Shared by Patty Close on July 17, 2018

It's been 16 years today you got your wings and left us all here on earth mom but it still feels like just yesterday no one will ever know how much I Love & Miss you or how much I still wish you were here not a day or night goes by I don't think of you and our memories together I'm just thankful you are no longer in pain or suffering but GOD I MISS YOU MOM AND I LOVE YOU TILL WE CAN BE TOGETHER AGAIN REST IN PEACE BEAUTIFUL LADY YOUR THE BEST.

My Big Sister

Shared by Grif Cole on January 16, 2012

My whole memory of growing up has memories of my big sister Sheila being there.  From spending weekends at her house and being taken care of by her, she was always there for me.  As I grew into a teenager, her "patience" with me never failed, for in her eyes I never did anything wrong, she was always supportive and never judgemental of the things I did.  When I left home and joined the Navy, again, she was just as supportive of any decision I made.  It was always nice to return home and go see my big sister because it was if time never stopped.  Over the years and especially after the death of our parents, she told me alot of stuff.  Stuff that only remain between her and I.  I thank you, Sis, for being the best sister a younger brother could have, for always being supportive of me and always being my friend.  I've loved you all my life and I will never stop thinking of you.   Enjoy your wings Skeet - because I KNOW you've earned them.  Love you always!!!

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