Posted by Daniel Newman on September 3, 2018
Steve was my childhood best friend, we both grew up in Stockton on the same street on Alpine. We were both born in 1966. He was the most kindest friend I ever had. We lost touch through time I just found out about his passing. He was an old soul I’m saddened by his passing. His entire family always treated me like family and I really appreciated that.
Posted by Dave Dickerson on April 9, 2018
See you soon Brother, time is finally short! Get a stage ready!
Posted by Tom Seckler on March 10, 2018
Debbie and I are so sadden by Steve's passing. We have known him for many years. Although we did not see him much, our times together were always precious and filled with laughter. We especially enjoyed our time with him this past November, meeting with him just before we left Cambodia. He was his old self, upbeat, encouraging, and thankful. He was especially thankful to God and for others who assisted him during and after his accident. We will miss you, brother.
Tom and Debbie
Posted by Jason B on March 6, 2018
Saddened to hear of the passing of Steve, an old friend & colleague who through good and bad days for human rights in Cambodia consistently stood out for his compassion, enthusiasm and trust in humanity. "Never forget," he told me once, when I needed reassurance, "that every community has people willing and able to protect its children. We just need to identify them and become their allies." Many people in the world are better off for Steve having touched their lives – there's no greater legacy than that. Go in peace, Steve.

- Jason
Posted by Terri Almond on March 2, 2018
Stevie as Joseph and I always called him, was a man of God, and had a very big heart for people. I guess my fondest memory of Stevie is that he is the one that introduced me to Joseph and went on to be in our wedding. I loved singing on the worship team with Stevie playing the bass. What an awesome musician. I miss you my friend, but I know that Joseph was waiting at the gates for you when you walked into Heaven, and I know you are playing music together again. My heart is broken for our loss of you here on earth, but I rejoice that you are home with The Lord and walking the streets of gold. Love you my brother.
Posted by Paula Benjestorf on February 28, 2018
There are no words to describe my feeling of true loss for this dear friend. We have shared so much over a long period of time.....he was like a brother to my kids growing up --- and we walked through the most difficult of experiences in the past four years. I truly believed he would survive this ...... but no one can understand brain trauma and what it does in the long term. Steve - I know you are happy now -- I know you miss everyone here -- your heart was always filled with love overflowing for humanity and you used your life to demonstrate that to those who could not return the favor. You were selfless and a true humanitarian in the simplest form..... loved life and enjoyed a good time with those who loved you and you loved. Your memory will always be tattooed in my heart. Good-Bye my friend - until we meet on the other side of that big pond in the sky -
Posted by Lori Snyder on February 27, 2018
I would like to extend my condolences for this gentleman. I live in the same building as he did. Unfortunately, I did not see or speak to him. My husband and I were saddened by his tragic passing. As a westerner living in Cambodia it is difficult to accept the way that the death of an expat moves on so quickly. If I had not read on the expat forum about his death I would have never known about this tragedy. For his family I would like you to know that although I did not know Mr Gourley I prayed for him. His passing will not be forgotten. I will pray for peace for his friends and family. If this brings you any peace know that they was a blessing done on his behalf by the monks following his death to allow his spirit to be free.
Posted by Miwa Mk on February 26, 2018
Steve, you were there when I needed you.  Steve, we had fun and deep conversations together. Steve, we didn’t have to say much but we felt the difficult time together. Steve, I am really proud of you for what you have gone through including after the accident. Steve, I am really sorry I couldn’t be by your side when you were suffering so much. Steve, I really miss you, I wanted to talk to you more.  Steve, you will be remembered. And your deep love for family, friends, music, Cambodia and the world.

And I really don’t know why now but I don’t think I have never gotten around to tell you this in person but please know that I have always adored your music composition for the films, Freedom of Assembly in Cambodia ( and It’s Time ( You made the MJ music and the Save My Soul song so powerful and relevant! Steve, rest in peace and with love, joy and music. Miss you. xx, Miwa
Posted by Brian Maher on February 25, 2018
Perhaps my most memorable experience with Steve was when we were detained together with 6 others expats for 12 hours in the Immigration Police Station. He pulled us all together, took the lead in negotiating our release,, and maintained a great sense of humor during the whole time while caught cat-naps on the broken lawn chair, tried on various police uniforms, and rifled rough the boxes of files and I.D. cards in the interrogation room that were unattended.

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