Posted by Scott Seymour on March 22, 2021
Happy Belated Birthday Mom

As each year goes by, it doesn't get any easier. We miss you more than ever. I have shed a few tears these last couple of days for me mostly, as I know you wouldn't want me to shed any for you. My heart hurts and misses you.

For your Birthday, I had a nice day visiting with Dad. We walked the beach as much as we could as his back is really bothering him and he is not moving well, spent time throwing rocks in the water for the dog. He loved that, looking for skipping stones and tossing them for the dog. It was a beautiful day with blue sky and calm waters, pretty spectacular spot you picked out for all of us. He misses you terribly and is looking for you in the house every day. Know your spirit is there for him and all of us. I put flowers around the house the way you always did. Dad was very happy to see roses, tulips and hyacinths around this morning when he awoke. When we are together and living every day we take things for granted, I knew how special you were when you were here with us...but never enough to know now that you are not here. Life has a funny way of doing that, getting to caught up in the moment and not paying attention to the things that really matter. You left us much too early. You are and have always been the is missed. I am hopeful now that we can finally be back in the house with Dad that we can bring some of the spirit back. It has been a rough year.

We had a couple of milestones this year as well as some coming up with your grand kids and know you would have been proud. I think of you every day and feel your love in my heart and know that in each one of us is a part of you. I see that in Stephen, Ryan, and Olivia every day.

Words are never enough to share my thoughts and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you...never said it enough when you were here. Please know, I love you with all of my heart and appreciate everything you have done for all of us. Your life long devotion, dedication, support and the love you shared with us every day.

The little things are still the thing I miss the most, you always knew how to make things so special. Miss you and Love you lots...Happy Birthday.

Posted by Nancy Jenkins on March 21, 2021
Thinking of you on your birthday. I do miss you dearly and shall never forget you. You were such an easy person to love and I am so blessed that you were part of our lives
Posted by sue dillon on March 21, 2021
There is a a huge void since you left us. You are so often in my thoughts and forever in my heart, dear friend.
Posted by Nancy Jenkins on December 22, 2020
I have been thinking about you a lot lately and I miss you..miss the times that Jerry and I spent with you and Steve. I just looked at all your pictures, again, and am so grateful that you were part of my life. I truly miss you, my friend. 
Posted by Nancy Jenkins on March 21, 2020
Another year remembering you on your birthday and wishing you were still here. I think about you often and can still see your never ending warm smile. I miss you ❤
Posted by Scott Seymour on March 21, 2019
Dear Mom,
Happy Birthday Mom. Still can’t believe you are gone. I miss you more than ever. Your warmth, your love, your hugs, your ability to keep things calm in a storm... I miss knowing you were always there and you were for all of us. I love you with all of my heart. Ss
Posted by Nancy Jenkins on March 21, 2019
I will always miss you.
Posted by Liz Ball on April 16, 2018
Im heartbroken, Sharon was one of the most amazing giving person.
Posted by Debi Merrill on April 12, 2018
Steve & family..Will always hold a special spot in my heart for Sharon.
Her smile was such a true reflection of her inner beauty. Her love for her family and her goldens always shining through. She will be missed.
My sympathies.
Posted by BILL CUMMINGS on April 6, 2018
I met Steve when we were teenagers in Chatham. We shared many common interests, such as fishing, sailing, and driving my Jeep on North Beach. Steve had some crazy notions, such as waterskiing entirely around Monomoy Point without falling, and building a ski jump in front of their family home on Pleasant Bay and Round Cove. We actually even water skied in and out of Round Cove in front of Steve’s summer family home. Fewer boats then… and no water police.
The best Seymour family event was at Steve’s parents, Dan and Louise, annual clambake, which was held on their beach. Steve and I would spend days collecting driftwood for the fire, selecting special rocks to heat the clambake, and digging holes in the sand for the barrels. On clambake day, Willard Nickerson would arrive in his skiff from his fish market and pull up on the beach. His skiff was full of steamers, beautiful lobsters and very special seaweed for the “bake.” Steve would start the fire around sunrise, and the special stones were ready for the bake by early afternoon. Dan and Louise then entertained dozens of guests, all of whom had a great time digging through the delectable “treasures”. It was a feast like no other.
Like many summer boys growing up together, Steve and I lost touch over the years. Life gets in the way.
Then, two years ago, my wife Mary Ellen and I, spent a fabulous afternoon with Steve on his boat. We traveled across Nantucket Sound from Allen’s Harbor to Chatham Inlet in a strong Southwest wind with plenty of spray. It was like old times, fishing together and challenging the elements. It felt great to be together again.
After the boat ride, we joined Sharon at home, and finally had a chance to visit with a person we hardly knew. Sharon was so warm and gracious, we felt as if we had known her all our lives.
Steve is a very lucky guy! Fifty three years with such a fantastic lady!
Posted by sue dillon on April 5, 2018
A beautiful person inside and out. The world was a better place
with Sharon in it and she will be greatly missed! I have many happy
memories of our friendship that I will cherish always. Matt joins me in sending our deepest sympathy to Stephen, Cregg, Lisa, Scott and all who loved her and feel the void that she leaves behind. Rest in peace,
my friend. Sue Dillon
Posted by Shawna Garliss on April 5, 2018
Dear Mr. Seymour, Craig, Lisa, and Scott,

