Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is the future today is a gift that is why it is called the "present"
  • 20 years old
  • Born on August 3, 1988 in San Diego, California, United States.
  • Passed away on December 12, 2008 in Birmingham, Alabama, United States.

This memorial is made with love for Shawn Christopher Ahrent, A loving son and wonderful and watchful big brother to Brittany.  Baby I cant believe you have been gone almost two years it hurts like yesterday.  You will never be forgotten and as long as there is a breath in me your name will be spoken with love and rememberance, you added such joy to my world and you have left a hole in my heart that will never be filled until we are together again in heaven. I love you forever my sweet boy. 

Posted by Louis Galluppi on 7th May 2018
I do not know what led me to this website but here I am. I am so moved by the life of Shawn. The tributes are so real and heartfelt. I was a Catholic priest some years ago. At every funeral, for a child, I would tell the mother that you are standing at the feet of Jesus on the cross along with his blessed mother. It is not natural to bury a child but for some reason, Shawn has joined Jesus in heaven. We would say, it was his time, which is very true. We are left behind to mourn for our loved one who has no more pain or suffering. God bless all of you. Rest in peace, Shawn. I am confident that you now see our Lord face to face. Look down upon those you love and ask the Lord to bless them as he has blessed you!
Posted by Mpho Miriam Motsepe on 18th November 2016
I will be missing you daily Abbey You are now in a better pkace resting with your granny,your dad, my sister, great-grand the and the rest of family long deoarfed Farewell my son From mmamogolo in tears
Posted by Glenn Morris on 13th February 2016
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Posted by Amanda Pauley on 4th February 2016
I didnt have the honor of knowing Shawn, I read his story by his mother on this site. I have lost many young friends througout my life and I feel others' pain. U were very handsome, among many other qualities Im sure & a young life lost is a true tradegy. I pray for your family & friends to heal and may your memory live on forever growing stronger. God Bless MANDI
Posted by Ashlie Yazzie on 3rd August 2015
Hope your living it up there in heaven with all the lovely people there. Make sure to drink your favorite drink hypnotic, yumm yumm. Carrissa and i are gonna do this day for you! hope 2c u soon ... see u on the other side homie
Posted by Tony Ahrent on 3rd August 2015
Dear son today on what would have been your 27th birthday it has gotten no easier to understand why or to realize you are gone as i get older rained yesterday at your bench put flowers and cried as i always do the sadness in my heart is so deep your sister is having a baby girl and it makes me tear up knowing how much you would have loved and protected her i know you are still watching over your sister as i asked you to do all those years ago when she was born this world has gone crazy and i pray and hope to,see you again i am leaving it up to faith and a belief in something greater i love you as always and miss you so very much Love always DAD
Posted by Carrissa Sada on 23rd December 2014
I miss you more than words can express to know you towers taking from our lives so young isn't fair. Me and you talking about a future together even harder I feel like I lost my soulmate. Your always with me I will always love you and think about you I played our song today With love always
Posted by Christine Han on 12th December 2014
Shawn was loved by so many and so are you Meloney!! God bless you.
Posted by Meloney Gemmell on 12th December 2014
Baby I can't believe U have been gone, stolen from us, your family and friends so unnessarily it's wrong. Brittany and I will b getting together today and I am sure hypnotic will b involved
Posted by Tony Ahrent on 3rd August 2014
It's raining again put flowers at your bench and in the water miss you so much will see you again someday I know
Posted by Tony Ahrent on 3rd August 2014
It's raining again put flowers at your bench and in the water miss you so much will see you again someday I know
Posted by Meloney Gemmell on 3rd August 2014
HAPPY 26 BIRTHDAY to the greatest son ever I love u and miss u so very much everyday I see ur pictures or I walk by ur memorial in the living room where I have a lot of the things that make me think of u. I still don't understand why u r not here it's just not fair!! Britt and I will forever celebrate u and never let u b forgotten we r having a birthday celebration today with good food and hanging by the pool!! Momma loves u baby XXXOOO
Posted by Mareshia Washington on 23rd May 2014
so very sorry for your loss, may god continue to comfort bless, and continue to keep you and your family. continue to trust in the Lord at all times !!!!!! for we know that weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. that is what the bible tells us. be strong and keep the faith.
