Closure is a greasy little word which, moreover, describes a nonexistent condition. The truth ... is that nobody gets over anything. Martin Amis
  • 41 years old
  • Born on April 18, 1972 in Port Hope, Canada.
  • Passed away on July 24, 2013 in Toronto, Canada.

This memorial website was set up to honour the memory of my brother Stephane Martin, 41, born on April 18, 1972 and passed away on July 24, 2013.  

 I know Stephane would have been deeply touched by this, though he may have complained in public about it. Trust me on this one, this is okay to do. We all need to heal, so LETS TALK ABOUT STEPHANE! Please consider this website a work in progress, and an opportunity to share stories  and photos with one another. 

Where shall I begin, hmmm... the son of the late (and mysterious) Robert Joseph Martin and Diane Nemey, survived by his most immediate family Alexander, Christina and Cecile Martin, extended family and friends, two cats, and a whole community at St. Clare's Multifaith Housing in Toronto that just won't be the same without him.

If you feel the need to do something to honor Stephane's memory, you may consider making a donation on his behalf to support St. Clare's projects that house the homeless. To receive a charitable receipt, you can donate online through CanadaHelps, or mail donations to:

St. Clare's Multifaith Housing 
C1-180 Sudbury Street 
Toronto ON 
M6J 0A8

To learn more about St. Clare's Multiface Housing, where Stephane lived and worked, please visit

People who knew and loved Stephane, and were able to attend, celebrated his life at
"Stephane's Party"

Date: Saturday August 3, 2013

Time: 3:00-5:00PM

Location: 25 Leonard Ave, Toronto ON (Main Floor Lounge)

This was the only service held for Stephane, because he probably would not have wanted it any other way.  Stephane's support team and family decided to call this event 'Stephane's Party' because Stephane would not have wanted any memorial service, wake or funeral. After much discussion with his close friends and family, we all agreed that Stephane would have wanted the people he was close with to have this event as an opportunity to help us all cope a bit better. 

My family and I are deeply grateful to Stephane's community of friends and collegues at St. Clares. Please feel free to share your memories and photos of Stephane on this website. 

