Posted by Sourabh Mundra on June 8, 2021
When i heard the news about shachindra ji. It's heartbreaking.
I am still having difficulties digesting the news of his departure. We did take high tea most of the time together and talk on a general topic.

He is such a nice person to me personally, we both respect each other and very cordial relation to each other.

Late-night working hours in my initial days of hiring, always helping me out.

Shachindra is such a nice person always giving help to other. Technical or non-technical you name it.

I have shared one outing pic of our complete PDK team when I am new to the team.

One thing I have surely learn from Shachindra and proud of him with this quality as no matter how much difficult a time or project deadline... keep your nature and attitude calm. Do things in a smart way.

May his soul rest in peace. May god give his family all required support in every way of life.
Posted by Inder Mohan Bhawnani on June 8, 2021
It is difficult and heartbreaking to believe that Shachindra Ji is not with us. There are no words to describe such loss.

Shachindra Ji had a very friendly nature. Anyone comes in contact with him become his friend. He always had a view for any of the problem discussed with him and always ready to guide and support for any technical issues facing or even generic problems.

He loved to go on long drive with family, go for long route cycling and old time trekker. Loved to visit and explore new places. Lot of knowledge about gadgets.

We will miss him in our team and in our life.


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