We have been thinking of you with our broken hearts over the loss of your wife, your mother and the beautiful soul of Sharon. As we pause and remain within this sadness, we want you to know that Sharon blessed our lives with her smile, her giving energy and her grace. We are keeping all of you in our thoughts and we will continue to pray for your peace as you mourn the loss of such a magnificent human being and matriarch.

With sincere sympathy,
Shawna and Todd Garliss
Posted by Paula Kline on April 3, 2018
I am so sorry to hear of Sharon's passing. My prayers are with Stephen and the Seymour family. The family photos are beautiful.
Posted by Chad Blaker on April 3, 2018
When a pebble lands in a pool of water the energetic effect ripples out spreading the energy to all that is ready to recieve it. Thank you Sharon for your loving energy that you shared so generously with the world. Your love for life and family was pervasive and evident by the love that your children and husband radiate to the world. Lots of love to you and your family. Dr. Chad, Maria, and Deseray
Posted by brooks bradley on April 2, 2018
God Bless you Sharon! Your loving kindness and beautiful smile made the world so much a better place!!! My life was blessed by knowing you!!! My heart goes out to all of you!!!
Posted by Lil Cronin on April 2, 2018
We were saddened to learn of Sharon‘s passing. She always had a smile and was so full of life. We enjoyed chatting with her and Steve when we walked the circle. She will be missed by many. Lil and Jon Cronin
Posted by Nancy Herget on April 1, 2018
Long before my children picked spouses, Sharon gave my advice. She told me to love the person my child married as much as I loved my child. My daughter just celebrated her 10th anniversary and my son his 4th. I have thought about her wise words often. Sharon was a loving example for everyone she knew. My heartfelt condolences to her precious family.
Posted by Ed and Joan Winslow on April 1, 2018
Steven, Scott and all the family, Joan and I are eminently saddened by your loss. Words can never properly express our sorrow. Our prayers are with all your family. Ed and Joan
Posted by Bob Brown on April 1, 2018
We hope and pray that your beautiful memories of Sharon will provide you with peace and comfort during this most difficult time. Kathy & Bob Brown
Posted by Bret Bero on March 31, 2018
Sharon was our neighbor and friend. She was will be remembered fondly for her dedication to her family and her love of Cape Cod. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Bret Bero on behalf of the Saquatucket Bluffs Association
Posted by Joanne White on March 31, 2018
The Seymour family is in our thoughts and prayers. The memories of Sharon are forever in our hearts. She epitomized grace and beauty---with a beautiful smile and a loving way.

xox Randy, Joanne, Darric, David
Posted by Ivy Leverone on March 31, 2018
Dear Stephen and family,
I am so heartily sorry for your very great loss. I felt I had a lot in common with Sharon just by her kind posts on Facebook and her great love for her family. She was a beautiful lady, inside and out.
You were all blessed.
My sincere sympathy,
Ivy Leverone
Posted by Gail Doorley on March 31, 2018
Tom and I enjoyed bumping into Sharon and Steve on walks on the beach and around the circle. She was always so positive and happy and so in love with her children and grandchildren. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family at the loss of this lovely lady.

