This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Sidikat Titilayo Atoyebi, 68 years old, born on June 27, 1952, and passed away on April 6, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Saude Amina Atoyebi on June 28, 2022

Yesterday was your 70th and you chose to party with the angels instead of us .
We have chosen not to mourn like unbelievers but instead to celebrate the beautiful person you are with each opportunity availed to us.

We love you and miss you.

You'll forever be in our hearts.
Posted by Mercy Z on April 21, 2021
I can't believe you are no more, your are the most soft and kindest person I have ever met, your gentleness and calm spirit never cease to amaze me.
You will always be remembered. Continue to rest with the Lord. We love you, but God loves you most.
Posted by Betty Bamidele on April 15, 2021
Mummy’s life was filled with lots of love and she also gave out so much love!!!
This was a very sad news... Losing a loved one is really tough and no one is ever ready to let go but we are comforted knowing they are in a better place.
May mummy’s soul continue to rest in God’s perfect peace in Jesus name and may God’s peace and strength be upon loved ones in Jesus name!
Posted by Ife Adetoyi on April 14, 2021
               Grandma Atoyebi....
Your beaming smile the last time we saw will linger just as much as the love and care you had for us.
Mummy- your light shines even in death so we will be consoled in this grief knowing that one day we will meet again and get that chance to enjoy the warmth you gave naturally.
Thank you ma for the messages of hope, care in your sweet voice, and the word of God as sent on Whatsapp. We will miss you Abiyamo Tooto...
May God uphold your children through whom we enjoyed your labour of love, grandchildren and family members world wide in Jesus name.


Posted by Ijay Glo on April 12, 2021
Mum, it’s unbelievable how you departed when we really needed you around. Your humble look with your soft voice and smile was part of what attracted me to you or is it the advice you gave to me? I was always comfortable around you because you never made me feel like I wasn’t part of you. Now that we needed to take good care of you death snatched you away. I’m so short of words concerning your demise but I know you are resting in a better place out from the troubles of this world.
I pray that the Lord receive you into His bossom.
     Your daughter,
Posted by Ayobami Oyewole on April 12, 2021
Mummy your death came to me as a great shock can't seem to forget your ever smiling face ,your words of prayers , admonition, encouragements ,your love for God and his work was so evident ,you are a rare gem always concerned about everybody's welfare indeed you will forever be missed ,knowing you are in a better place makes the grief a bit bearable till we meet at the feet of Christ Adieu mama Atoyebi you will be greatly missed mum
Posted by TALATU BABA on April 11, 2021
Mummy! You will be dearly missed!

Back in FEDZA, you made CRS much more than a subject... we saw Him at work! Thank you for your labour of love...

I pray the family finds solace in Jesus Christ!

Sleep on! ♥️
Posted by Elizabeth Coker Farrell on April 11, 2021
"Baby" that's what you called me from day 1 back at fedza where you nourished me like yours, up untill the very last time we spoke. You said to me when we reunited in Canada: "I know you are married now with your own kids - but it's still "baby" I will keep calling you o" and we both shared a laugh. How can I mind you calling me that? I loved it ( who no like pet name?).
Thank you for those deep conversations and prayers we had. I am happy I took that journey to come see you and I and my family were blessed with your reception.
Even when you returned to Nigeria... you still kept checking on us. What a beautiful soul... I will miss you my mommy and grandma!
I am only rejoicing - just knowing you are having fellowship with our creator.... good night ma.
We will mourn like believers!

