Stefan James Kostraby
  • 19 years old
  • Date of birth: Mar 6, 1992
  • Date of passing: Jan 20, 2012
Let the memory of Stefan James be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Stefan James Kostraby, 19, born on March 6, 1992 and passed away on January 20, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Wendy Kostraby on 6th March 2017

"Today your dad and I spent your 25th Birthday at your grave. We talked about you, shared memories and cried many tears....
Later Margaret and John joined us with Jake's 3 dogs playing beside you as we sang Happy Birthday xx"

This tribute was added by Dean Josef Balkin on 6th March 2017

""the righteous man, though he die early, will be at rest. For old age is not honored for length of time, nor measured by number of years; but understanding is gray hair for men, and a blameless life is ripe old age." [Wisdom of Solomon, 4:7-9]"

This tribute was added by Edward Kostraby on 6th March 2017

"Stefan made a difference just by being who he was, his inner light shone bright and touched lives near and far and even when he is gone, he still forever plays a part in the memory of smiles, photographs and priceless moments, that are treasured to the foundations of ones inner soul. (adapted from a message by: Emily Matthews)

Eternal memory dear Stefan"

This tribute was added by Tim Levy on 6th March 2017

"You would have been twenty five today.
Gone for so long already,
Yet it seems like only yesterday that you were here.
But in the wind, and in the trees, and in the air all around,
You are still with us.
Just as you said it would be."

This tribute was added by Bronwyn Duffy on 20th January 2017

"Think of you often Stefan, sending love to you and your dear mom, Bronwyn.❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by Wendy Kostraby on 6th March 2016

"Happy Birthday to a son - who would be 24!
I keep looking for you - but you're never at the door
"I love you mum" you told me
"Live your life - go boldly"
I try so hard my boy - but without you there's little joy"

This tribute was added by margaret Goldsmith on 6th March 2016

"Hello Stefan today we would have been celebrating your 24 th birthday I'm sure your celebrating in heaven just as we would have here ,your memory is still so clear like we only seen you yesterday still can't believe it's already 4years since the angels came and took you away from us .you will always be "forever young " miss you lots the boys and I still talk about you like your still here with us we have special memories and funny moments on how daring you were and how you made us all laugh ...LoL till we all meet again Margaret ,Rhys and Jake xxxx"

This tribute was added by Moira Vosper on 20th January 2016

"It's 4 years since you left Stefan and I often think of you.

Your life was a blessing
Your memory a treasure
You are loved beyond words
And missed betond measure!

XXX Moira"

This tribute was added by Wendy Kostraby on 6th March 2015

"Happy Birthday my beautiful Son. 23yo today......
"I cherish you in my heart and thoughts every minute of every day."
I keep you close by honouring your wish to "Read, think, seek guidance, live a whole life, not one of few dimensions"xx"

This tribute was added by Richard Kostraby on 6th March 2015

"Happy 23rd Birthday Stefan,miss u forever,love you forever,From all the kostrabys.xxxx."

This tribute was added by Moira Vosper on 6th March 2015

"23 years old today dear Stefan. Time flies by so fast! It's 3 years since you left us. I still think of the things you shared with me in the short time we knew each other. And every crow I hear lets me know you are near! XXX"

This tribute was added by Kimberly McConchie on 1st March 2015

It was an absolute honour to have met you at the recent PICS/RCH day.
You are an amazing inspiration to everyone and a divine being.
I only wish I had have been fortunate enough to have experienced Stefan's company and presence too.
Much love always,

This tribute was added by Glenn Chuck on 3rd February 2015

"Stefan, you were a great guy and it is easy to clearly remember your cheeky laugh and original ideas about the world. I have fond memories of talking with you about video games, pets and philosophy. Rest in peace mate."

This tribute was added by Wendy Kostraby on 20th January 2015

"3yrs ago today, I lost someone who was funny, smart and honest. Someone who loved me very much. Someone very special, my best friend, My Son.

