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Missing Scott

July 5, 2012

One of my favorite memories of Scott happened over 20 something years ago. Can’t believe it, but it HAS been that long. He had separated and I was with someone  and  we were both moochers, in Jimmy and Karen’s house (they wasn’t even married yet).  We were pathetic no lives, no money and only our dreams. We shared a little bitty room out of sheer no other place to go, in a house built for 1.. Everyone thought we had something going on but I can put my hand on the bible and say it was purely platonic. We used to joke around and he would say: “well if you wasn’t so fat and loud I might consider it” and I would always say: “well, being ugly, broke, and a methane gas  Chernobyl waiting to happen don’t help none either!” Anyway, we became close during that time even though  we bitched, moaned, and complained in the tight quarters, we really were family  and we talked about every subject under the sun. One subject was how to get rich quick and  tons of ideas on how to make cash fast and get out of the ‘where’s the beach house?’ and move on. He was going to tell Karen to get lost and keep the change for fussing at him and making him pay rent and I was going to …well… I don’t know what…. But I wasn’t going to shut up like Jimmy  always said I had to! We just had to make the money first. I think over all that time we lived there together we didn’t make a dime and kept borrowing the same $10 back and forth. One day when I was cleaning up his wrappers, cigarette butts, and coke cans….I saw the funniest thing. He had cut out an ad from the national enquirer that said: “how to live in Mexico on $14 a day!” In the margin he had multiplied 31 times $14 and the math was wrong! I could just see him when he was reading the ad with a little light bulb over his head with him being fed grapes by senoritas (still no shirt on, the same swim trunks for shorts and his work boots on with no socks like when he had to run down the stairs)….oh and he had an ingrown toenail and was limping! I showed that to Karen and then she to Jimmy and we laughed till we cried. I hope this is funny but if not you would have just had to be there. Point is, he kept me laughing, math mistakes and all and I rode his butt about it and he was so good hearted that he never got mad, he would just drop an f-bomb here and there and slam our tiny bedroom door. Hee hee.  Last time I saw him when my son was with me, I got to tell my kid that story and of course it was hilarious all over again. I remember telling him: “You’re stuck here with Jimmy and Karen for eternity cause you still can’t do the math problem!”  We had a good laugh but we all know he wasn’t stuck anywhere. HOME was at Jimmy and Karen’s.  He was the first thing I would see driving up. His perpetual smile and roaring laugh. He was always the same. I can’t even imagine how that’s going to feel the first time. My son, Asa loved Scott too.  He went to visit and Scott took him deep sea fishing way back when as a much younger kid. He didn’t have to be bothered and no one would have blamed him if he didn’t wanna take him but he did. My ‘kid’ is now an almost 22 year old man and I had to tell him that Scott was gone that day. He cried like a baby and I cried with him cause I knew how he felt and that’s my child. As for me and mine we ONLY have good things to say about him. I know the family is crushed. Me and Asa loved him and will never be able to forget him. Thank God he never went to Mexico and thank God he was at home with Jimmy and Karen. He loved all of you.

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