Posted by Oluwabukunmi Ojo on April 11, 2021
Mummy, you were a jewel of inestimable value. My greatest regret is that I didn't see you before you departed and I hope I'd forgive myself for that. I could remember those days I followed you to bank, you would go to the bank just to cash out your tithe, you told me you didn't want to touch your money until you pay your tithe. Your commitment is just sounspeakable.
I can't forget those times I got in trouble with my boss, you took time to go to the shop to solicit for me.
The way you packed food for me each time I come to the house, gave me gifts each time you return to Nigeria, prayed for me, you even paid attention to my hair and took it upon yourself to get me morgan..You knew it when I was sad but tried to fake it-a mother indeed! seriously, you are missed. The roles you played in my life cannot be underestimated. You made my stay in Ilorin as an undergraduate heaven on earth.
Till we meet on the resurrection on Mummy Atoyebi
Posted by Kemi Keku on April 10, 2021
Mummy Atoyebi was one of the most accommodating persons I’ve met in recent times, living with her came as naturally as one would live with a biological mother. She would never keep a grudge and never ceased an opportunity to evangelize (to be honest, sometimes I got tired but she never wavered).
She’s one person who in spite of her age was inquisitive and always eager to learn technology, she would say ‘Kemi, jo wa fi kini yi han mi, no one is too old to learn’. Watching movies with Mummy was like a research project , she would ask questions all through.
Sweet and gentle Mama, I will truly miss you checking on and praying for me. I had only known you for a little under 2 years but it felt like I had known you all my life. You were truly an epitome of Love.
Posted by Oluwaseun Afolabi on April 10, 2021
Mummy that I still saw about a month ago. Little did I know that, that was the last time. That day keeps replaying in my mind, the way you kept smiling and laughing while giving me advice about marriage. I've learnt so much from much from you while living with you for those few years, and these knowledge I will hold on to forever. I remember how accommodating, friendly, kind hearted and how motherly you were, you took me as your last born, any challenges I had then, you were always there for me both in prayers and moral support. You gave me the proper training necessary and most importantly, you pushed me to be more fervent in Christ. You also taught me to be generous, I can't count the number of gifts you gave me. All these I appreciate about you, thank you mummy. Always smiling, always lively. You're forever in our hearts, rest in peace mum
Posted by Wuraola Teberen on April 10, 2021
Words are not enough to express how speechless I am, knowing you have been a great privilege and honour for me,your love and sacrifice for your family and humanity is great,you are happiest when you see people happy and satisfied.
I can recollect clearly when I told you I miss eating ofada rice and you went ahead and satisfied my cravings by cooking the delicious ofada rice for us to eat, despite the fact that people were complaining about the smell of ofada.
Each time I remember i smile,
your loving kindness is positively beyond comprehension.
You are truely an amazing parent,your resilient,positivity will surely be missed.
You were the quality everyone needed,the very mother every child truely wanted, the amen to the prayers of many.

We miss you,rest well in the lords bossom.
Posted by Oluwaremilekun Ariba on April 10, 2021
Mummy, your exit was a rude shock. I am short of words.
May your dear soul rest in peace.
Sun re oooo
Posted by Samira Mijinyawa on April 10, 2021
Mummy!!! You were a mother to us all and wish you didn't have to go now. Our consolation is that you are resting in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ. You are and will be greatly missed. Adieu Mummy.
Posted by Emmanuel Teberen on April 10, 2021
Even though you’re gone, I can still see your smile shining through those sweet cheeks. Mom, I’m honoured to have known and even hugged you. I remember all our conversations, my memory of you is peace. That’s what I felt every time I was around you. Although my heart was saddened even before I received the news of your passing, I felt confident that you were at peace at the end.

Thank you for always calling me “my son” and always checking up on me. Your believe in God was always steadfast, so he couldn’t wait to have you by his side.

We love and miss you mom. Rest well...
Posted by Segun Alemede on April 10, 2021
Scripture clearly states "by their fruits you shall know them" I have had the opportunity to meet three of Mama's fruits and I know she did life well. Thank you Mama Sidikat Atoyebi for Ayo,Yemi and Dami. Thank you for following God day and night. Continue to rest with the Lord whom you loved with your life.
Posted by Ranti Abolude on April 10, 2021
I remember just like yesterday , where many times as a mother you were there to guide our early years , willing to correct our errors in love .

This was the last news I ever thought I would get at this time but we know you are resting in His Bosom . Adieu Ma, See you at the Resurrection Morning .
Posted by Alex Amadi on April 9, 2021
Mummy, I'm still waiting to hear your voice. I don't know what to say. The news is very painful for me to bear. I know you have gone to be with your maker. Thank you for all your kindness, prayers, love, acceptance and hospitality. You are a rare gem. A woman with a beautiful soul. Godbless you and give us the strength to accept the reality of your demise. We love you.
Posted by Saude Amina Atoyebi on April 9, 2021
My mama Atoyebi, the one who christened me Oluwafunmilayo, has gone to be with He, who she loved more than anything else in this world.