"Stefan, my child, time has not changed the depth of my feelings of how very much you are missed. But without that ache, it would be forgetting and you will never be forgotten. Your presence still surrounds me and all the people who love you" xx"

This tribute was added by troy kennedy on 2nd January 2015

"To my friend stefan very sad you left us very early your contribution to life was amazing.hope your lookin down on us to see we are heading in the rite direction make sure lookin after mum im sure you are all the best champ take care xxxx"

This tribute was added by Peter O'Toole on 31st October 2014

"At 9 years old Stefan came into my care for about three weeks.  I remember his laughter, his chats with his mum on the phone and his love of his Hawthorn football club.  We kept contact on an off for a period of time.  I was pleased to be able to see him several times in his last year of life.  I was impressed and inspired by his love of religion and the great faith that had a foot in the door with several different faith traditions.  When he left my care he cried.  We had bonded and he felt secure but he was pleased to be back with his mum.  He loved his mum very much."

This tribute was added by Esther Bole on 7th August 2014

"You are always in my heart Stef, I still go through my mb gallery and always look at the 3 beautiful photos of you... You will never be of of all of our thoughts xxx"

This tribute was added by Bronwyn Duffy on 6th March 2014

"Happy 22nd Birthday for 6th March Stefan
Always sending our love to you,
                                                  Bronwyn,Greg,Jon and Jamie.xxxx
Love and kisses to you too Wendy.xxxx"

This tribute was added by Wendy Kostraby on 6th March 2014

""Happy Birthday" to my beautiful Son Stefan - 22yo today. I did not get to see you grow into a Man, but I can only imagine what a man you would have been.

"His little arms crept 'round my neck, and then I heard him say, 4 simple words I wont forget, words that made me pray. They turned a mirror on my soul, on secrets no-one knew, they inspired me, I hear them now, He said "I'll be like You".

Stefan My Child, I carry You with Me Always & Forever in My Thoughts and in My Heart xx"

This tribute was added by Norman board on 4th March 2014

when  I  ride   my  Motor  Scooter   Your  baby     Rattle    
reminds  me  we  still  walk  and   Ride  together
You  would   haven  22   years  old  on  6th  March
But  age will  never  weary  you     Your  for  ever  young"

This tribute was added by Spiro Papdopoulos on 24th January 2014

"Sometimes God picks a flower that's still in full bloom. Sometimes the flower that is chosen, we feel He's picked too soon.We're at peace knowing; in God's heavenly garden, He has placed the ones we treasure.You have changed our lives forever.

When we clse our eyes we can see you, When we whisper your name we can hear you, And when we reach with our hearts we can touch you.

rest in peace sweet angel

Spiro Papadopoulos"

This tribute was added by Bronwyn Duffy on 19th January 2014

"Dear Stefan,
Can't believe it has been 2 years already,so sorry Jamie and I didn't make it in time to say goodbye in person.
Think of you very often
Gone too soon
Wishing love and comfort to your darling mum Wendy
May your glorious memories of your special son comfort you Wendy
Lots of love to you both.xxxxoooo"

This tribute was added by Wendy Kostraby on 28th November 2013

"Stefan, I am thankful for the blessing of the time that you did have with me on this earth. Though I will never understand why that time was so short, it was strong in love.              Wendy (Mum)"

This tribute was added by darryl krajnyk on 8th November 2013

"to my beautiful wendy you have a beautiful heart just like your son you are both connected in heart and spirit, embrace that some higher force knew how special he was and he has been called for a higher purpose, and have no doubt that he is looking down on you wendy my friend, so ever proud of his beautiful mum looking forward to being together again one day. xoxo my beautiful friend."

This tribute was added by shane reid on 3rd November 2013

"Hi Stefan,we never met but just seeing that sparkle in your eyes with them dolphins tells me a lot about the young man you are,I am very happy to say I know your mum and she is loving you everyday of her life now with you in her heart,Stefan your mum is strong enough to carry both of you until you walk hand in hand once more,yes you left to soon,but life is in many forms.never forgotten."

This tribute was added by Norman board on 29th October 2013

Remembering the  good times
You  never  led    I  never   followed
I  never    led  & you  never   followed
We walked side  by side
from  the time  you   were with  us
RIP    Stefan    always  remembered"

This tribute was added by Justine Brogna on 3rd September 2013

"To my dear Godson Stefan,
Your loss will remain forever a tremendous sadness and a hole in ones heart. Taken from this world all too soon. May you be at peace in the land of the Gods, which ever God that may be. I'm thankful for knowing you, watching you as a baby enter into this world and smile. Thank you for your bold truths, your humour and innocence. Lv Jx"

This tribute was added by jools reid on 3rd September 2013

"Dear Stefan

Kind thoughts to you and your mum, Wendy :) Jools"

This tribute was added by Bronwyn Duffy on 30th August 2013

"Hello Stefan,thinking of you on this lovely sunny day.

