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May 6, 2013

I am sure Sandy is smiling in heaven at this new addition to her family.  I am also sure that she was holding Colton's hand as he fought his way into this life and through the early trials.  

Happy 60th birthday, mom.

July 20, 2012
You never said I'm leaving, you never said goodbye.
You were gone before I could reach your side, and only God knew why.
A million times I've needed you, a million times I've cried.
If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died.
My heart still aches in sadness and secret tears still flow,
What it meant to lose you, no one will ever know.
In life I loved you dearly, in death I love you still;
In my heart you hold a place, that no one could ever fill.
It broke my heart to lose you, but you didn't go alone.
For part of me went with you, the day God took you home.

Excitement, un-contained

May 29, 2012

Awww... grandma was so happy! :) Mom had, at first, a simple smile.. well a Cheshire* grin more like it, when we got to the hospital that night. I remember jokingly saying, "Mom, act more excited. You're finally a grandma!" And all of a sudden, she started to [literally] squee with joy  as we were walking down the hall to the nicu.. Somewhere along the line, we then clasped hands, hugged, and did a little dance, no joke. The nurses -and my father- looked at us rather oddly, but it didn't matter. Why contain excitement?

I miss the Laverne to my Shirley.. She brought out the best in Chad and I, I personally feel. We didn't have to act-in-order-to-please around her. Mom wasn't afraid to goof around, whether in public or private. :)


May 29, 2012

I remember that day quite vividly.. and Landyn was smiling at grandma the entire time .. ^^ When she handed him to me, he actually vice-gripped her shirt and started wailing.. I can't help but think that I saw a smug, knowing look of content on her face that day.. I wonder what that means (hehe).

A special connection they had, I thought, from the very beginning.

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