Posted by Christina Martin on 18th April 2018
Stephane would have been 46 today. CRAZY!!! It's still so strange to think that I can't call him up or send him a surprise or gag present. As a sister and a friend, I do wish I had been more active in helping him with his addiction and his illness. Though I don't blame myself for his death, I wish I had had better tools, I wish I had been less selfish, I could have been a better support and friend. It was a hard lesson to learn, loosing Stephane the way we did, but it has helped me become a better person in many ways. Today, I would like to say THANK YOU to my brother Stephane, for teaching me how to embrace family and friends.
Posted by Christina Martin on 18th April 2017
Missing Stephane a whole lot more as time passes, and around his birthday (today). I thought it would get easier. It doesn't! Who knew?! I think and sing about us every night on stage.
Posted by Robert Marten on 26th July 2016
Sitting here,searching the ground Keep your eye on your prize Do you see me, see my pain Days spent with strangers Sunny days spent in rain. Ever hear a destitute song Lowly words with lively tone When the homeless don't come home One knows, where they've gone Ever tried of being alone Time to come home.
Posted by Alex Martin on 24th July 2016
Miss your goofy laugh bro... I know you're laughing it up somewhere though! :)
Posted by Robert Marten on 18th April 2016
A lonely sentence, walking these streets. A humbled life, as I plead for my needs. Shelter me Lord, Stay by my side. Pardon my past, and restore my pride.
Posted by Alana Webber on 18th April 2016
"I wanted to see him again, to say good bye the way I wanted. Then I realized that if I got my way I'd never say goodbye " -unknown Miss you with all by being. Happy Birthday. ❤
Posted by Robert Marten on 1st April 2015
You know you true to your character. -When you have had enough bad situations, that you can appreciate good ones. -When you make something out of nothing. -When you can give up possessions and live simply. -When you cherish everything you believe in. -When hesitation is not a factor. -When you share everything. -When your life is in your hands. -I'm not afraid. I'm an not afraid of anything, because the more I suffer, the more I love. Danger would only increase my love. It will sharpen it. It will give it spice. You will leave life even more beautifully than you entered it. Only one thing can make a soul complete and that thing is love. PERFECT -When her eyes reflect what you see. Stephane Martin
Posted by Michele Myers on 10th January 2015
Another year is upon us and we miss you as much as when you passed...We will continue to grieve you, but we are happy that you are now in a better place. God bless your family, friends and acquaintances. R.I.P.
Posted by Avi Shulman on 9th January 2015
Hey Steph You have been on my mind the last few days , I was thinking about your knocking on my door and when I would open the door you always had a smile on your face and something interesting to say , I do miss that for sure In life its the small things that people do for one another that really matters in the end , at least I think so , my feelings are that you Steph know this well , thanks for that Buddy talk soon Avi :)
Posted by Michele Myers on 26th July 2014
Stephane - You were a fantastic human being...You were kind and generous with a great heart...Your friends miss you dearly...R.I.P.
Posted by Robert Marten on 24th July 2014
Humble, Caring, Helping, Giving. Stephane , each of these and more.
Posted by Christina Martin on 25th June 2014
Read at Stephane's Party August 3, 2013. "Today as we celebrate the life of Stephane I want to remember him as the kind and pleasant guy he was. To me he was a great friend he was always there when I had a problem in my unit. Even if it was his day off he would take the time to come and do his best to fix it. Many times he would call me and say 'Mama make me some kool aid I'm coming down, I just need to talk.' We would just sit and talk about life and things that are going on in our lives, he would tell me when he had a date and ask me where he should take his date. So we had like a mother and son relationship. I will miss him dearly. I wish him love and peace. Gone but not forgotten." Deloris
Posted by Old Friend on 10th June 2014
It took me a long while to find anything about Steph online, and that broke my heart. I spent a few months crying for the loss. Alone in my grief because I don't like social media and try not to live in my past, so I had no one to share my hurt with. [I know I wasn't 'alone' alone, just physically alone in it, because I am no longer connected to our mutual friends from then.] For Steph, I tried hard to find anything about him just so I could see him once more, for him, making an exception to my silly rule was a must. I knew him through high school and university. I loved him very much because he made me feel very loved, he was just like that, he had a talent for making people feel beautiful. He saw things differently and interpreted that with his art. His patience in friendship and creating was beautiful. I felt comforted by him, just being around him. He was always welcoming to me, even though I was a dark moody person in my youth. I was so glad when he was dating Michelle (I don't know if she's alive anymore but if she is; I'm sorry if she reads this and feels sad). While he was with her I was able to be closer to him because well, because then things were just simpler. I wish I'd known things were so bad for him, I wish I could have done something to help. Because of him I'm going to make more effort in helping the homeless than I have in the past, at least, that's my hope. Last night I dreamt of being with him again and