                            Bless You.xxxx"

This tribute was added by margaret Goldsmith on 30th August 2013

"Hello stefan ,boys & I miss u lots ,not a day goes past when your not in our thoughts ,we will treasure the memories the good times ,the bad ,the times that were funny,and laughs we had ...thanks for the memories ,till we meet again Margaret ,Rhys ,Jake and Sarah xxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Lisa Sinatra on 17th August 2013

"Beautiful Stefan,
I didn't know you, but I loved you. Happy Birthday beautiful Stefan.

I wish I did meet you, but we shall meet on the other side one day darling boy. XXXXX Ps..Wendy I love you too."

This tribute was added by Narelle Purchase on 8th August 2013

"Dear Stefan,
not a day day goes by that we don't think of you
we miss you always and for ever xxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Mitch Brown on 4th August 2013

"Dear Wendy and family, thoughts are with you sorry for your loss, you are an amazing person Wendy, Be who you want to be!


This tribute was added by Sam Bardoel on 4th August 2013

"Thoughts are with your mother Wendy who is a very special person
Rip Stefan"

This tribute was added by Maria T on 31st May 2013

"I wish I had something helpful or cathartic to say that would ease your pain if even just a little bit.

All I can say is that I am truly from the depths of my soul understand your pain and loss. Lots of Love always"

This tribute was added by Maria T on 31st May 2013


You're never alone, I'm always near,
When your troubled, down or blue.
All you have to do is call me,
I'm always here for you.
It doesn't matter where I'm at,
It doesn't matter when.
When you need someone to talk to,
I'm here to be your friend.
If you need someone to hold your hand,
or a hug to say I care.
If you need a shoulder to cry on,
for you I will be there."

This tribute was added by Maria T on 31st May 2013


We are lonely apart but together we're strong
All of our precious babies are gone
some people ask if we are feeling down.

Some of them notice a tear or a frown
Most of them don’t and we carry on
Hiding our sadness inside.

They tell us our grief wont last for long
They ask us if we are moving on?
We're not, we're just pretending well
Hiding emo"

This tribute was added by Bronwyn Duffy on 28th May 2013

"Hi Stefan,
it's a lovely sunny day today and I am thinking about you and your incredible mum,love and kisses to you both.xxxooo"

This tribute was added by Antonietta Ungun on 28th May 2013

"Dear Stefan.
I only knew you in the last years of your life but in that short time I felt like I knew you an eternity. You sung Happy birthday to me in your biggest voice knowing you we not for this earth for long. That I will keep with me for the rest of my life. Thank you dear child..  The song is right Wendy."Gone to soon" xxx"

This tribute was added by Bronwyn Duffy on 27th May 2013

"Hi Stefan,
it's only me again,hope your having an awesome time
wherever you may be,love to you and your mum.xxxooo"

This tribute was added by Bronwyn Duffy on 6th April 2013

"Dear Stefan,

Thanks for the Birthday wishes,still think of you every day,
much love to you and your mum.xxxooo"

This tribute was added by Richard Kostraby on 5th April 2013

"U were a beautiful baby boy and we were so happy for Wendy my sister when u were born.U had a struggle with a few issues in life but u gave much joy to Wendy and happiness to us all,and i loved picking u up after child care etc,we will always love u and your smile, RIP.we will meet again."

This tribute was added by Bronwyn Duffy on 6th March 2013

"Happy Birthday Stefan,21 today.
Wish you were still here.

Forever Remembered.xxxooo"

This tribute was added by Bronwyn Duffy on 2nd March 2013

"Jon and Jamie and Greg also wish you peace and happiness"

This tribute was added by Bronwyn Duffy on 2nd March 2013

"Dear Stefan,
I was thinking about you yesterday as I often do,
you will never be forgotten by me,that would be impossible.
Sending love and peace to you and your darling mother.xxxooo"

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