Posted by T Yeh on May 6, 2021
Uncle Chen was one of my parents dearest friends for as long as I can remember. His work with the OCA in Pittsburgh and the AAPA showed me that Asian Americans could indeed be leaders for social justice, and inspired my own choice to be an activist and educator. My mother sends her love and regards - he will be dearly missed.

--Ling Yeh
Posted by Angela Lin on April 24, 2021
Dear Dad, you are a hero, a fighter, a loving husband and father, and a remarkable person. Your unusual journey in China, Taiwan, and America nurtured your wisdom and vision, and left you a kind heart. Your voice for injustice and courage for fighting enlightened us. Your persistence and dedication led children by example. We appreciate you built a blessed family for us all. Wish you eternal peace in heaven. You will be forever missed. — Angela
Posted by Alexander Chen on April 24, 2021
Grandpa was a very influential figure for me. Our conversations were always thought provoking and inspiring. His wisdom was truly beyond his years and he will always hold a special place in my memories.  — Alex
Dear Grandpa, I love you a lot and will miss you forever. — Sydney
Dear Grandpa, You were a loving grandpa that I am so lucky to have. —Vicky
Posted by yvonne leong on April 24, 2021
Thank you, dear Andy, for teaching us that living a life so full and kind can bring so much joy and inspiration to family and friends. Your love for all humankind is evident in the most beautiful and touching memorial ceremony given by your loving family. Thank you for touching our hearts in such a big way. May you dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
Posted by Kerri Sadigh on April 24, 2021
Sending our warm thoughts and love to Andy's family as you remember the amazing man and the life he led, which we all celebrate today. We are grateful for the amazing family he has left behind to uphold his memory and maintain a life of loving others and service that he modeled. 

Much love,
The Sadigh Family
Posted by Joe del Callar on April 24, 2021
We will always remember Andy as someone full of life, joy and love for his family. He will be missed.
Posted by Porcia Chen Silverberg on April 24, 2021
My deepest condolences for my family's loss. Uncle Andrew was a gentle giant and respected elder. His extraordinary wisdom, profound kindness, great accomplishment will remain in the family legacy. May he rest in peace.

Porcia Chen Silverberg
Posted by Shuang Huo on April 24, 2021
Andy is a scholar and gentleman we all respected and we'll deeply miss him. Our prayers and thoughts are with Veronica and the entire family.
Posted by Anthony Lee on April 24, 2021
Andy was a man of immense talent and drive. In his low key, yet powerful ways, Andy enjoyed much success in his profession of educational psychology. His scholarly publications and leadership role in the Psychology Organization were well recognized. He also aggressively addressed the practical issues of being an Asian American and an immigrant. He selflessly served in many roles including the National Presidency of the Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA). His vision guided OCA well into the 21st century and set its strategic growth for many subsequent years. 
Posted by Sarah Wallace on April 24, 2021
I have such fond memories of Mr. Chen as our neighbor in Timberly Heights, especially driving Andrea and I to and from tennis practice. I extend my greatest sympathies to Veronica, Tom, Herald, and Andrea and I will be thinking of all of you and your families today. - Sarah Jane (Slezak) Wallace
Posted by Ke-Kang Wu on April 23, 2021
You will be missed by all the old friends from Pittsburgh,PA..
We knew you are rest in peace and proud for your life time achievements.

Kelvin Ke-Kang Wu
Posted by Stevens Chan on April 23, 2021
We were blessed to get to know Andy after we moved to SRC. Andy was such a kind, compassionate, wonderful scholar with great accomplishments in the field of Psychology. Andy will sorely be missed by many who knew him.

Stevens and Cynthia Chan
Posted by PeggyPeter Kwok on April 23, 2021
In fond memory of
Shium Andrew Chen
An intellectual scholar
The wonderful times
The thought-provoking discussions
Over Sunday brunches we had
At Las Olivas, SRC

Peggy & Peter Kwok
Posted by Nancy Neely on April 23, 2021

Remembering the joy of a special friendship and seeing all our children grow and travel through to wonderful adulthoods .
Recalling sadly encouraging you to move to a new home in your future but happy for all the great retirement adventures you enjoyed.
Thinking about the joy of back and forth messages of the arrivals of all our amazing grandchildren.
Admiring the gentle warrior journeying for justice and respect for all in his lifetime and as a legacy in spirit for all of us.
Nancy and Jim Neely

Posted by Elizabeth Lou on April 22, 2021
I am reading Andy's book and regret that I didn't meet him in life. Veronica and I were classmates at Maryknoll. Our teenage friendship remains memorable. Carry on, dear Veronica! We are here for you and feel your pain.
You chose a good partner in life.
Posted by Nancy Chow on April 22, 2021
Andy is an extremely considerate and generous person. I met him first time in 1963 in New York while he was dating Veronica. Helen and I were treated front row seats to see ‘Sound of Music’ on Broadway the next day we landed. That was the first time I experienced live Broadway musical and felt in love with this performing art ever since. What a treat for a poor foreign student who was struggling to pay for college expenses!
We have lost a life-long friend and an extraordinary person.
Posted by Antony King on April 22, 2021
We surely miss you Andy. Such a great wonderful gentleman we all admire with so much achievements. Rest in peace.
Posted by Adam Josephus on April 22, 2021
Andy was a major figure in Asian American psychology. He served as President of the Asian American Psychological Association and was a forceful advocate for the rights and well-being of Asian Americans and other ethnic minority groups. I admired his courage, persistence, and sense of social justice. He achieved a legacy that will always be remembered.

Stanley Sue

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