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Birthday celebrating Scott's life with us

Shared by Michele Schram on March 25, 2012

In March of 2010, Scott requested to go to "The Melting Pot" restaurant in Louisville for his birthday.  So Dan, Scott and I went to have a most delicious meal.  This year to celebrate his life that we were blessed to share with him for 34 years we decided to go back to the same restaurant that he enjoyed so much.  It was so sweet remembering the evening with him.  We were even seated at the same table that we had 2 years ago, without even asking for that table!!  Our waiter, Carl, was so sweet to us.  We told him the reason for our visit to the restaurant and he went out of his way to make it a special celebration.  He asked his manager to make a special presentation of strawberries cut to look like roses.  He also provided a complimentary chocolate fondue for us at his expense and without knowing that Scott loved cheesecake, included a piece for us.  We were also given complimentary glasses of champagne.  All in all, even though it brought tears to our eyes, we were able to really remember being with Scott in a very happy time and feel his presence with us.  We remembered that Scott was such a gentle, loving, patient person.  The times that he was so helpful when Dan was sick after his brain cancer was discovered and when I was sick and he was concerned about me are only a small example of the wonderful son and friend that Scott was to us.  We miss you so much, Scott, and look forward to joining you in heaven someday. 

Happy birthday to our loving son!  We will celebrate again.




Shared by Michele Schram on January 13, 2011

This picture of Lisa, Woody, Brian and Scott was taken one Easter in front of our Arvada home.


Shared by Michele Schram on January 13, 2011

This is a photo of Scott, Michele, Brian and Steve.  All our children started out skiing when they were young and they all, except Steve, still like to ski.  Scott started snowboarding in the last few years.  Scott and Lisa were the snowboarders in the family.


Shared by Michele Schram on January 13, 2011

Scott loved all animals.  We had this Golden Retriever that was much loved by all the family.  Scott also liked reptiles and had pet salamanders, frogs, and lizards.  Woody was named because as a puppy he liked to chew on sticks of wood.


Shared by Lisa Fatovic on January 13, 2011

When Scott and I were about 3 or 4 or 5 we went skiing with the whole family to Winter Park.  Of course we all caught the Chicken Pox and ended up doing less skiing than we thought.  Scott and I spent much time in our feety jammies.  One of us was brown and one of us was green.  We pretended we were worms slithering down the steps in the condo. 

Lisa and Scott

Shared by Michele Schram on January 6, 2011

Since Lisa and Scott were only 14 months apart in age, I always felt that they were my little twins.  I made clothes for them that matched when they were toddlers (they probably wouldn't have worn anything  I made for them as teenagers!!) and enjoyed seeing them interact as toddlers.  Lisa called Scott her toddler baby.  She always wanted to help feed him and diaper him even though she was really only a toddler herself.  I am sure all those close times during Scott's babyhood helped cement their close relationship.  Thank you, my little mother's helper, Lisa.

  Your mom.

Shared by Michele Schram on December 17, 2010

Scott took this photo in California.  Mom and Scott love the ocean.


Shared by Michele Schram on December 17, 2010

Scott and his dad loved to fish at Deb & John's pond in Stratton.  Cobe is also visiting Stratton and is enjoying the fishing.

Shared by Michele Schram on December 17, 2010

Scott shared our love of dogs.  This was the only black and white Sheltie that we ever had and it was one of Dan's favorite puppies as well as Scott's.

Before Scott's birth

Shared by Michele Schram on December 16, 2010

When we knew we were going to add another child to our family, we told Brian, Steve and Lisa.  Since it was hard to explain how long it would be until the new baby was born, we told them that we would have a new baby when the tulips began to grow in the spring since March was when our baby was to be born.  We have a picture of our spring baby, Scott, and the tulips blooming.

Pacific Ocean

Shared by Michele Schram on December 16, 2010

The ocean photo on this site is one of the excellent photos that Scott took in California.

California exploring

Shared by Michele Schram on December 16, 2010

In January2010 Scott, Dan and I went to CA to escape the winter cold and snow.  Scott loves San Diego and helped drive the pickup pulling our RV all the way to CA. Scott made a list of all the places he would like to visit and planned what we would do.  One of my favorites was going to dog beach and watching the dogs play.  It was also so relaxing to sit on the beach and watch the waves roll in.  There was a big storm coming in and the waves were huge.  I will miss my fellow photographer.  Scott and I enjoy taking our time looking for just the right flower or scene to photograph.  We even took guilty pleasure in stealing some delicious fruit off some trees in a botanical garden we visited.  The fruit was just falling to the ground why not eat one before it hit the ground!!  Love you always, my dear Scott.

Jumping Pad

Shared by Lisa Fatovic on December 16, 2010

One of my favorite memories from our childhood was creating our jumping pads.  We lived in house that had a split level with no railing.  We would take pillows, sleeping bags, blankets, couch cushions, anything and everything soft and pile it up to make a large surface.  We would launch ourselves off the upper level and land on our jumping pad.  Of course it was right next to the fireplace where we easily could have split our heads open.  Never did though!   

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