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June 27, 2017

I met Ruth when she and Sheehan's father were seeing each other in Davis, CA in the early 70's. Duncan Grant and I had been in the Peace Corps in Nepal together and we were working in a Peace Corps training program in Davis.

That began a close relationship between our two families. Sheehan was born not too long before my son, and they seemed to enjoy each other at various functions and when the two families got together. Ruth's family visited us in Sacramento and we visited them in Vacaville and San Jose.

My wife and I loved Ruth's enthusiasm for life, and often chuckled about the time we arrived in Vacaville - when Ruth forgot the screen door and ran directly through it to greet us with hugs.

Sometime after Ruth had been a member of the California Arts Council, I was surprised to see her sitting outside the building where I worked in Sacramento. She was there coaching a young artist about his presentation to the council, I assume seeking a grant. We talked a bit, and later as I re-entered my building Ruth was coming out. I recalled all the good times we had enjoyed together and gave her a big hug in the middle of a busy noon time lobby. As I looked back from the door I was entering, Ruth mouthed "I love you". That was the last memory I have of her and it is a precious one.

Although we wandered on different paths and had not seen Ruth for many years, my wife and I were both sad to hear of her passing - we had always hoped we would someday have time to regain our relationship. Life is fleeting. Don't miss the opportunities you have.

June 10, 2017

On Saturday, June 3rd, we had an unusual visitor to our yards on North 2nd and North 1st, Tony's, Mary's, and mine. Our homes surround Ruth's long time home. The visitor was a beautiful peacock! He remained with us until this morning. 

June 10, 2017

I met Ruth in 1981 at a friend's house on South 14th.  I have a number of memories I hope to share, but for this moment, remembering when we went to see The Funkadelics perform in downtown San Jose in the late '90's, a song we all enjoyed:

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