Posted by Anthony Spraggins on August 1, 2018
Baby Girl, yesterday was your Born Day you would have been 27 and I still cherish the day you came into this world. Life deals some hard blows at times but our faith in God has brought me and your sisters through the storm. Always thinking about you, I Love you and I will see you again at the Pearly Gates with arms opened wide. Love you! Daddy
Posted by Anthony Spraggins on June 12, 2017
Well Baby Girl another year has gone by without me having you here to share life's wonderful moments with you. It has been a struggle still even knowing the one who took you away from us is in jail, but that will never ease my sorrow when certain days come around. I think of you everyday and one day I will be able to hold my precious baby girl again. I know your Grandfather, great Uncles, Uncles, Great Great Grandmother are all up there watching over you. You are in a better place than here and I know that God has his loving arms wrapped around you, I know that you are safe now and I don't have to worry about anything where you are. Baby Girl, I Love You and always will. Missing you dearly. Daddy
Posted by Anthony Spraggins on May 19, 2016
Well baby girl God has been good, the person who took your life is no longer free, he will spend the next 30 years thinking of the pain he has caused our family and friends. I promised you that I would never stop looking for the one who took you away from us and now the journey has come to an end.

God had a plan for you, your death was not in vain and now you can R.I.P. knowing that your killer is in prison. It has been a 9 year journey in search of the truth, going to the trial hearing all of the evidence that I hadn't heard before was the hardest thing that I've ever had to do other than laying you to rest. I'm at peace now knowing that God had our backs through this whole ordeal, but FAITH was the leading factor in making sure your death wasn't in vain.

I know your Grandfather, Great Uncles, Great Grandmother and other family and friends are there looking after you and watching over us. We had our time together and we'll be together once again, I want to see your smiling face when I walk through those "Pearly Gates" then and only then will I have eternal peace.

I Love you Baby Girl! Until we meet again, R.I.H.

Posted by Anthony Spraggins on July 31, 2015
Today would have been my Baby Girl's 24th birthday. I still think back to the day that you were born and the joy that you brought me until that day you were taken away from me, I think about that saying of the day you were born and the dash in between the year you pass away and wonder what would it be like to see my Baby Girl become a woman and make her mark in this world. You never got that chance to fulfill your destiny, but you are always on my mind and the pain will never go away knowing how you where taken away so soon do to the stupidity of an individual that didn't care about the life of another human being. This day is the hardest for me and I still cry because I'm missing you so much, but I will see you again Baby Girl, I LOVE YOU BUT GOD LOVES YOU MORE and that's why you are with Him now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Posted by Douglas Williams on July 26, 2015
I don't know what to write. I love you forever.
Posted by Anthony Spraggins on June 10, 2015
It's been 8 years now since I last saw you baby girl, time has passed so quickly and it seems like an eternity since I saw your smile. I love you baby girl and always will, I know you are looking down and watching over all of us. Just wanted to say that your killer has been caught and is now going to trial. Time has passed and the people who were involved have meet their own fates. I miss you so much and I had vowed that I would never let you die in vain and justice would be served. When the trial is over and whatever the verdict is, it's God's will rest in peace baby girl and I'll see you in the after life. Love Forever Dad
Posted by Anthony Spraggins on September 15, 2014
Baby Girl I told you that daddy would never rest until the one who took you away was brought to justice, well they got him and it took seven years to do so, and he was already in jail for another crime. He will not be getting out any time soon. Prayers are powerful and we serve an awsome God all you have to do is believe and put your trust in Him and all of your prayers will be answered. Maybe not when you want them to but when you really need them to just call on Him. THANK YOU JESUS !!!!!! Love you and miss you very very much and we will meet again. Dad
Posted by coakoa jenkins on September 8, 2014
God bless u cuzin u are greatly missed.Luv u DIVA! P.s Suga reminds me of u when I first met u she is such a lady and I can see u rubbed off on her .GONE 2 SOON SEE U WHN I GET THERE!!
Posted by T'erra Williams on May 31, 2014
Hey Cousin Girl , Man I Miss You Hellas . I Wish You Was Still Here Man Why They Had To Take You . There's Not One Day That Goes By Where Im Not Thinking About You . Jss Sitting Here Writing This Brought A Couple Tears To My Eyes  . Why You Man . I Remember When You Always Used To Baby Sit Us , Especially That One Day Jasmine And Jaylynn Was Fighting Over A Sucker That Jaylynn Gave Jasmine But Then She Wanted It Back And You Was Sitting On The Computer Playing Sims  . I Straight Miss You Cousin , Love Ya ! Continue To Watch Over Us !
Posted by Brandon Booker on February 27, 2014
Rest In Peace - Just hearing the full story of what happen to you sad :(
Pray that your soul is in heaven . -Minister. Booker
Posted by Anthony bullard on January 25, 2014
I'm am very sorry what happen to got me crying r.i.p baby girl may you watch over us
Posted by Anthony Spraggins on July 31, 2013
Happy B-Day baby girl, today you would have been 22 and life would just be starting for you as an adult. I miss you so much and I promised you that I will never stop trying to get justice for you. So far things are great and some of the criminals are captured. I will see this through until the end so that you can R.I.P. Sleep well Baby Girl.
Posted by Anthony Spraggins on June 10, 2013
Baby girl, another year has past but I'm still in the fight to make sure you get justice. So far 2 are in custody but the work is not finished. I will not rest until your spirit can rest knowing the one's responsible are brought to justice. I will be at the trials whenever they began and until they end, so that my mind and heart can be at peace also. Missing you!!! R.I.P. Love forever Dad
Posted by Anthony Spraggins on July 31, 2012
Happy Birthday Baby girl, this would have been your 21st B-Day and it's a sad day for me but also a celebration as well. This was the day that a special child was born and the proudest day of my life, we would have had a good time bringing you into adulthood your smile and memories will live forever in me. Love you and always will, until we meet again. Dad
Posted by Anthony Spraggins on June 11, 2012
My heart is still broken and a big piece of my lifes puzzle is still missing because my baby girl is not here, the person who took her away from me still hasn't been found, but I know that God is woking on a solution, I will never rest until that day comes. Shaneka would have been turning 21 next month. I miss you so much, R.I.P. Baby Girl
Posted by Anthony Spraggins on October 20, 2011
My little girl has left an everlasting memory in my mind and heart, gone before her time but never forgotten, God has a plan for everyone and His plan was better than mine. So as a father giving his up one of his children,God wanted another angel in his presence and He got her.
Posted by T'Erra Williams on June 10, 2011
I Cant Believe That Idts Been Four Years Since Uuue Left Us And Still Today I Still Sit And Think Of Youu..I Miss Uuue Miss Uuue Biqq Cuz Love Ya <3
Posted by Anthony Collins on January 28, 2011
I Love You Shaneka
Posted by T'Erra Williams on January 2, 2011
R.I.P Shaneka yue will be missed...!! <3

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