Mummy, this wasn’t the plan but I can hear you reminding us to submit to the will of the Almighty.

Mummy was a very specific answer to my prayer about the mother-in-law I wanted. She embraced me and accepted me as her own. There were no in-law airs between us, she was my mummy.

I could go on and on and never stop.

We are heartbroken, but we celebrate you, your love,kindness, resilience, thoughtfulness and fear of God.

Who will pray for me now? I hope you still will, in the better place that you are. Who will I report Ayo to? . Mummy I will miss you so much

Adieu Mama Funmilayo...till we meet at the Master’s feet.
Posted by Tee Ajayi on April 8, 2021
Still unbelievable that last week would be the last time I would speak with you.
You will definitely be missed. We thank God for a life well spent, and believe you are in a better and beautiful place. May your soul Rest In Peace.
Posted by Sanya Folorunso on April 9, 2021
Precious in the sight of the LORD Is the death of His saints. Mummy Keep resting in the bosum of the lord till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Tolu Alalade on April 9, 2021
What a shock that can't be comprehended, your loss came so suddenly, that leaves one speechless and dumbfounded. Sleep well mother, for you were loved by many and will be missed by much. A mother that can't be replaced.
Posted by Seun Ishie on April 8, 2021
Unfortunately, I didn't have the pleasure of meeting you but you raised an amazing daughter, Damilola, who is a blessing to many. Your legacy will surely live on through your children and grandchildren. Rest in peace with the Lord.
Posted by Sophea Mohammed on April 8, 2021
She was truly a mother who was concerned about the feelings or welfare of those around her, it is still a shock that she has gone but there is nothing we can do but to celebrate a life worthy of emulation. She constantly tried to check up on people around her, embraced everyone as her own. We will surely miss you mummy. Continually rest with the Lord Almighty.
Posted by Adenike Odubela on April 8, 2021
What can we do except submit to the will of the one with the final say
Almighty God, we thank you for a life well spent in your service.

“Ma mi” words can't describe how much we will miss you...
Rest on...You live forever in our hearts.
Posted by Ayodeji Owonifari on April 8, 2021
Speechless!!! We’re still in shock. A loving mother, not just to her children but to everyone. She’s another mother to us and a grandmother to our daughter. Those broadcast texts that we refused to read while you’re alive, we missed them now. I miss you, You daughter Tolulope miss you, your grand daughter Sophia misses you. Enire Lo o Lo o Lo o Lo, enire Lo olo je ipe Baba. We love you mummy. Sleep well
Posted by Deji Daniel on April 8, 2021
I am just confuse as to what I should write
Still sounds as a dream though, mama Atoyebi is a lovely and caring mother, she is calm, cool and collected, she is all a true mother could be, sad to hear that God took you home at this time mummy, but one thing I know for sure, you have only gone to rest with the Lord, Rest on mama Atoyebi
Posted by Abi Alabi on April 8, 2021
We ( myself and my family) had the privilege of meeting grandma Atoyebi about 7years ago when she came to visit her daughter & son inlaw(Dammy and Seyi) in UK. With the little time we spent with her we knew her to be a worshipper and lover of God, a very principled woman, we take solace in God that you are now resting in peace until the resurrection day.
Ma sun laya Olugbala, aya rere, abiyamo tooto
Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord
Sun reee ooooo grandma Atoyebi
Posted by Beatrice Emmanuel on April 8, 2021
Mummy opened her heart and home to us all.

Back in school she would send us food and always asked of our wellbeing. Woman with a heart of gold. We forever call you blessed.

We will miss you. Thank you for the life you lived and for showing us the example of a true Christian woman/mother.

