• 39 years old
  • Born on December 31, 1975 in Antwerp, Mortsel, Belgium.
  • Passed away on April 29, 2015 in Utrecht, Netherlands.

My sister Sophie ended her struggle with mental illness on April 29, 2015. After years of struggle she left this world. Through her own, self imposed, suffering she was always keenly aware of the plight of those less fortunate. Her intention to help children was borne out of her own challenging youth and started after we both visited Tanzania on a school trip in early 1990.

To visit the fundraiser please go to : goo.gl/rpqXFo

Sophie initiated her idea for a charity in 2010. She named it the Order of the Crimson Poppy.
Visit the Order of the Crimson Poppy facebook fanpage: www.facebook.com/OotCrimsonPoppy

We had the Wake and Funeral on the 5th and 6th of May 2015. I set up this Memorial Website so that those who visit can see and share their own photos, videos and condolences. Music from the services is available. Feel free to add songs you know she liked or enjoy in her memory.

In happier and more productive times she formed the "Order of the Crimson Poppy" late in 2010. Her intention was to use rental proceeds from a family owned property in Curacao to support the basic needs of poor children in Tanzania. As her oldest brother, I was a founding member and championed her initiative. Though Sophie helped with interior design and intermittently with day to day running of the hostel, her illness prevented her from being involved as much as she would have liked.

Since 2012 I have been running www.PoppyHostelCuracao.com as a budget holiday accommodation and from early 2014 the project has donated to the local food bank (Voedselbank Curacao) and the Children's hospital on Curacao (Mucha pa Mucha). With your help I would like to fundraise and expand the scope and level of our efforts.

Sophie was always more concerned with the plight of others than her own. Although she had the best of intentions, her disorder prevented any concrete plan of action. Now that she is free from her suffering I will turn her intentions into action and continue her initiative.

As I write this, her family is preparing for her memorial and funeral. I have been inundated with messages of support, condolences and questions of: "How can we help?" We have enough flowers, and friends and family are joining us to farewell her in the coming days. We value every bit of support and also realize that there is only so much we can physically accomplish in our grief.

We value any and all donations in her name to help expand our efforts and turn Sophie's memory into a force for good. I will be publishing a book of her poetry and those who donate will have the opportunity to receive a personal copy as thanks for their contribution.

Not everyone can donate with a credit card, there are other ways:
paypal: via artdeco55@yahoo.com (indicate that this is for "Crimson Poppy")
IBAN (International Bank Account Number) to: NL49 RABO 3314 5025 59
(you may only need the last 10 numbers)

I thank you for any help you can give. Phie is Free!




