Posted by Allysa Pannecouk on January 21, 2017
I couldn't of asked for a more special little cousin. I will always cherish our childhood memories. I hope that where ever you are, you are at peace. Think of you often. Love you Stephanie.
Posted by Desirae Tedhams on September 30, 2016
I didn't know today would be our last
Or that I'd have to say goodbye to you so fast
I'm so numb, I can't feel anymore
Prayin' you'd just walk back through that door
And tell me that I was only dreamin'
You're not really gone as long as I believe

There will be another angel
Around the throne tonight
Your love lives on inside of me,
And I will hold on tight
It's not my place to question,
Only God knows why
I'm just jealous of the angels
Around the throne tonight

You always made my troubles feel so small
And you were always there to catch me when I'd fall
In a world where heroes come and go
Well God just took the only one I know
So I'll hold you as close as I can
Longing for the day, when I see your face again
But until then

God must need another angel
Around the throne tonight
Your love lives on inside of me
And I will hold on tight
It's not my place to question
Only God knows why
I'm just jealous of the angels
Around the throne tonight

Singin' hallelujah
I'm just jealous of the angels
Around the throne
Posted by Desirae Tedhams on September 30, 2016
Stephanie, I can't believe it has already been two months. I wish you knew how many people were here for you to talk to, and how many people cared about you. I was scrolling through your Twitter page and came across a post you made the week before you left us, saying that "people should really tell each other how they feel because one day it might be too late". I wish that I would have seen that so much sooner than I did. I wish that I would have been there for you to have someone to talk to. We all miss you so much down here. I know you are looking over us. Love you so much Steph♥♥ Rest easy pretty girl -xoxo
Posted by Heather Hoogerhyde on September 1, 2016
I seriously can't believe it's been a month without you. I miss you so much baby girl. Visit my dreams tonight.
Posted by Jodi Vredeveld on August 5, 2016
     I still can't process this. My brain has been stuck ever since I found out. Your all I have thought about, dreamed about even. You and I haven't talked much or at all the past few years and I am really sorry about that. I know what kind of person I was when you came to visit California and it has killed me every day you never got a chance to see there is a better way out and it's not worth it, you never got to see how hard I fought to get out of the "party" life. You were so smart and had a bright future but sometimes our demons get the best of a person and I wish I could have been there to talk you out of it and talk to you like we use to. I miss you but it brings comfort you are no longer in pain and finally escaped your demons even if it means doing what you did. I forgive your actions of leaving so soon and leaving the wake of pain and chaos, you were always so happy and always smiling but sometimes that doesn't always mean someone is happy. I have realized how important family is and how far I have really pushed myself from everyone including you and I hope we can see each other again some day so I can truly apologize for pushing you away. Fly high and be free love. You will always be missed and in my heart. I love you Stephanie Marie Vredeveld.
Posted by Latrisha Matson on August 4, 2016

This poem helped me a lot during my time of mourning.

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there. I did not die.

I will be praying for you and your family to find comfort and strength.