Gail & Tom Doorley
Posted by Jennifer Swain on March 31, 2018
I feel so lucky to have walked on the path of life with Sharon for the time that our lives crisscrossed back and forth over each other. She had a lovely way of making you feel welcome and loved, as it is mentioned above. Like everyone else, I am shocked and saddened by the loss of such a beautiful, loving soul. She is on to the next great adventure, probably just as shocked as we are to find herself there. 

Like so many others, I will miss her. I can't help thinking that if we each could pass forward the contented happiness and love she gave us, the world would be a better place. I will try to remember that for myself.

My heart is with you, Stephen and the rest of your beautiful, if heartbroken, family. Love and strength to each of you.
Love, Jen
Posted by Barbara Hammond on March 30, 2018
Dear Seymours, We are so very sad to hear of Sharon's passing. Our warmest condolences to you all. Barbara and Alex
Posted by Susan Tomich on March 30, 2018
Sharon was a beautiful lady in every sense. She was kind and generous with her love and time. She would often share a treasured recipe or lovely flowers from her garden. Sharon made everyone feel special and she found the goodness in all. We will miss her tremendously.  --John and Sue Tomich
Posted by Michael Kline on March 30, 2018
Sharon Rose Seymour enlightened me. Her generosity is awe inspiring. Her faith in the power of music to heal hearts, minds and souls helped raise me as a person and as a singer songwriter. As a music producer she based her creative decisions on the truth and encouraged me to do the same. May Sharon's loving example help to make our heavy hearts a little lighter. Sincere condolences and hugs to Stephen and the Seymour family.
Posted by Brady Locher on March 30, 2018
I had the pleasure of being a guest in Sharon's beautiful home on the Cape. Although we had never met, Sharon made me feel like a welcome member of her family. May her special radiance continue to warm the lives of her family and friends.
Posted by Nancy Jenkins on March 30, 2018
Many times I have said what a remarkable and well versed woman Sharon was. Many times I have felt honored that she included me in her circle of friends. As a couple, it was a delight to share time with Sharon and Steve. Individually it was the same. Sharon helped my granddaughter overcome her extreme fear of dogs. I will forever be grateful to her for that. I loved the clips she would share with me of the grandchilren''s recitals, rowing events, and accolades published in papers that I do not get. She shared recipes of candy that she made with her granddaughter, and always delighted in passing along the achievements and fun times she shared with each of them. I truly loved Sharon and will miss her dearly. My memories of her will make me smile with love. Women should strive to be like her. She made the world a better and happier place. ♡
Posted by Tim Downes on March 29, 2018
Long after Scott was out of the house I would still bring girlfriends by for Sharon's and Steve's approval. Sharon was right on about Beth. There's a big hole of goodness in the world today that we all must fill. Love you Seymours.
Posted by James Balmer on March 29, 2018
Dear Seymour Family, We have been blessed to get to know Sharon and her husband Stephen and their family for the last twenty one years as their grandchildren have performed in our concerts and musicals throughout these years. She always had a smile and loved the music in song and on stage. She loved her grandchildren and we continue to treasure each one of them along with their parents. May God Bless the Seymour Family in these days ahead and may all of you know that you are loved and held in high regard by everyone here at FCDS. Our prayers are with each one of you, most especially Stephen with the loss of his beautiful wife, and with the entire family. Love will help the most as you go forward.  With great respect for the whole family,             Mary Nelson & Jim Balmer
Posted by Beverly Weston on March 29, 2018
So sad to learn of Sharon's passing. Such a beautiful lady. Sincere condolences to Steve and the entire Seymour family.

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