Posted by Judy DeBruyn on 12th December 2013
5 years ago I received a call from your momma that you had been taken from all of us. I still find it so hard to believe that you are gone. I will miss decorating a tree today for you but momma & Britt will be carrying on the tradition. Love you always. Auntie J
Posted by Julie Kallio on 18th November 2013
My thoughts and prayers are with your family dear Shawn to give them the strength they need to carry on...god bless. Big Hugs!!!
Posted by Janie Cox on 18th November 2013
just scrolling was so moved so very sorry for your loss ""Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow, I am the sunlight on the grain, I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning hush, I am the swift uplifting rush, of quiet birds in circled flight, I am the stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there; I did not die.""
Posted by Meloney Gemmell on 4th August 2013
Shawn u are so loved and missed!!! And every time I come to this web site it warms my heart to see how many people love u and refuse to let ur memory b forgotten. We had such an amazing day celebrating ur birthday I hope u got to b a part of it!! I love and miss u so much and every second of every day u r on my mind and in my heart. Love momma xxxooo
Posted by Carrissa Cantrell on 3rd August 2013
Shawn I miss you so much there isn't a day that goes by that I dont miss you there's songs I hear that you dedicated to me that I cry everytime I hear them cuz I miss you so much. Your memory lives on everyday of my life for the rest of my life I love you so much please never leave my side I hope on day ill get to see you again . I love you my angel my bestfriend
Posted by Tony Ahrent on 3rd August 2013
I miss you so much it rains every year here on your birthday I would like to believe its the heavens showing that they understand my pain but in reality no one does or ever will you are in my heart and soul till we see each other again son love and miss you Love DAD
Posted by Ashlie Yazzie on 4th August 2012
Hey Shawn, just wishing you a belated happy birthday it's not too late ... Carrissa & I dedicated the day to you... We lit candles and set balloons off at West Beach. It was a great day, than in the evening we went to Club Element here in Oak Town we danced the night away... That day was all for you... We bought your favorite drink and took a shot of that, wish u were here ... RIP.
Posted by Barkley Gemmell on 13th December 2011
I miss you buddy and often think of our basketball games with uncle Stephen. love you Shawn and forever will.
Posted by Meloney Gemmell on 12th December 2011
Son, I can not believe you are gone three years now, you are such an amazing son. My life in California I believe was a blessing from you it is wonderful here and I thank you. Like Aund Judy said we are making today a new tradition Christmas tree day!! My life will never b the same without you I miss and love you!! Momma xxoo
Posted by Judy DeBruyn on 12th December 2011
I can't believe it's been 3 years since you left this place. Today we are starting a new tradition to celebrate your life and the memories you have left in our hearts forever. Mama & I will pick out a Christmas tree to decorate and celebrate you. Love Auntie J :)
Posted by Cassie Guy on 11th December 2011
I can't believe tomorrow marks 3 years of you not being here, I love you and miss you like crazy!! Not a day goes by that I don't think about you and all the fun times we shared. Kylee loves and misses you to! Keep watching over us and keeping us safe.
Posted by Carrissa Cantrell on 23rd October 2011
i love you forever and always til the end of time no one could ever take ur place u truly are the love of my life regardless of the outcome i truly love u and always will forever your little tinker bell
Posted by Judy DeBruyn on 3rd August 2011
Today is 23 years since you arrived. Your family was so proud and I could hardly wait to see & hold you. I loved every moment of the times we shared. I promise to take care of your mom forever once were together again one month from today. Luv You Always Auntie J
Posted by Meloney Gemmell on 12th April 2011
Wow son I just bisited this site and listened to the song that I chose for you and man oh man what a perfect song for you because gosh you did do everything your way and it was your world I miss you soooooo much honey!!!!!
Posted by Carrissa Cantrell on 18th January 2011
" I miss and love u so very much not a day goes by that i dont think about you, and our good times together at the roller barn u asking my mom to couples skate with me and my mom saying u never have to ask anymore cuz she knew how i felt about u. N I wish You Made it to the summer before u passed cuz u were coming to see me i love u shawn always n forever
Posted by Melinda Nicole on 2nd January 2011
Shawn, Gah....I Miss you so much. I find myself sitting here in tears thinking about how great it would be to right about now ask you how are you. If there were ever one thing I could ask God to do for me, it would be to bring you back. Shawn,Its so hard for me without you. I always find myself thinking of that night..I Miss You Shawn! I love you and Hope your having the time of your life upstairs
Posted by Meloney Gemmell on 25th December 2010
Shawn, Today is Christmas day 2010 and I miss you so very much my heart is breaking without you and to make it even worse Brittany couldnt come home because of the military this was the first Christmas I didnt have both my wonderful children with me. I cant wait for the day that I can spend this wonderous day with you agian,hearing your voice and feeling your hugs I miss you and love you son!!!
