Let the good memories of Shawn live bright for his children
  • 35 years old
  • Born on May 27, 1981 .
  • Passed away on July 17, 2016 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, friend, and family, Shawn Dickinson, 35, born on May 27, 1981 and passed away on July 17, 2016. Shawn loved the outdoors, nature, art, drawing and music. Shawn left behind a love that will truly never be forgotten, Rachal Naylor. Shawn is survived by his two children of Rachal, Ava, 5, Richard 3 and his oldest daughter of Emily Parker, Cienna, 10. Shawn has now joined his mother, Dawn, in heaven with the angels. Rest and watch over us all, love.

Posted by Rachal Naylor on 13th November 2016
4 months seems like forever. I have not been able to put into words the grief that has overtaken my every day life. I am constantly missing you and dreaming of you. Our children are so beautiful and I am truly blessed to have spent the last 8 years of my life knowing my soul mate. The time cut short due to our differences pains me every day. I have always had a hard time dealing with your absence but nothing compares to knowing it won't be a long time until we meet again. If there was one thing I could take back it would be the anger that I held towards you for leaving us in the beginning. If only I knew it would be forever I would have tried harder to accept your flaws. Maybe just maybe I could have saved you. I try not to live with the regret and focus on the positive but boy is this hard. Harder than walking hand in hand into the courtroom, harder than pushing out a 10lb baby at 17, harder than the 11 months you spent in prison. I will always remember your light and I see you everywhere I go. You're with me in the trees and the wind and the beautiful Oregon sunsets. I'm not ready to say goodbye. I probably never will because we both know how stubborn I am. I love you so very much. Always have and always will.
Posted by Maxine Corwin on 30th July 2016
Shawn I can't believe you are gone you were such a great person who always made me laugh and sometimes gave advice if needed I will miss you one of my favorite memories of you isn't just a single memory but many all rolled up into one like many of the parties I had up at my dad's house with you and rachie ellen and greg and the rest and just walking around the property and listening to music and just hanging out under the black lights I will miss you and so many others will as well you were an amazing person while you were here and I will just think of you off blowing in the wind or flying around looking over from above ❤
Posted by Sophia Marie Morrison on 27th July 2016
Shawn and I first met at Chase Bar and Grill when he was working there as a chef. He loved cooking, and cooked the BEST burgers. Soon on later down the road, I started cross training to be a part time chef as at Chase. Shawn trained me and it was always a fun time. We'd blast music in the kitchen (usually old school hip hop/rap or dubstep), take smoke breaks to chat about life, and after work the whole gang would always hang out for a pint or two (or ten). He always had my back, and was one of the most compassionate and sweetest of human beings I've ever met. When my mom came to visit me at work one night, he sat next to her and they chatted and laughed for quite a while! My mom LOVED him, and said, "That Shawn is such a SWEETHEART!!" Coming from my mother, that's pretty cool. Then I remember having a talk with Shawn one night after I had gotten into a gnarly verbal fight with my mom, and had moved out of her house. I was very angry and bitter. Shawn told me to just forgive and forget because we don't have our parents forever. I'll never forget how adamant and concerned he was for the relationship between my mom and I, (because he adored her). He got really emotional actually, and then explained how he wished he had reconciled things with his own mother before she had passed away. I'll never forget that wisdom he shared with me. It's really hard to believe that he is gone. He loved Rach so much, and always always ALWAYS talked about his children and showed us pictures on his phone whenever he got new ones (which was pretty much every single day). He was always so proud of his kids because they were his life. You'll be missed, Shawn.
Posted by Jenny Naylor on 27th July 2016
I had a love/hate relationship with Shawn. I wont speak of the ugly, or negative things I had with him. There's no reason to tear him up, it will only make the close loved ones of Shawn upset. But, there are a lot of good things about Shawn. The first thing that comes to mind is his love and curiosity of nature that he had. The few times I went on a hike with him and Rachal, he would talk about the different plants or rocks; he LOVED rocks! LOL He loved looking out over the peak into the valley below. I believe he felt like the king of the hill, refreshed, wholesome, and carefree. He loved to spend time with his two children with Rachal. He was a good dad to them. If they wanted to go for a walk, he took them. He would teach them about nature things; plants, rocks, bugs. Shawn was VERY sociable. He would talk to almost anyone about anything. He was a likable guy. Then there were times when he and Rachal would have their differences, he would almost always call me up or come to my door and talk to me; whether it was his fault her fault their fault. He felt comfortable talking to me, which is kind of odd considering I had a lot of doubts about him. Yes Shawn and I had are own battles with each other, but in the end and over time we could be comfortable enough to once again be okay with each other. I would always side for my own daughter, but I always had a listening ear for this guy, why? I question myself even to this day. But, I do believe it's because he does have good qualities about him that most people would shove under the rug. I saw the love he had for his children and for Rachal even after numerous break-ups. That is a good quality that I will always remember about Shawn. Though I am angry he left his little family the way he did, I still do love the guy for the good things that he could bring out that most people shrugged their shoulders over. Shawn, you will be missed by a lot, mostly the family that tried over and over again to build you up. God bless you and rest in peace. ~love always your "mother" you needed while here on earth, Jenny
Posted by Michelle Betterley on 22nd July 2016
There are no easy words to explain how I am related to Shawn. He loved my sister and she loved him, he's the father of my neice and nephew....but he was also a friend. Shawn really struggled with life, his childhood, the passing of his mother and the lack of family he had. When I met him, I was not thrilled, as being protective of my little sister. I grew to know him and he was just a good of a person as the next. He would drop his bags just to help an old lady with her groceries. He loved helping others, being there for others, but he fought his own battles and had his own demons. I have a heavy heart for my sister, niece, nephew and his daughter Cienna. Shawn spent quite a bit of time with my oldest son, Caleb and Shawn passing has a little burn in all of us. Its not real yet, with having no real goodbye, Shawn, fly with the angels, you are now free, to be you!

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