"Memories" By: Nannie

Shared by Ashley Keatts on May 10, 2011

Looking at you when you were first born was a feeling to me that no one else knows, a precious babygirl with ten little fingers, and ten little toes, I knew you were special rite from the start, because you came in this world and stole away my heart, I remember when you were sleepy you would run and get your blanket for me to bundle you up, and I knew you were ready for me to fill your sippy cup, the memories that I have can never be replaced, rocking you to sleep and looking at your face, before you fell asleep we both locked eyes, and as i layed you down your little head was sure to rise.

I loved watchin you chase your goats from place to place, you would smile and look back at me with the biggest grin on your face, Sitting you on the counter feeding you chicken, potatoes, and green beans you loved to eat so much i guess that was in your genes, The first time you ate an oreo it tickled me from the start, I sat there and laughed as I watched you pull it apart, you ate the creme filling, and sat the chocolate to the side, I saw how smart and precious you were and my heart was filled with pride.

If the other babies could not find their passies, all we had to do was look for little miss sassy, You would be setting there with the biggest grin with one passie in your mouth, and two in your hands, Savannah, you are so special to nannie words can not compare, because now we are linked heart to heart forever, with the memories that we share.

"Fitted For Wings"

Shared by Ashley Keatts on May 10, 2011

                  So precious, So special

eyes so blue, hair so brown, our little dream come true,

She made us cry, God its so hard to say good-bye,

She was the baby of the bunch, in everyone's heart

she is loved so much although, we only got one short year,

it was such a joy to have herr here.

                Our hearts are filled with so much sorrow,

but we knew she was only ours for a short time to barrow,

If only we had just one more day, the things we would do,

the things we would say, but we know she is in a better place,

holding grandma's and Granpa's hand with a smile on her face,

but to us this is not the end, one sweet day we will be together again,

I know she's happy in glory land, with Jesus hand and hand.

             She tought us all so much,

Like how impotant it is for one last kiss, or one last touch,

Life to us will just not seem the same, not hearing her laugh,

and see her smile so bright, She will remembered by alot of things,

and now our precious angel has been "Fitted For Wings."


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