The Sharron I remember

Shared by Robin Schuster on September 5, 2015

The coolest thing about our memories is that we get to choose what we keep in the front of our minds.  I chose two to remember Sharron by. 

The first year we worked together, 1992, is one of my favorite years.  During race week she called me and asked if I was busy (of course!) but not too busy to give her whatever time she needed. She told me to come down to the hotel entrance and she'd pick me up.  She sounded very serious, almost grim.  I got in the car and she drove away from the hotel.  She was chatting about inconsequentials.  I finally asked where we were going and she said, "Well, we are much too recoginizable so we are going to get diguises." We spent the next half hour in Longs going through their Halloween stock.  We came away with false mustaches.  We wore them all day and many of the volunteers joined in the fun and would come up and ask us if we'd seen Robin or Sharron!

a few months later, we were coming back from lunch, riding in the back of a convertible. We were laughing and saying it was like being in the parade. I said yes, only we'd be sitting up on the back of the seats.  She looked at me and said, "I will if you will." We spent the rest of the trip back to the office waving at whoever we passed. 

Sharron loved to laugh and it was always good to laugh with her.  She will always make me smile.

No shame in front!

Shared by Maija Stenback on August 28, 2015

   I had been one of Sharron's coordinators for a few years when one day I was in her office talking about business and shared with her my fustration of my added weight gain.  With a gleam and sparkle in her eye and a smile that went on for miles she said "have you tried spinning at The Club?".  Needless to say it took her very little time to convince me to come try and I thought, why not.....I hang out in the back and no one will even really notice me.  She comforted me and said to just show up and she would have everything ready to go.  I reminded her, now don't forget, put me in the back.   YA, RIGHT!!  Sharron had me set up in the first row, dead center.  I was like noooooooooo Sharron!  The people behind me will lose their eye site if you put me if front, enrolment will drop, this is not good. 

   Even with my heart racing with the fear of "being in the front row", within seconds Sharron had calmed me and I was actually at ease getting on the bike.  My butt wasn't so happy with me for the next month but if it wasn't for Sharron I would have not have joined the Club for which I am still a member today.  Sharron also got me into body-pump for which I knew not to waste my breath telling her I wanted to start in the back.  Sharron always had the way to calm and ease people when most stressed or get us over that hump and make us comfortable out of our comfort zone.  You will be forever missed Sharron but I wil never, ever forget your love, comfort, compassion and hugs!!

  Rest in peace and watch over us till we meet in the Heavenly spin class, and no worries, I will hang in front with you!

A Song for Aunty Sharron

Shared by Kristy Foth on August 27, 2015 

This is one of Kya's original songs that we wanted to share in hopes that it brings uncle Joe and family comfort.  Auntie Sharron is found in His love!

Memories of Sharron

Shared by David Gonzales on August 24, 2015

I first met Sharron at Keahou Kona Triathlon in 1999. I was an Ironman Lottery winner, and went to KKT to confirm my IM slot. I introduced myself to her and we immediately became friends. One of my friends, unbeknownst to me, told Sharron that I was a singer, and sent her a video of me performing. A few months later, she called me, and requested that I perform at the opening of the Carbo/Welcome Party at Ironman. Now, keep in mind, I was nervous as it was knowing that I was stepping up to do my first Ironman, and now she has asked me to perform. I asked her what she wanted me to sing, and she said it was my choice, just something inspirational. I recited the lyrics from "Go The Distance" and she said, "Ooh, that gives me 'chicken skin' and said that would be perfect. Fast forward to 3 weeks before the race, and she calls me back and says, "we want you to close the program also, what else can you sing?" I was now in panic mode, as I had nothing else! Luckily, I discovered a beautiful song called "This is The Moment" and she approved. That night was pretty amazing, and was my second greatest day in Kona! She approached me as I stepped off the stage and said, "Thank you, you have no idea how happy I am with your performance. The audience loved you."

Our friendship continued for many years after that, but sadly, the last few years we haven't been in touch, due to Sharron's choice in dealing with her departure from IM. I still love and respect her, and will miss her deeply now that she is gone.

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