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love u

Shared by Hannah Carson on October 5, 2012

samntha was my favorit cuz she is the only girl in the family that was my age i love u R.I.P im so glaed u are in a better place i cant belive u are gone LOVE YOU i think about you a lot.
 LOVE YOU..R.I.P           
                                                                                love u you cuz,Hannah carson, love u


Shared by sierra doolin on May 12, 2012

samantha could always make you smile no matter what i think it is unfair that she was taken to soon .samantha was in my math class at perry and in my social studies class .samantha always came in with a smile on here face  and no matter what never had a bad day.  The day that all of us heard we all broke down and cryied. samantha had a bright future ahead of her


Shared by Kristen Casteel on May 17, 2011

You will never be forgotten and you were a very smart girl but god calls people up for a reason and it touched my heart when i saw the news I love you Samantha R.I.P! You were my closest friend and lizz should of not bullied you i love you with all my heart and you were made to be up there for a reason i think that God needed your help and with the lost i will never fill the way i did and remenber that i will always love you and your an angle! I love you...


Shared by Crickett Ulshafer on April 23, 2011

Samantha was a very beautiful and smart girl. She lived life to it's fullest and always had a smile. She loved her family more than anything . She was so full of love. It's just to sad she had to go so soon. But God was calling her home for a reason that only him and her now know. Know that she is safe from all harm and danger now , and she'll run and play with many angels. And she'll be waiting for all of us when we get there.

I hope whoever knows about the bullies turn it in as Sam did not deserve this at all.

R.I.P Samantha We all miss and Love you.

Shared by shelby hamilton on April 21, 2011

this picture is sad and  i just cant believe  it that shes gone but everybody misses her and shes in a better place right now

the story of samantha henson

Shared by ernest hunter on April 16, 2011

Here is a story about a girl named samantha henson she was a thirteen year old girl who lived in indiapolis she was the sweetest girl ever everyone liked her but some people are jelouse of her she was so pretty i liked her alot she wanted to be a pediatrition i loved her dream it was the most beutiful dream in the world she always smiling she used to tell my step mom she looked pretty even when she was still in her pj had not brushed her teeth or did here hair or makeup  and when i got up my hair was sticking up and i was in my pj she would tell me i looked cute well wensday 4-13-2011 she was hit by a geo prism after she got bullied by a girl named lizz madiena who wanted tofight her  she tried to run home to get her dad she ran out in the street and her boyfriend and friend sceamed her name she turned around and then turned back around then she got hit she got sent to the hospital and then switched to another one she got revived a couple of timeswith those shocker things then she was declared brain dead she had no brain waves they took out her apendance so she could breath better so she was declared dead at 12:04 thursday afternoon  12-14-2011 so that was it made alot of people sad so a bunch of news channles about here so people in town made here a momoreal it's got alot of stuff under it like stuff under it and it's got letters and stuffed animals and pictures so that is the story of samantha henson the sweetest girl ever


Shared by Jessica Barnett on April 15, 2011

sammi was  13 year old that got hit by a car on wensday and died thursday 4-14-2011 and she was bullied. she was bullied by a girl named lizz m and she tried to fight her and she ran out in the middle of the street and a car hitt her and when the car hitt her it knocked her shoes on to the side of the road and she flew over the car . they took her to riley hospital and that is where they pronouced her dead at

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