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Red Nose Day

Rose nose day is to raise money for research, to find out why these healthy beautiful babys die for no reason. And other things.


Shaun'tarvia Linda PilcherVan'Extel; Was our everything. she was our 4th child, which made 2 boys and 2 girls, that completed our family. she was my biggest baby, full term and a natural labour . She was a awesome baby and really funny . Shaun had been attending daycare since she was 6 weeks old, (  while i was completing a course ) while on September holidays 07 our hole world changed.  At 8.25am on saturday the 29th  i walked into her room and found her passed away. ( later to find out she passed from sids ) All i cud do way scream my lungs out. she was flying a kite the day befour, walking and talking. I couldn't believe my eyes. from that moment My heart broke and ive never been the same..