Latrisha Matson
Posted by Autumn Rose on August 3, 2016
Ill always remember you as the cute little shit who lived across the canal. You would come to my old house on bealane and scream outside, "Are Brianna and Cailey home?!" and "Tell your sisters to come over" I didn't get to talk to you much as you grew older and I moved away, but I've always had love for you Steph. Seeing you with your friends last summer, that pretty smile never left your face. I know youre smiling down on all of us now, no longer hurting. I wish you wouldve had someone to confide in, but now youre home. Rest in Peace beautiful.
Posted by Lacey Dobson on August 2, 2016
Stephanie. You were always such a kind person. I remember when I was feeling down and out, you always were there to bring me back up. When we hung out you were so beautiful and full of life. I wish I would of known that things were as bad as there were. I would of told you more. Our last memory of you telling me how you wish there were more girls like me. Is one I'll forever cherish. Rest easy baby. You're no longer in pain.
Posted by Leah Hacker on August 2, 2016
Steph, I'm lost with the words to say. But first I'll start with I'm sorry that I wasn't here for you in your time of need. I'm sorry I got mad at you two days before and I should've listened to Britt so we could've spend your last days together. You we're always there, no matter what.. When ever I needed someone I could count on your advice no mater what the situation was, even the time of the day it you were there and as well as I was always for you, no matter the time day anything you use to tell me everything. Two weeks ago you mentioned something about you feel thing tthis way to me and I thought I talked you out of it and now I'm so upset I can't process this. You had such a beautiful soul, you were so beautiful inside and out, you were reckless always laughing and smiling or telling some crazy story or doing something crazy, you always were doing something. You were a crazy bitch lol. I watched you grow so much more than I ever expected, you did a 360 and job was so proud of watching you grow more. I constantly keep reading these post and the ones everyone including myself wrote you, keep looking at your pictures, replaying all our crazy ass times together. I'm so glad I have such good memories with you. You'll always be in my heart and I cannot wait to kick your butt when I see you again for leaving us all sooo soon! You impacted us all trendmendsley. Thanks for everything you've ever done for me and all the memories you made. I love you so much and already miss you so much. Visit me in my dreams forever, and watch over me. Fly high baby girl, rest in paradise. -Leah ❤️
Posted by Shane Watson on August 2, 2016
I still can't believe your gone we had some great memory's together an I will never forget them!! We all miss you so much words can't explain I'll see you some day untill then rest in peace an my prayers go out to your family
Posted by Ciera Gennette on August 2, 2016
Steph. What the hell! There's so much I wanna say to you. We had plans! We just seen each other. We just were sitting cris-cross applesauce on my bed blowing up condoms and popping them a week ago.. Laughing so fucking hard. I'll never forget your laugh lol. A month ago we drove to KOA @ 1am because you asked at midnight if we could go. Made the hour trip there, Then wanted to leave two hours later. And we took that hour drive home haha. You're the only reason I was so reckless. you are so outgoing and spontaneous! The memories I've made with you are the best I've ever had but now I can't help but think about the memories we could have made. I can't wait to see you again Steph! Rest easy baby
Posted by Rhianna Kaufman on August 2, 2016
I remember the first week of school my junior year. You were a senior. I walked into my third hour and you were sitting there so I walked up to you and sat by you and we talked all hour about how life was. You always put a smile on my face. No matter what. I wish I could've hung out with you like we planned. We always hung out before, and you always made everyone happy. Stephanie. You are so beautiful and I hope you rest easy baby girl. I know things just got to hard but you aren't hurting anymore. So be that beautiful angel baby girl. I'll see you soon enough
Posted by Jeremy Edgington on August 2, 2016
1 memory I will always have is sitting next to you in my Highstreets class and you always had a way to make everyone smile always picked on my Mr.Highstreet . You where always out going and always had a smile on your face . R.I.P you will be missed by many
Posted by Kathy Sammons on August 2, 2016
Rest in peace
Posted by Alyssa SimsCraig on August 2, 2016
Stephanie, we were never very close but when we would ever hang out it was always so fun. You were such a happy person and I truly enjoyed your company. I wish I could have spent more time with you. You will forever be in my heart.
Posted by Brittany Talley on August 2, 2016
Stephanie. You were my best friend since 6th grade your the only one who understood my crazyness. We have so many great memories. Meeting you was a good thing you made me see the good things in life. We fall out in 9th grade and never really talked sense not that we were fighting or anything we just went our different ways. I wish i got to see you one last time before you went. I wish i could of taken your pain away for you. You were a smart beautiful girl. You would go up and beyond for anyone and thats what made you, you to me! I love you baby girl fly high
Posted by Jaime Simpson on August 2, 2016
Jess your beautiful face will always be a reminder of a beautiful person. I hope feom above you help heal hearts and tell the family hi. RIH.
Posted by Allie Kowalski on August 2, 2016
I feel like this pain will never go away. I haven't lost anyone this close to me since I was young, and I would have never imagined losing my best friend. After 6 years of friendship all the ups and downs you were always there. One of the last times I saw you, you have me the biggest hug...and I'm glad I have that to hold on to. You are such a beautiful girl with an amazing spirit. I will love you always. The pain is over, rest in paradise my love.
Posted by Brittanee Smith on August 2, 2016
Just walking into my house reminds me of you, listening to the radio, and even just simply driving around town. I can't believe you're gone. You were just right next to me. I would have never guessed you weren't coming back. I'll never forget you & am so thankful I got to know such a beautiful caring girl. I'm truly honored to have spent your last days with you, just wish you would have talked to me. I love you baby girl.
Posted by Maddi Rae on August 2, 2016
Sweet, young, and beautiful Stephanie,
I will admit I didnt know you very well.
I wish I took the time to get to know you on a personal level. Theres one memory I have of you that makes my heart break into tiny little pieces. One day i was having a really bad day at school, You passed me in the hall and stopped just to turn to me and say "Smile, you're beautiful". Your smile alone and those kind words helped me cheer up that day.
You made my day so much brighter with 3 words and a smile. You truly are an angel. Im so sorry you were hurting, i wish i could've helped you in the way you helped me. You're a good soul, a kind heart, and a beautiful young woman. Rest in peace earth angel.
Posted by Jessica Brooks on August 2, 2016
I wish I could hear your little laugh one more time. Never would I imagine losing my best friend. We did so much together and that gets me through the days. It hasn't hit me that you're no longer here and I'm just waiting for you to send me a text or call me about something crazy. I will never forget you my beautiful baby. Rest easy Stephanie Marie
Posted by Kirtricia Byars on August 1, 2016
We will always remember the adorable little girl you were and beautiful woman you became. Forever in our hearts. You will be missed more than words can say. Love you always, David, Tricia and Gabe
Posted by Rachel Vredeveld on August 1, 2016
You were a beautiful young lady who is very loved and missed by everyone who knew you and I hope that you are no longer in pain and please let everyone else who we lost that we love and miss them also I will see you when I get there beautiful love and miss you gone to soon but never forgotten
Posted by andrew biland on August 1, 2016
I turned on an old phone of mine today, and the first thing that popped up was 24 messages from you a while back. Reading through them made Me sick to my stomach.I still can't process this. I wish we could of helped. I'm really glad we got reunited before this happened. You'll always be remembered and loved
Posted by Billy Tedhams on August 1, 2016
Stephiane wish i could tell you how much grandpa loves and wish you was here you broke alot of hearts including mine but you will always be in mine hopefully your grandpa ken will keep you safe till i get there love you steph see you soon
Posted by Billy Tedhams on August 1, 2016
Stephiane wish i could tell you how much grandpa loves and wish you was here you broke alot of hearts including mine but you will always be in mine hopefully your grandpa ken will keep you safe till i get there love you steph see you soon

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