Posted by Todd Oz on 16th January 2019
Miss you Sophie. I wish time hadn’t swept us all along in its wake.
Posted by Marcelo Marinho on 3rd January 2019
I wish all the Klep Family a happy new year. Best regards to Jaap Klep. Marcelo Marinho. Cologne, Germany
Posted by Peter Bos on 2nd January 2019
Blijft een bijzondere dag.
Posted by Esther Zimmerman on 31st December 2018
Posted by Sebastian Mathijsen on 31st December 2018
I will light a candle for you today And I'll sing a song As I will be here Year after year To tell you I miss you happy birth day Sophie. Sebas
Posted by Esther Zimmerman on 21st May 2018
Hey Soph, I read this poem today and think you might have liked it. It's by Richard Jackson. I miss you. E. ALTERNATE ENDINGS There are times when they gather at the edge of your life, Shadows slipping over the far hills, daffodils blooming too early, the dark matter of the universe that threads its way through the few thousand blackbirds that have invaded the trees out back. Every ending sloughs off our dreams like snakeskin. This is the kind of black ice the mind skids across. The candlelight burning down into the sand. The night leaving its ashes in our eyes. There are times when your voice turns over in my sleep. It is no longer blind. The sky is no longer deaf. There are times when it seems the stars practice all night just to become fireflies, when it seems there is no end to what our hearts scribble on corridor walls. Only when we look at each other do we cease to be ourselves. Only at a certain height does the smoke blend into air. There are times when your words seem welded to that sky. There are times when love is so complicated it circles like chimney swifts unable to decide where to land. There are endings so sad their shadows scuff the dirt. Their sky is as inconsolable as the two year old, Zahra, torn from her mother and beaten to death in the Sudan. There are endings so sad I want the morning light to scourge the fields. Endings that are only what the river dreams when it dries up. Endings that are constant echoes. There are times when I think we are satellites collecting dust from one of the earlier births of the universe Don't give up. Each ending is an hourglass filled with doors. There are times when I feel you might be searching for me, when I can read what is written on the far sides of stars. I'm nearly out of time. My heart is a dragonfly. I'll have to settle for this, standing under a waterfall of words you never said. There are times like this when no ending appears, times when I am so inconsolably happy.
Posted by Peter Bos on 30th April 2018
Nog steeds verdrietig.
Posted by Esther Zimmerman on 24th February 2018
“I’ll never know and neither will you of the life you don’t choose. We’ll only know that whatever that sister life was, it was important and beautiful and not ours. It was the ghost ship that didn’t carry us. There’s nothing to do but salute it from the shore.” Ik mis je, zo vaak Sophie x
Posted by Sebastian Mathijsen on 2nd January 2018
Always in my heart and in my thoughts Sophie. Miss you then miss you now ...
Posted by S T on 31st December 2017
Miss you Sophie. You’re forever in my thoughts.
Posted by Sebastian Mathijsen on 1st May 2017
Although you're on the other side you are in my heart and in my thoughts always. Lovingly I remember your smile. You're never more than a heartbeat away Sophie. Love, tranquility, yours always Seb.
Posted by Chico Villano on 29th April 2017
Always missed, Sophie. C.
Posted by Jeannot Verlende on 29th April 2017
Lieve Sophie, Ben op dit ogenblik in Compostela, Spanje, N.Manu gaan vervoegen die de camino francès heeft afgestapt (800 km). Mijn gedachten gaan terug naar het jaar 2000 toen we samen met Loes en Karen je naar Madrid brachten. Dat was een super leuke trip waar we veel plezier hebben beleefd. Onderweg hebben we verschillende logementen gehad de ene al wat beter dan de andere nl. van een gîte rurale tot een chique hotel. Met deze reis blijf je steeds in mijn herinnering als een blije en opgewekte Sophie. Liefs, T. Jeannot
Posted by Alexis Mackenzie on 8th January 2017
Thinking of you Soph your birthday was just two days after mine! Remembering fun times at Taipa at that time of year. xxxxx
Posted by James Wilson on 31st December 2016
The greater the light, the greater the shadow. I hold your breathtaking beauty, your sweet laughter, your infectious smile, your creative spirit and your grand heart in highest spirits today. Love and light, Soph. Jx
Posted by Chico Villano on 31st December 2016
Thinking of you Sophie..
Posted by Peter Bos on 31st December 2016
Blijft een bijzondere dag. Sterkte allemaal.
Posted by Marcelo Marinho on 6th February 2016
I have not had the opportunity of meeting Sophie personally once I remember that she was at that time in Boston. It was between 1996/1997. She was 20. As a good friend from Mr. Klep I had always heard about her and her time abroad. The familiy lived at that time in Düsseldorf. I do hope that, wherever she is, she could find her way and her peace. I am sure that she will be forever in good memory in her family. God bless her.
Posted by Peter Bos on 31st December 2015
Vandaag pas ontdekt dat wij dezelfde geboorte dag hebben. Denk aan jou en alle klepjes.
Posted by Jasper V on 4th December 2015
Lieve Sophie, Eens in de zoveel tijd zoek je op de naam van mensen die een bijzondere herinnering bij je hebben achtergelaten. Begin dit jaar deed ik dat, want ik wilde graag weer eens met je in contact komen. Je was nergens te vinden met een profiel. Toen ik dat vanavond weer deed, werd ik erg verdrietig. Je bent één van de ècht bijzondere mensen die ik in mijn leven heb leren kennen. Ik had gehoopt dat je na onze laatste ontmoeting in Utrecht in 2001 nog eens wilde afspreken, maar ik heb je daarna tot mijn spijt nooit kunnen weervinden. Ik miste je zonder dat je dat wist. Ik heb je dat nooit kunnen vertellen en daarom hoop ik dat je dit leest. Het mooie doel dat je hebt nagelaten tekent jou als het bijzondere mens dat ik heb leren kennen. Ik ken het huis dat je verhuurt op Curaçao en heb er fijne herinneringen aan. Hoe we de CD van Madonna grijs hebben gedraaid onderweg naar allerlei plekken op het eiland, hoe je me vertelde over dulce de leche, het zwembad bij jullie huis, Ben & Jerry's en onze eerste ontmoeting op Mambo. Lieve Sophie, Ik hoop dat je ergens bent waar je het fijn hebt en dat ik je daar ooit mag ontmoeten. Ik wens je vader Jaap, die ik ervaren heb als een lieve man, veel sterkte. Uiteraard ook veel sterkte voor de rest van je familie. Als ik je ooit nog eens gesproken had, dan had ik je gevraagd om nog even te blijven en een avondje bij te praten. Ik weet zeker dat het fijn zou zijn geweest. Je hebt een speciaal plekje in mijn leven ingenomen. Heel veel liefs, Jasper