Posted by Tony Ahrent on 14th December 2010
well son where do i start i still cry every day you are one of the two joys i have in my life and though i cant hold you i will always have you in my heart i hear your voice even now i was the proudest man on earth when you were born and am now the sadest since you were taken i know you are still watching over brttany as you always did. i love and miss you so much every day
Posted by Judy DeBruyn on 13th December 2010
I can't believe that I will never see you again here in this place. I have so many wonderful memories of times spent with you when you were little. Life drifted us apart as times changed but you will never been far from my heart. I smile every time I think of you and I'll see you again in his time. Luv Ya Auntie Judy
Posted by Amanda Hollis on 13th December 2010
you used to kick our butts at it to lol but it was still always fun to play. and you would say "I got the ball,I got the ball" making fun of me hahahaha (inside joke,only britt and momma would get it) =) and going to 6 flags was fun to! I am thankfull for the memories we have and am looking forward to seeing you again one day,love you!!!
Posted by Amanda Hollis on 13th December 2010
Shawn,I still think about what happened on a regular basis. But I know you are flying high in heaven and if you could see us now,you would probably tell me to suck it up when I think about you and get sad.....atleast thats what you would say when me or Britt would be upset about a guy or when we would get in a fight or something. lol One of my favorite memories is playing basketball,(continued...)
Posted by Megan Rentfrow on 13th December 2010
Shawn, we miss you everyday. Its still so hard to believe that you are gone. You were such a great friend and person and i can't wait to see you again one day!
Posted by Jacqueline Mcglone on 12th December 2010
It is an unfair world that we live in, to take such a young innocent life only god knows why. Shawn you are forever in my prayers. rip xxxxxxx
Posted by Meloney Gemmell on 12th December 2010
Ohhh son I know that I have left three messages now and you are probably like ok momma QUIT!! baby today it has been two years since I lost you. I miss you so much honey and as you can tell so do alot of other people. Christmas will never be the same. I know that you are spending it with your Nana if you cant be in my care at least I know that your Nana is taking good care of you. I LOVE YOU
Posted by Barkley Gemmell on 12th December 2010
Today is the 2nd anniversary of the loss of my Grandson Shawn, a loss I will never get over. I can hide the pain but the memories I will always have.

You touched my life and so many more in YOUR way for too short a time. LOVE YOU PAPA
Posted by Thea Dudley on 12th December 2010
Seems like just yesterday you, Brittany,Savanna and Matthew were jumping on the trampoline and playing basketball. I hold on to those memories and they make me smile. We miss you even though I know you are in an amazing place and that you are happy! That makes me smile for you again!!Love you! RIP!
Posted by Meloney Gemmell on 8th December 2010
thank you to all that have visited Shawns page I would love it if you have any stories or memories of my sweet son please jot it down to share it really helps me to feel closer to my boy. Shawn Christopher I love you and miss you so damn much. I remember one morning oh about 5am when we woke up to go to work and found Shawn and some friends and a few girls in our hot tub. Love forever Momm
Posted by Ashlie Yazzie on 5th December 2010
Thanks for being a friend... zeeing you with Carrissa at the Roller Barn making her smile , it made me smile i'll never ever forget those memories, memories like those are meant to be cherished forever. You're now with my Dad and Grandpa say hello for me and we will all see u one day ... For now u r in God's hands and in a better safe place. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Cassie Guy on 5th December 2010
I love you and miss you so so much. Not a day goes by that i dont think about you and miss all that you did for me. You took kylee on as your own and helped me raise her, which made out to be one of the best years of her life, to this day she remembers you as her daddy shawn, no matter what you'll always be in our hearts. <3
Posted by Nichole White on 3rd December 2010
I love and will forever miss you. Can't believe its almost two years now without you. Wish you could be here to see Elyssa.. she's gotten so big and I sit here in tears and smile at the thought of you and the plate of jello you brought her that made her so hyper.. I think of you always and miss you much.
Posted by Meloney Gemmell on 2nd December 2010
It has been nearly two years since my sweet loving son was taken from us all by a worthless coward not a day goes by son that I dont mourn you I miss you soooo very much, you are part of my every thought. I love you son and miss you terribly!! love momma

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