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Lil Ryan's Biography

Lil Ryan Was Born On May 31, 1991 To The Very  Proud Parents Of The Late Ryan Andre Stinson & Tracine Evonne Ervin. He Has One Older Brother Reginald Ryan Bridges (Reggie) & Two Sisters, One Older Sister Camille Stinson & One Younger Sister Tracine Yvonne Ervin (Vonnie) & A Surving Son. Lil Ryan Grew Up & He Was A Very Smart Young Man In School & Stayed On The Honor Roll. He Was Very Athletic Playing Football & Basketball From Elementary Through High School. Basketball Was His Favorite Sport. He Was One Of The Best Players On His Basketball Team & Earned Many Trophies, Medals & Certificates For Playing. He Loved To Run & He Mastered Back Flipping At A Very Young Age. He Even Learned To Back Flip Without Touching The Fence. He Took Pride In How He Dressed. Everything Had To Match Perfectly & Be The Exact Color Or He Wouldn't Wear It. No Outfit Was Complete Without His Love For Shoes, Hats & Jewelry. He Also Loved Playing Video Games. He Loved His Family Very Much. He Was A Very Giving Person With Whatever He Had & He Loved Children. Lil Ryan Left Us With A Legacy That's Full Of Laughter & Awesome Memories. I Enjoyed Every Minute Of The Eighteen & A Half Years That God Let Me Spend With My Son.....The Good Times As Well As The Bad. Lil Ryan Organs Was Donated & He Gave Five Important People Life & Some Of Them Have Became Family For Me. Lil Ryan Still Lives On & May His Legacy Always Be Celebrated & Remembered For The Caring & Loving Young Man That He Became. I Will Always Keep My Son Legacy Going For As Long As I Live He Will Never Be Forgotten.

Lil Ryan Favorite Artist....Lil Wayne, Drake, Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, Kanye West, T.I., 50 Cent, Soulja Boy & Eminem.

Lil Ryan Favorite Songs....All The Way Turnt Up, Hustlers Music, Say Something, Forever, Everyday I'm Hustling, Women Lie Men Lie, Live Your Life & Run This Town.

Lil Ryan Quotes....Never Leave The One You Love For The One You Like, I'm Tired Of The Same Sh*t I Need A Different Toilet, I'm My Own Worst Enemy, You Deer, You A Duck For That, Mind You, What's Up Baby & Whatever....

Favorite Colors.... Red & White.

Rest In Love & Peace Son, Love Always, Your Mom.