruth (and Uncle Frank whom she now joins) is such a person. After her sister (Claire) passed away 15 years ago, I began to call her every few months or so. Perhaps it was because I missed my mom very much but it was also because I remember Ruth as the “laughing Aunt” whom my mother adored and would spend hours talking long distance (very expensive at the time). I got to share with her parts of my life, my love of home cooking, the laughter and happiness that came from simple things of life. 

During our calls she would remind me how much my mother loved all of her children which brought me great comfort. Aunt Ruth would also share what Uncle Frank and each of her children and grandchildren were doing and even their struggles and concerns. I could see her deep concern, love and joy that she felt for each and every one.

The term “matriarch” or even “patriarch” has so many negative connotations these days. But when lovingkindness is in the heart of these terms, an amazing freedom is inherited by the family members. I can see such freedom living on in my cousins and their children who have the opportunity to flourish as unique and deeply loved individuals. 

My Aunt’s (and Uncle’s) deep love and care lives on within my cousins, grandchildren, and people who were blessed to know them. It is very difficult when they are no longer physically with us now. I know I will miss talking with my Aunt and will grieve with you as many of you do as well. 

The fruit of planted love is growing self-acceptance. This is a most precious gift. It may not be the realized for some time, but when we remember the feelings of being loved, let it water us from within, take the chance to express it outwardly to those whom we remain in contact; we may come to realize how we really remain connected by the seen and unseen bonds that live on. 

Today...I choose to remember the love that I got to experience through my Aunt Ruth. May the memory of her love (which comes from a Higher Love) comfort and tenderly embrace each of my cousins, family members and friends.

- Tom
Posted by Bernard Beaulieu on August 12, 2020
A truly amazing woman who exemplified fortitude and perseverance throughout her life. I look forward to hearing more of her life’s stories.

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