Let the memory of
Sara Carpenter Oldberg
be with us forever, and may we all keep making her proud.
  • 83 years old
  • Born on September 8, 1928 in Highland Park, Illinois, United States.
  • Passed away on April 1, 2012 in Tujunga, California, United States.

 This webpage was created in memory of Sara Carpenter Oldberg, who we will honor forever. 

Sara Carpenter Oldberg, nee Sara Anne Carpenter, 9/8/1928 - 4/1/2012-- beloved Mother, Grandmother and Friend of three children Carol Oldberg, Susan Oldberg Hinton, and Thomas Oldberg, as well as two grandchildren David Oldberg and Nicholas Oldberg. Sara passed away after a long illness, in her sleep and at home in her own bed. Loving daughter of Robert H. Carpenter and Margaret Beebe Carpenter of Winnetka, IL and Fort Myers, FL, Sara raised her children and helped to raise her grandchildren as a third parent, while working over 25 years as receptionist and then bookkeeper for orthodontist Robert Williams (Northbrook and Chicago, IL), and in her active retirement. Sara Oldberg will be remembered for her kindness, humor, and sacrifice for family. Arrangements private. Cards are appreciated but please, no flowers. Donations to defray/sponsor the cost of printed obituaries are welcome, or a donation may be made in Sara's name to the World Wildlife Fund:


Tom Oldberg, Carol Oldberg, and Susan Oldberg Hinton


Posted by Tom Oldberg on 10th September 2018
Nick is in for a few days and we had a really long talk about you and the family while I was a child, looked at some pictures, too. Also, I'm so happy Nick has developed your serenity, and your thoughtful approach to daily living and people. He is so kind, and fair, and his work will help thousands if not millions of people, and mostly that's why he works so hard. You would be so proud of him.
Posted by Tom Oldberg on 1st April 2018
Had a nice day with Nick, we went thru some old boxes I saved up from Valmont and we just had a blast thinking of you and remembering the time and energy you gave us. We even found some notes on the cat calendar pages, funny stuff you made for Nick and memos of events, too. Pictures were few but precious. You give me the strength I need.
Posted by Tom Oldberg on 11th September 2017
I could go for a card tournament right about now, how 'bout you Mom? Get Carol to call everybody, at least you guys can play. Come to think of it, ask her if Johnny Bedford is up there and if he is tell her to remind him of the Boston she and I ran on him in Madison. First deal, even. I remember when you taught me what card sense was, too.
Posted by Tom Oldberg on 1st April 2017
5 years... not possible. Got your breadbox on my kitchen counter and the cat magnet still falls off all the time. It has a little picture of you and Nick at Halloween when he was 6 years old, what a terrific grandma you were. I appreciate it more and more as time passes.
Posted by Tom Oldberg on 8th September 2016
Thinking of you and missing you. Been looking thru old photos, planning to do more with Nick on his next visit. We both miss you very much.
Posted by Tom Oldberg on 8th September 2015
Changes are in the wind, Mom. I become more like you every day.
Posted by Tom Oldberg on 1st April 2014
You would be so proud of Nick, your legacy continues in him, but I don't know how you were so laid back as a parent when I went thru changes. I know I'm supposed to let him work things out on his own but I need to borrow your attitude in order to do that.
Posted by Tom Oldberg on 8th September 2013
Heavy on my mind, heavy on my heart. I'm leaning on you today.
Posted by Susan Oldberg Hinton on 8th May 2013
Happy Mother's Day, Mom.
Posted by Tom Oldberg on 1st April 2013
I just get up in the morning and try to climb the mountain every day, like you did so well. You inspire me, I admire you.
Posted by Susan Oldberg Hinton on 28th March 2013
Your anniversary's almost upon us. I know your strength will run in our veins as we mark the day. BTW I paid that debt you owed.
Posted by Carol Oldberg on 9th September 2012
I think about you every day Mom, and I always will.
Posted by Susan Oldberg Hinton on 8th September 2012
News of a memorial service held 09/05/12, is posted in the Stories tab.
Posted by Tom Oldberg on 8th September 2012
I miss you Mom. Every day. I need your strength.

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