Her Life

We miss that smile especially that laugh

If you knew her you know exactly what laugh I’m talking about!!!! we miss you so much mom!!!

Mother's Day

As this day approaches I prepare myself..This will be my first Mother's Day without My very own mother, No dialing her number waiting for her to answer so we can yell "Happy Mother's Day" and she laugh on the other end and say thank ya babies!! and we all get dressed call Tammy see what time we meeting over ma's b/c even though its her day she has prepared a nice Mothers Day dinner for us to enjoy...Take her gifts to her one by one and she all smiles.... Ma! I miss you so much! words cannot express how much I miss you..Even though your gone I swear I think about you all the time, Just today when I looked at the time I said you would be calling me around now..we would talk and then I would transfer you to Tammy so yall can talk! This has been so hard for me.. Everything in my life is finally coming together and I should HAPPY but im missing a piece to my puzzle and thats you!!! I am blessed to have had you in my life for 33 years yes I am...TJ wants you to know you are forever in his heart!! Miss Aaliyah talks about you all the time..Im goin to keep u in her thoughts so she will NEVER forget her grandmother...My sister and I has always been close and you know this but were even closer I love her dearly!! and WE love you even in paradise miss sellerstein Howard and I'll see you Sunday 5/13 baby!! MUAH!!