so I told a friend about it and they found this site for me. :) I didn't really ever get to know his siblings, I was quite selfish in those teen years, I'd like to thank them for creating this site, I feel it was a gift from God Himself. That 10 minute video was more than I ever hoped to find! To see his face, hear his voice, see the brightness of his smile again was almost too much to bear. I still hope more of his friends contribute to this site and add more photos and video. Greedy huh? I will pray for those who have felt his loss as I have, or deeper. I hope you find comfort in knowing his life and kindness left a life long impact on my heart and I'm sure, the hearts of many others. I truly hope he found Jesus and came to a saving faith in finding the peace of God before he died. I always wanted him to find peace and contentment, he had such brilliant potential. Did I say he ways loved? He was, by me and still is. I hope you don't mind my anonymity I thought it would be easier to share openly if I did it anonymously. :) I will probably visit again if I remember a cheerful story from our past. Right now all I can remember was a demented thing he'd do when he was bored and I think that might not go over well...though it's making me laugh pretty hard as I think on it. Beautiful genius, gone too soon. <3 ...anyone remember hide and seek in his huge front yard?
Posted by Brian Robichaud on 20th October 2013
Hi, I've been listing to God, Slayer, Striyper, etc. tonight and I'd like to leave a Tribue to Stephanie Martin (Yes the one who died in Toronto). I became friends with Stephanie when I briefly moved back to Saint John where I've from and I now live back in Montreal. Stephanie was more of a friend of some friends of mine
Posted by Brian Robichaud on 20th October 2013
Than he was of mine. He lived like a couple of apartment buildings over from me though and we became what I would call aquaintences. He eventually became a roommate briefly. I found Stephanie (comically enough if you where my friend) to be almost Too close of a person to be friends with... Most people find me to personal to be friends
Posted by Brian Robichaud on 20th October 2013
And Stephanie was like that... He also knew a lot about Spirituality and for that I always liked appreciated and Honor that he never spoke "down to me," on those subjects. In me he had found someone he could talk to. We spoke a bit but mostly just meditated when and/or while we walked around each other, and I was very happy to have had him as a friend, a roommate and someone who
Posted by Brian Robichaud on 20th October 2013
Found Happiness later in his life. (Long Live Narvana )
Posted by Sean Murray on 22nd August 2013
Sorry that many of us just heard of this now, Steph was a great friend and I am heartbroken to know he's gone. Miss you.
Posted by Frank Phippard on 13th August 2013
You will truely be missed. Thanks for your help and humour in dealing with 25 Leonard Ave.
Posted by Linda Mayberry on 11th August 2013
Cecile, Christina and Alexander... I am so sorry to hear that Stephane has passed. It has been a very, very long time (at least 24 years?) since I had seen him, when I worked for Robert, but I remember him quite vividly. Cool, artsy, and sweet, and so precious to your Dad. So unfair that he is gone so young. I'll say a prayer for your family in this life, and one for Stephane in the next
Posted by Emma Jane on 4th August 2013
I only met Stephane once fairly recently. Christina and Dale were playing a house concert which we both arrived at late so had to squeeze into the back row. I remember thinking how curious it was to feel so comfortable squished up against a total stranger. He seemed like such a sweet guy. We had intended to meet up again. Sending lots of love to Stephane's friends and family. RIP, fella.
Posted by Christina Martin on 3rd August 2013
Follow this link to watch Stephane's cats (Chelsea & Joey) cleaning each other:
Posted by Michele Myers on 3rd August 2013
Stephane, You were a lovely, generous and kind person. When I was sick, you showed me understanding, compassion and empathy. I was shocked to hear about your passing and my condolences go out to your family and friends. You will be missed by everyone at St.Clare's. R.I.P.
Posted by Barbette Lawrence on 2nd August 2013
Last week the world changed forever as we know it. Heartfelt condolences Christina to you and your family. Stephane was authentic, kind, and generous in spirit, and he will be missed by everyone he touched.
Posted by Patty Donovan on 30th July 2013
Ahhh dear heart the world will be darker without your light to guide us... I loved you as a young man here in New Brunswick and was very grateful to have known your unique soul.... I wish you rest and peace and joy... safe journeys in the beyond Stephane... I am grateful for how you made me laugh and those deep talks about philosophy and living... Love and hugs Auntie Patty xoxo
Posted by Susan Marten on 30th July 2013
We have many happy memories of our visits while you were growing up,visiting Mickey Mouse,shooting hoops and playing pong for hours.Kate and Derek loved to play with Uncle Stephane.We really enjoyed our latest visits,hearing about your work,your friends and how much you enjoyed helping others, you are an inspiration.You were a great person,you will be missed little brother. Robert & Susan
Posted by Derek MacFarlane on 30th July 2013
RoAd TrIpsShows...Drunk Hysterical Laughing...Connected...Reconnected... So Many Memories... Glad we had some time to talk over the past couple of years...crazy dark genius... Will you now reach for me? Dark endless eternity Take me away from this life Into a new beginning
Posted by Ken Barclay on 30th July 2013