Posted by Art Klep on 28th July 2015
Dear Sis, We tucked you in next to Mom, Bompa and Bomma in the cemetery in Berchem, Belgium. It was dark and rainy on July 25th. I'm told it was "Black Saturday" because all the highways were full with people traveling to their holidays. I'm sure you would have enjoyed the "Black" part, it being your favorite color. I planted your favorite succulent right above you. Many of the Verlendes were there to support us and we all had a catch up and lunch afterwards. I still miss you heaps, we all do. Love,
Posted by Sudip Masoji on 15th July 2015
Saddened by the news. Hope that you have found the peace you seeked. Sleep well. @ Art. Best wishes to you and your family. Stay strong. Sudip
Posted by Jesse Eisenberg on 30th June 2015
Im overwhelmed. I only knew Sophie for a few years, but it has been SO many years since there was contact. I think I visited curacao in '99, quite wonderful. Generous isn't the word, all the Klep family made me feel like family immediately. Shared Thanksgiving dinner just Sophie and Marje and myself, much fun. Just found this email from 2010, her last correspondence to me. I'm heartbroken, but so happy as all I remember about is heart and laughter and fun. And art, your effort for this cause is beautiful. Hey Jesse, I need your address! I had a silly dream, a foundation in honor of my mother. The Order of the Blood-Red Poppy. After all my travels, seeing so much beauty in the world, I have decided to get my ass in gear and give back. I slowly work out logistics and a network of open-minded, positive, unique people with the right perspective, attitude and heart. More will be revealed in the letter i wish to send. I hope you're well. Tickles, Sophie
Posted by Esther Zimmerman on 2nd June 2015
"Wildflowers from a friend Do forget-me-nots ever end? And what of perfumed petals pink? A scent reminding my heart not to sink How many slight bluebells gather Can there be so much wealth in so little matter? They greet my eyes upon the dawning of each day I hope Esther comes to visit when I'm away" The poem you wrote for me, keeps repeating in my mind. Over and over. And I still hear these words in your voice and I am afraid that one day I will wake up and won't remember what it sounds like. Or your laugh. But for now, I still hear you when I awaken. And for now, I still see the most beautiful of eyes. Vividly. And I do visit you. Every day Since you are away. E.
Posted by Finbar O'Farrell on 13th May 2015
Dear Sophie, I remember you dearly as a student at the International School of Düsseldorf. You were kind and full of life and very considerate towards others. I remember you also Art, and my heart goes out to you at the loss of your sister. Our deep sympathy form all at ISD.
Posted by Art Klep on 8th May 2015
Everyone is missing you Sis! Look at all the love and fond memories! I'm keeping your light in my heart and will share it where you couldn't. Thanks for everyone's support. I've added one of Sophie's poems. -Art
Posted by Janie Proctor on 8th May 2015
Dear Soph, I keep thinking of our long lazy days in Curacao and I'm so grateful that I got to share this time with you. Even though you were struggling there were still times of great fun and happiness that I will cherish. I loved your cheeky side and your smile. Your smile radiated to everyone around, I will remember your smile always. Thank you for being so warm and welcoming to me, this was your nature. You talked about wanting to help others, I hope that Art and the Klep's can carry this on in your memory. I am devastated that you were lost to us. Rest easy beautiful girl. Much love Janie
Posted by Suzy Van Beurden on 7th May 2015
Dear Sophie, So many of my wonderful memories from the years my family spent in Germany involve the Klep family. I think I spent almost as much time at your house during those three years as I did my own. Marije was my best friend, and you became like a big sister to me. I remember how kind you always were, how goofy you could be, and how much fun you were to be around. You were creative and stylish, and I will always remember your absolutely radiant smile. You were truly beautiful, inside and out. Having moved many times since then, I've lost touch with many many people...but even though time and distance separates us, Marije and the whole Klep family will always hold a very special place in my heart. I will always remember you for the beautiful soul that you are. Love, Suzy .
Posted by Tamara Bos on 7th May 2015
Dear Sophie, we only met once last year on your big brother's B-day party in Leiden and it was great meeting you there, you touched my heart with your smile & our conversation (in Spanish) I will cherish. It was a good night. You and your dear Kleps are in my thoughts & heart, Tamara Bos (Marloes' sister)
Posted by Chico Villano on 7th May 2015
Dear Sophie, Your passing crushed me. There are many things I would have like to say to you in recent years had our paths crossed. The fact that they didn't cross will be my loss forever and I feel that loss more deeply than I can say. The conversations, looks and glances we exchanged at school lifted my spirits every time, in ways you may not even have suspected. You had a radiant smile and gorgeous eyes and they struck me each time I saw them. That is how I will remember you. Yours, Chico
Posted by Art Klep on 7th May 2015
Dear Sophie, I know you didn't like to be online but I think this was due to you isolating yourself. There were so many people who got in touch with me when you died that could not find a way to connect with you in the past years. I set this up with Marije's help so there would be a place where all your friends and family could leave a note, view photos of you and your memorial services and read some of the many words you wrote. Don't worry I will only let those who really cared about you in. This will be a place where we can all remember all the wonderful sides of you. We all love and miss you. Your big bro, Art

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