An Awesome Auntie Shirley

Shared by Tisha Hollingsworth on July 10, 2021
  • We are missing my Auntie Shirley something dearly. Spoke with her a week before her passing. She always had a positive & powerful strenghth & hope in her voice when Jwin & I spoke to her & Uncle Tony.  She spoke to my dad who was in Louisana on the phone that week & as we talked about the homestead house in Lousiana.  She had a slight laugh & a high concern about my dad & Uncle Thad being in that old house, in the heat with no AC & with the snakes, lol! I'll remember our visit to Philadelphia years ago, the Kool & the Gang Concert & her always keeping in touch with Jwin & I in Houston & after they 1st moved down south. She is an awesome & thoughtful Aunt & was a Matriarch in our family. Always was interested in our well being & what Jwin's was doing in sports & with his grades. Always making sure we got together as a family & had meals together when visiting. Gonna miss you much, our talks & laughter! Sending heartfelt hugs & Condolences to Uncle Tony, Cousins Crystal & Nike & our extended family.  Love,  your Neice Tisha & Great Nephew Jessie.

Aunt Shirley a True Mother and Sister

Shared by Christie Burayidi on July 5, 2021
I met aunt Shirley and uncle Tony about 25 years ago in Wisconsin and I was immediately adopted by these two wonderful people. Aunt Shirley was a loving and generous person who made sure everyone is treated with compassion.

Aunt Shirley has a big heart like so many people know. One cannot go to her house and not have something to eat. She was a caring mother to all.

Aunt Shirley was there at the events of all her adopted sisters, brothers, children and grandchildren helping plan and making sure everything goes well.

Aunt Shirley was also very funny and had a  big sense of humor. I remembered when I was having problems in my personal life, aunt Shirley and uncle Tony did everything humanly possible to help me. They went as far as going to Chicago with us playing music and dancing all the way to make sure we did not focus on what was ahead.

After my divorce, aunt Shirley was there to support me and provide guidance. When my younger stepson got married in 2015, aunt Shirley was there to help us organize a memorable evening.

Aunt Shirley, you will be greatly missed. We love you but God loves you more. Sleep on sweet sister until we meet at the feet of Jesus Christ.

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