Posted by Jenny Dolin on September 14, 2018
Another year, another day without you seem as tho it was yesterday . You are still talked about and in our every day life as tho uou are still here
I know you are do happy because you are united with Little Ricky I haven’t told you we lost him because it’s so hard to talk about but I know he’s with you and you can be together until I get there to be with you both . Jennifer and I went out today to pay tribute to your Memories . You would’ve had fun doing what you loved to do . You and Ricky will never be forgotten as long as we live . Your memories is what keeps us going as well. We miss you like it was yesterday  we love you both always and forever
Posted by Jenny Dolin on September 14, 2017
Seven year has past since you left us but in our hearts it was yesterday the emptiness in our hearts is still so real we talk about you like you are still here with us we had you in our family for 42 years and that's a lot of memories that we made thru those years.this time of year should be so exciting getting ready for all the holidays when we all new how much you loved setting in our yard with the coffee pot giving out candy to the little kids not counting how much you would eat of it .and how you loved to eat at thanksgiving my my we never could figure out where you put all that food and never gain a pound and Christmas was another story you loved putting on your Santa hat and passing out present you and I always open our present together that we brought each other.we have so meny memories and wonderfull story's to talk sbout this tribute would never end. I just want you to know this time of year is so hard and painful it's hard to get thru the days and nights but we get thru them talking about your life and the time we had with you you will always be here with us because of the wonderfull memories that you made with each of us you will never die in our thoughts and hearts you are missed as much today as yesterday we all love you always and forever I'll be with you soon my friend ❤️
Posted by Jenny Dolin on March 9, 2016
Happy Birthday my friend we lost you six years ago the time has past so fast. This is and always will be your day to loved your birthday and never let anyone forget what date it was we knew way in Vance when it was coming around your birthday lasted a week with a big party and present every day you always look forward to your present of course you told everyone what to buy you lol you were so excited and so much fun you were like a kid but you were always my little girl I miss you today just like it was today I love you and you will always live in my heart your forever friend Jenny
Posted by Jenny Dolin on September 14, 2014
Hi my friend how can it already be four years that we have been without you,our lives have changed so much, but our tears our love and countless memories are fresh as it were yesterday I. Know you knew how much you were loved by all of us I feel your present around me all the time and kmow you are watching over me  I  live for the day we will see each other again this is Gods promise to us and God never fells his children look for me at heavens gate . I love and miss you dearly
Posted by Jenny Dolin on September 4, 2011
I think of you each day, time has not heal the hurt, tears are still flowing, hearts are breaking it has been one year but it seems like today.we hold your memories and we will never forget.always and forever we love you sherry
Posted by Jenny Dolin on July 5, 2011
How fast our lives have changed since our friend sherry was taken from us we will never be the same never look at things the same, are hearts are broken never to mend but we have great memories that will always be ours to remember. always and forever we love you sherry
Posted by Rick Stutler on June 24, 2011
I think of you each day. I will never forget all of our great memories. I love you always and forever.

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