Thanks Stephan; Always a resource for me and my work at 25 Leonard, our paths crossed often. While i grieve your loss, I am grateful that our paths did cross, and we got to share some good laughs, and good moments. Proud to work for Saint Clare's, and that you were there
Posted by Teeroy Robinson on 29th July 2013
Steph and I lived together several times and had some amazing times together, to this day I have yet to meet anyone who put oatmeal in their coffee. Buddy, you are brilliant. I'll never forget your laugh, it was infectious.
Posted by Bill Wood on 29th July 2013
I thought we were on our way to becoming great friends. Thank you so much for helping me get my bearings here at St. Clare's. Such a sweet person Stephane. You will be missed.
Posted by Avi Shulman on 29th July 2013
Stephane is a friend,he was always there for you, so many acts of kindness, Stephane is the solider in combat that would run back to help a wounded solider pick him up on to his back and run with him back to safety without hesitation,thats the kind of guy he was,miss you brother we will meet again...
Posted by Joshua Harris on 29th July 2013
Saddened to hear of Stephane's passing. My memories of Stephane, both in Saint John and in Toronto, are filled with good friends, good fun, laughter and love. Your insightfulness and sence of humor were always welcome and will truely be missed. Goodbye Old Friend, Peace.
Posted by Heather Scott on 29th July 2013
My sincere condolences, on Stephane's passing. I remember some good times during high school with him and Derek M. and Amber Y. at his house in Rothesay. We lost touch, after high school, but I enjoyed his friendship and he was in my thoughts. My thoughts are now with you, at this very difficult time.
Posted by Kelly Daley on 29th July 2013
This hit me hard ,I only found out last night . I am so sorry to his family and friends. I had been to see him a few months ago met his kitties had a interesting visit to say the least. Wish I could make it to his party to share stories when I moved out at 15 to Orange street he and Michelle where my 1st room mates ever they become my very close friends. I will miss him, he is loved.xox
Posted by Robb Donovan on 29th July 2013
My condolences to all Stephane's Family and Friends. Stephane and I were good friends way back in high school and would have these "Crazy-intense" [as he would say] discussions and chats, often. He had a sarcastic comedy and a laugh that filled a house. Sad news and loss. I'll always remember his laugh.
Posted by S Messer on 29th July 2013
I am so saddened and sorry to hear of Stephane's passing. He and I spent many bus rides to and from KV chatting and laughing about...everything! My heartfelt condolences to his friends and family, he was a witty, charming, interesting guy.
Posted by Charlene McLellan on 28th July 2013
I hung out with Stephane in highschool and thought he was a great guy. We lost touch for many years but in the past year we've reconnected on FB and he's helped me through some rough patches in my life. He will be greatly missed.
Posted by Melinda Fleming on 28th July 2013
Steph and I were close friends during my university years in Saint John, NB. I was shocked and so saddened to hear of his passing. My heart goes out to all of his family and friends. I remember his brilliant smile, his devious joking, his incredible art work, and most of all his friendship. It has been a few years since we chatted last, which makes my heart heavy. You will be missed Steph.
Posted by Sara Gunning on 28th July 2013
To Christina and Dale and family, We are so sorry to hear the sad news about Stephane. I went to high school with him, and remember him as a quirky, artistic, kind and gentle soul. I'm not sure how I never made the connection that he was your brother. Love to you all. We'll be thinking of you. xoxo Sara and Dave
Posted by Sophie Afriat on 28th July 2013
I keep trying to come up with the right words to express my sadness, but words just fail me -- which is weird because Stephane and I had only long-winded conversations and email exchanges. So I just want to send my deepest condolences to Christina and Stephane's whole family. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope it is a small comfort to know how much he will be being missed!
Posted by Rosemarie Martin on 28th July 2013
Stephane, my last vision of you is in the back seat of my car playing with your Uncle Jason, one year younger than you!! Two beautiful children having a great time together. You both were very, very young, maybe five or six years old. Your half sister from Montreal, RoseMarie Martin
Posted by Wade Raeburn on 28th July 2013
I only just heard about this absolutely devastating news today, and while I don't know how he died, I am deeply shocked and saddened. Stephane and I were room mates in Saint John, NB for quite some time and friends for longer. I can say that he was a generous, adventurous, thoughtful and fun person to be around. I'll really miss you Stephane.
Posted by Ally Sillers on 27th July 2013
My memory is from Rothesay, when you lived in the big house, there were turtles and much consternation by your mother as to their care!! Many giggles and fun with regards. He was a typical older brother at the time and you were happy children. I also remember him when I stayed with you in Grand Falls. Times were tougher then, but you were together .
Posted by Oona Padgham on 27th July 2013
I am still in shock that Stephane has passed, so my words and thoughts are not clear. However, I wanted to post something now to share with all the others who loved Stephane, even if these words are inadequate and half formed. Such a sweet, funny and kind person. Cheeky and smart, too. Oh boy, I am going to miss him.

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