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Farewell my friend

Shared by Kisha Mac on April 9, 2021
You were truly one of the best. You have been a wonderful mentor to me by keeping it real and providing guidance that far exceeded your duties as committeeman. I have thought of you daily since we’ve lost you and can only imagine the great loss your family is dealing with. Knowing that you’ve made a great impact on so many lives restores my faith in humanity and I thank you being a part of my life. We love you Shawn and you’ll forever be remembered 

A well rounded Good Guy

Shared by Donna Washington on April 8, 2021
Shawn worked with me at Detroit Receiving Hospital in Behavior Medicine.I thank him for his services.He was very professional toward our patients whom we cared for. Our patients had many mental challenges do to the stressors of life. He was a good listener, negotiator and de-escalator.He was a all round people person, just a “good guy.” I will keep the family in prayer. Peace be with you

My guy

Shared by Aneka CreativeCousin on April 3, 2021
When I got to material he told me "if u need me for anything I'm a phone call away, but make it where u don't need me...if u know what I mean". I stayed out of trouble so I wouldn't have to call but when I needed him he was Johnny on the spot....all the while talking big junk! His smile lit up the whole room. He was always about HIS PEOPLE! That steward that u knew had your back, that was gonna fight for you & lead u in the right direction. He will TRULY FOREVER BE MISSED. HANDS DOWN top notch guy.

Coolest committee man ever!

Shared by Tish Whitlow on April 3, 2021
I can remember so many funny stories from work. But I remember this one day life had me in a bad place and I tried to walk passed you without saying anything but you knew I was upset. You yelled at me and said" Girl I know good and damn well you ain't let these mofos knock you off your square! Who I need to beat up!? And we just laughed and talked but you had a way of making me stay calm in bad situations.   Big shoes for someone to fill restveasy my friend until we meet again. 

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