Rest On Mummy Atoyebi
Posted by Dunni Awoniyi on April 8, 2021
Titi the news of your sudden death is very shocking and least expected most especially when we thought that the love relationship of 1969-1973 among the three of us (myself,Janet Balogun(Adeniji) and Juliana Ebun Adeleke(Olajide)has been rekindled.Alas! death made a dead blow . Rest peacefully,rest peacefully our dear friend.I remember our studying together which took us to the far,far area of Mr Oyadiji' apartment since our form one days not for gisting or any other things of less importance than our reading.
You are very amiable,easy-going and highly reserved . You would not want to associate yourself with anything trouble.The Geography guru of our set.May your soul find peace with your Maker and we meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ.O d'owuro o Titi.
Posted by Janet Balogun on April 8, 2021
Titi was my classmate and reading mate, together with Dunni Awoniyi and Ebun Adeleke from 1968-1973 at Ila Grammar School. She was so focused on her academics and gave no room for distractions (The geography lady).
A down to earth and highly reserved person. She was a active member of IGS'73 and together we contributed to the school's infrastructural development of Ilagrams just this year.
The news of your death was a very rude shock to me and the entire IGS'73 member.
I pray that God uphold brother Lasun and the entire family.
You are loved even in death.
Dns Janet (Adeniji) Balogun,
Classmate IGS' 73 set.
Posted by Laura Ojobo on April 8, 2021
Mummy ,so sad to hear of ur demise. U were truely a mother,a lover of God. No wonder you decided to take religious studies. I believe you are resting with ur maker. Ur legacy lives on. Rest in peace ma'ami.
Posted by Ramatu Hayatudeen on April 8, 2021
As her student in FGGC Zaria and a Classmate to one of her beautiful daughters, Damilola, I felt sooo sad wen i heard of d heartbreaking departure of our beloved teacher. Mrs Atoyebi was a beautiful soul in and out. She was very gentle, caring to students, God fearing and selfless. D entire Old Students of FGGC Zaria wud miss her beautiful soul, and May she rest in perfect peace Ameen. May God grant d family to bear d irreplaceable loss Ameen.
Posted by Kayode Adesunkanmi on April 8, 2021
Rest in perfect peace. Titi will be sadly missed by all us, your classmates, in graduating class of 1973 in Ila Grammar School. Omo Orangun ile Ila, Omo a so oro de omilolo isu. (The daughter of Orangun of Ila, who embark oro festival till yam season is about to end). Sun re o.
May Almighty God comfort Brother Lasun, the children, the entire family and friends.
Posted by Abiodun Fakeye on April 8, 2021
A very gentle and unassuming old School mate in Ila Grammar School. 1973 set Very brilliant and down to earth lady. She already joined her hands with our set to reposition the School to a formidable institution in Osun state and indeed in Nigeria , oh , she will be sorely missed.
I pray that God will take the husband far who also is our senior in the same School. God will endow him and the Children the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
'Biodun Fakeye. (Hon, Elder). FCA.
Posted by Bisi Adewumi on April 7, 2021
Mummy we thank God for your life, your love for God and people around you was exceptional. We wanted you to stay longer but God is sovereign. Rest well in the blossom of your lord and saviour.
May the lord comfort the entire family you left behind in Jesus mighty name.
Posted by Oluyemi Oyewole on April 8, 2021
Sister Titi,
I keep the found memories of what you were to me then back in my secondary school, Ila Grammar School, Ila-Orangun.
Your kindness to me as a little kept reverberating even though we never met for several years thereafter.
Is painful that just at moment I concluded arrangements with the help of another friend to locate your beloved husband, Dr. Lasun Atoyebi, this sad but inevitable event happened.
May your rest be peaceful while your husband and children are consoled.
Adiue, rest on till we shall meet to part no more.
Posted by Dayo Adewumi on April 8, 2021
It was just a big shock I am yet to overcome when I heard the sad news that "Titi is gone and gone for ever" as a result of sickness she told me she's recovering from.. The few words I can say on this my heavy heart is that "You are a dear friend that will ever be missed".
Sùnnre òo Títí, till we meet and never depart no more. RIPP.
Sincere condolence to Lasun, your darling husband; Ayo, Dupe, Yemi, Dami and your grandchildren
Posted by Toyosi Adeyemi on April 7, 2021
I am speechless on the shocking news of our dear mother... May your gentle soul forever Rest In Peace ma.. we love you but God love you more
Posted by Bola Oladosu on April 7, 2021
I’m just speechless, although I’m trying to be strong because I don’t even know what to say. Mummy was like a mom and a “friend” to me, we talk about anything and prayed about everything. She did not relate it’s me like her tiny sister or daughter but she treated me with dignity and respect. She refused to call me Bola though I asked many times, but always say “woman of God” even when texting me, she would start with WOG. She calls and text me all the time. My last conversation with her was on March 30th, we joked around as usual and prayed. A good person, prayer warrior and very frank. I think the frankness is what I love the most about you, you say it as it is. Thank you for sharing very great wisdom and insights with me. I will miss you very much. I have gone to your messages to read so many of them over and over I’ll save them and refer to it when I need a word of wisdom ftom you  A true daughter of Zion, rest in the bosom of your maker. You know I love you mummy.
Posted by Oyiza Christiana Afebu- O... on April 7, 2021
Oh Mummy!! You took all Dami’s friends as your daughters. I still remember your voice and wise counsels. Well... we can’t question God but I will miss you Ma. Thanks for everything you represented in our lives. Rest on Maami! An Amazon has gone to rest. May God grant the family to bear this loss. God loves you most Ma.
Posted by Babajide Garuba on April 7, 2021
Mummy!!! Even though my encounter with you was short and very brief, but this I can tell - a gentle and peaceful soul you are, peaceful even onto death.

