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my younger days

May 26, 2012

   it never failed, whenever she introduced me to someone as her little sis the next thing out of her mouth was "i potty trained her".  it always got a chuckle.  i can remember staying with my Taylor family when i was young and the fun we had.  even when big nanny would have to go to the hospital, mom and i would stay over there to help with jack.  sissy would get up every morning and take me to school, even though she was not an early riser! 
    one of my favorite stories was when she was potty training me and we were going across the ky/wv bridge to visit my aunt Marie.  she was carrying me and had a change of pants and panties on her shoulder.  well, being the brat i was at almost 2, i took them off her shoulder and threw them over the bridge.  my underwear went floating down the river but the new bluejeans she bought me landed on a tree limb.  uncle troy to the rescue...yep the water was cold but he managed to rescue the pants. 
    another time, mom and dad came in to get me and take me back to ohio but jack found out and hid me behind the couch.  when they finally found me, i cried so hard and so long i got sick.  sissy, big nanny and jack started praying, big daddy sam was fighting back the tears and ...well, mom had to call from kermit wv to have them come and get me.  jack held me the whole way home in a bear hug. 
   lots more but these are a few.  i will forever miss the sissy that became my sister and will forever look forward to seeing her again... 

My Cousin Sharon

May 12, 2012

Ever since my family moved to Louisville, we only saw Sharon and her family whenever we could make a trip back home.

Being on Active Duty sent me around the world so often, I was never able to make these trips with my family as I would have liked, but after my retirement and my final move back to my home state of Kentucky, I made the trip back as often and as my resources would allow.

As small as it was and still is I always enjoyed visiting the city of my birth - McCarr, KY., just down the road from Cousin Sharon's home of Buskirk.

Sharon and I did not always agree on everything, and quite frankly we very heavily debated some things when it came to working on the Family Genealogy; and Yes, I did win a few, but Sharon was always so, well - Right, and she would prevail most of the time.  If you could only hear some of our conversations, you would think that we had an Army and Navy game going on.

Sharon, you will be missed so much - I pray for Jim, Jack, Troy, Donald and Tammy, that God gives them strength and to hold onto you in their hearts.  I hurt for Jack, as I know he will be lost without his "Sissy" to care for him; God, he did love you so.

You are in the best of hands now Sharon; you have always walked in the Lord's light and you are now home with your Mom and Dad.

Always know that we will never forget you and that you hold a very special place in our hearts.

Until we meet again my friend,

Paul D. Williams
Glasgow, Kentucky


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