Posted by Julie Herrada on April 4, 2018
I only recently found out of the passing of Sandra. I was very sorry to hear it. She was too young to leave us. Young at heart and young in age. She was very instrumental in helping us to acquire the very important archive of NTLA for the University of Michigan Library. I will always be grateful to her for tact and for her commitment to scholarship and preservation of the historical record.
Posted by Leanne Jeffers on October 3, 2017
Our family created a photo montage for our mom's memorial this past summer. This is now available for viewing online at We hope you enjoy this wonderful reflection of our mom and her life with her friends, colleagues, and family.
Posted by John Schatzlein on July 15, 2017
Your mom was always so encouraging and accepting of me as I grew and began my journey as a young person with a SCI. Being at your homes in St.Paul, Stillwater, Ann Arbor and the cabin on the St Croix were always exciting and pleasant experiences.
Watching you guys grow and learning from Sandra and Ted that I could do anything I chose to do was so supportive. Certainly her food and hospitality was wonderful. Being a colleague at PHS was a learning experience and I learned much watching Sandra leading and sharing. I felt her strength and caring throughout times together.
She will be remembered and missed. I think of your dad, mom and you all as a positive in my life and will into the future. Her essence will stay with me. Love to you all.
Posted by fred maynard on July 9, 2017
I want to share with family & friends some of my favorite memories of your remarkable mother:
*how amazed Kathy & I were when we first visited them at their new Harvard St. home in 1977 shortly after they had moved in and we saw the incredible decorative detail and meticulous artistic organization of
personal & household essentials that had already been completed, without an open box or piece of wrapping paper to be seen --- a sharp contrast to the way our homes looked several weeks after a 'moving in'.
*her broad smile and jocular silly laugh at events like the Boxing Day parties when she let her 'professional mask' down.
*her lavish and graceful hosting of large & intimate get-togethers at the Harvard St. house.
*her passionate intensity for propriety & honesty when talking about sexuality & sexual behaviors (still sensitive topics in the 70's & 80's).

We know you all will miss her a lot and that her spirit will live on in all of you. With our deepest sympathy & respect,  Fred & Kathy Maynard
Posted by Laura Spicer on June 22, 2017
What a journey this has been. For as many years as my mom made sure special events were celebrated, she would be proud and thankful that she will be receiving such an honorable celebration of her life. I mean, when you are 17 years of age and know how to fully cater and hold a large celebratory event, you know you are Sandra's child. Dang, it's the gift that keeps on giving! Thanks, Mom! I'm so happy our time together was so rewarding and memorable. I miss you dearly. XO- Laura "Lols"

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