Adieu mama! You will be greatly missed
Posted by Ima Orok on April 7, 2021
Mummy, I still can't believe you are gone. Your were kind and always ready with ⁸a prayer and word of encouragement. You had a way of lifting my spirit anytime we spoke. You will be sorely missed and I draw comfort in the hope of the resurrection. Rest on mummy.
Posted by Sunday Oladokun on April 7, 2021
An epitome of a true Christian.
No matter how much we wanted you around, the Lord you loves more. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Abibat Adewumi-Ogunjobi on April 7, 2021
It was indeed hard to believe you are gone and will forever remain in our hearts. I always smile at every WhatsApp messages received as there's always a reflection of your God fearing nature. Rest on mummy (Shalom! - your words).
Posted by seyi abolude on April 7, 2021
Fondly Remembered!
Its been a while I saw You, but you're fondly Remembered. I remember those days in BZ and in secondary school, you were always there,our place of solace, I often had access to home cooked meals and many times gladly gave up tasteless choice (eba/tuwo)from the dinning hall; you were a mum and a teacher indeed.
You loved God, so we have no fears.
Rest on mummy. Your legacy lives on!!!!
Dad,Ayo,Dupe, Yemi & Dami! Be comforted
Posted by Ib Ayo on April 7, 2021
Rest on Iya rere!!!
As my secondary school teacher, you were not just a teacher but a mother as well...
Your legacy leaves on, keep resting in the bossom of the lord
Posted by Betty Ogundana on April 7, 2021
Iya lo
Iya rele
Nikeyin la o ri ra
Iya daadaa, oluku omo
Ana bi omo iya
O digba, o di gbere
O di arinako
O tun di oju ala
Iku iba gbowo
A ba fun lowo
Iku iba gba agbo bolojo ,a ba fun
Sugbon iku wole were,o mu Sidikatu Titilayo aya Atoyebi lo 
Eyin to fi sile, ko ni dibaje
Sunre o
Iya Ayodeji
Iya Modupeola aya Adeniyi
Iya Opeyemi
Iya Damilola
Posted by Talatu Danjuma on April 7, 2021
Loving, caring, understanding, accommodating, sweet and awesome Mummy, a generous, cheerful giver, a friend and a confidant teacher, I really have learnt a lot from you Mummy and those memories can't be forgotten for my life time, you may not witness my wedding but my children will learn of you. Forever in my heart Mummy, I will not forget those memories with you while I was growing up. I love you Mummy.
Posted by Lola Ayanladun on April 7, 2021
I 1st met mummy in secondary school, she was a mentor, a mother and a guide. She let me into her home and always had an advice and encouragement for me. I was privileged to have a video call with her the last time we spoke. I’m not sure there was a conversation I had with her where Jesus wasn’t mentioned. There’s no greater joy in knowing that she’s truly home! I love you, I will see you on Jesus’ side.
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Posted by Saude Amina Atoyebi on June 28, 2022

Yesterday was your 70th and you chose to party with the angels instead of us .
We have chosen not to mourn like unbelievers but instead to celebrate the beautiful person you are with each opportunity availed to us.

We love you and miss you.

You'll forever be in our hearts.
Posted by Mercy Z on April 21, 2021
I can't believe you are no more, your are the most soft and kindest person I have ever met, your gentleness and calm spirit never cease to amaze me.
You will always be remembered. Continue to rest with the Lord. We love you, but God loves you most.
Posted by Betty Bamidele on April 15, 2021
Mummy’s life was filled with lots of love and she also gave out so much love!!!
This was a very sad news... Losing a loved one is really tough and no one is ever ready to let go but we are comforted knowing they are in a better place.
May mummy’s soul continue to rest in God’s perfect peace in Jesus name and may God’s peace and strength be upon loved ones in Jesus name!
her Life

A Legacy of Love

A wife, abiyamọ tòótọ́, a friend, a lover of God, Selfless, genuinely blunt, very accommodating, unapologetically a servant of God.

A sister, an aunt, an excellent grandma. A wonderful teacher but always willing to learn. All these and more are who she was.

Set in her ways of Godliness and obedience to God’s word.

Never joked with eating fruits and WhatsApp broadcasts, which she always said was her easiest and quickest method of evangelism.

Everything for mummy was about God; every issue, situation, circumstance no matter how small, was a prayer point.

Heaven was her goal, and she lived her life ensuring she did not miss the ultimate goal – Heaven.

A mother’s tasks are never done. And heaven must have needed one. For angels came and took her hands and led her to God’s promised land. Although there is sadness, this we know: she is waiting there, her face aglow.

Iya Atoyebi, as we fondly call you, you TAUGHT US LOVE and how to fight. You gave us strength; you gave us might.

You fought for us all in various ways, not just as a wife, mother, sister, grandmother, or minister, for all you gave your best.

A stronger person could be hard to find, and in your heart, you were ALWAYS KIND.

We cannot begin to count the times she tolerated our moods, consoled our broken hearts & disappointments, endured our ups and downs, LISTENED to words confused by tears, and just simply understood and PRAYED with and for us, for no other reason than because SHE LOVED US.

We knew little that morning that God was going to call your name. In life we LOVED YOU DEARLY; in death we do the same.

It breaks our hearts to lose you. You did not go alone, for a part of us went with you. You left us peaceful memories; your love will remain our guide. And though we cannot see you, you are ALWAYS at our side.

Our family chain is broken, and nothing will seem the same again without you, but as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again.

Now the time has come for you to rest.

 So, go in peace – you have earned your sleep. Your love in our hearts, we will ETERNALLY KEEP.

Recent stories

Our dear Mummy

Shared by Jumoke Ogunleye on April 12, 2021
Its with great shock i received this news but again we are consoled in the fact that you lived a good life, inspiring young ones like me. 

Your calm demeanor and love for God even in my early 20s is the picture of you that i have. You were such a virtuous wife and mother to all. 

Rest in Peace mummy, I am grateful i met you in Zaria. My mum and brothers are so broken. 

 We will always Love You. You live on Mummy!

Iya Rere

Shared by Blessings Digha on April 7, 2021
I wish I had come to see you in Calgary Mommy. This is painful. You were an angel, a living embodiment of the love of God. Thank you for everything you were to me.
Growing up especially as a teenager, I was very unruly and always getting into trouble. Mama Atoyebi would scold me yet advocate for me. Her love was never in doubt and her heart and home was always open to me no matter what. She loved me as one of her own, actually I was one of her own. Even when I would run away out of shame, she would seek me out and cover me in love.
Thank you Iya rere for living and showing us love. It's painful that you leave us now at this time when we should be spoiling you silly but I personally am consoled in the fact that you are at the bosom of the savior. He who you served in words and deeds.
Sun re Iya rere, a o pade leti odo lojo ajinde. I LOVE YOU. Your friend and sis (my mom) is heartbroken.  Hug my babies over there.