Loyal Friend... Fun...Adventurous...Fearless...

R.I.P. Steve... We love you.
  • 53 years old
  • Born on August 24, 1959 .
  • Passed away on November 7, 2012 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of Steve Koenig. This is a collaborative effort by all...friends and family...thank you to everyone who is posting tributes, pictures and stories. Please keep them coming!. It is your contributions that make this a special place to visit and remember the good times with Steve... and boy were there some good times! Thanks for the memories... we will remember you forever Steve!

Posted by Pamela Palme on 24th August 2018
Feliz Cumpleanos Esteban I'm sure you are out on a boat somewhere reeling in the BIG one!!
Posted by Lisa Mulvania on 23rd November 2015
I am sorry to hear of Steve's passing . I always remember him with a smile on his face. Pam I'm so sorry for your loss. Lisa Nolte Mulvania '77
Posted by Mary Carson on 24th August 2015
You left us way too soon but the memories will always be there. I remember Steve always liked his birthday the same time Football started go Chargers.
Posted by Pamela Palme on 24th August 2014
Happy Birthday... What would be the big 55!
Posted by Pamela Palme on 30th May 2014
Wow...looking at the date & realizing it was 27 years ago today we did the "I do's" in Idyllwild... May 30, 1987 & R.I.P. Karl Koenig birthday May 29!! It was a double celebration that year. xo xo
Posted by Tom Oskam on 30th May 2014
Happy be to stever and happy anniversary to you Pam. I'm glad I spent time with Steve while he was in Tempe
Posted by Jeff Stranlund on 27th August 2013
We'll be thinking of you when we're down in baja in a couple of weeks Steve. Im sure we'll feel your spirit every minute of the day. Here's to you buddy.
Posted by Pamela Palme on 24th August 2013
Zue Bears--Thinking of you today on your birthday ..........with love.
Posted by Sami Juraifani on 17th December 2012
I have ALWAYS liked Steve he was a good man, honest, good personality, had a VERY nice and warm smile and a good guy to be around with. He was ALWAYS nice to me …. RIP my friend! Regards, Sami J.
Posted by Mary Carson on 15th December 2012
When someone you care for becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. There are wonderful memories shared by Family and Friends and they are treasures that will never be forgotten. Thank you Steven for the memories. You have always loved and embraced nature, from the mountains, to the sea, and the desert...sharing thoses times will always be wonderful memories and will be treasured.
Posted by Bill Masho on 11th December 2012
Steve was among my earliest friends in Santa Barbara. We worked together as mechanics at a local motorcycle shop and enjoyed many good times together. He had a real talent turning the wrenches, and he also rode like the wind. God speed Steve......
Posted by Murray Abrahamson on 9th December 2012
I have put a story about Steve in "sharing a story". Steve, quite literally, saved my life. I doubt I would have survived to age 20, had it not been for something Steve did. I am stunned at his loss. He will always be in my prayers. Murray Abrahamson DSS '77
Posted by Rick Ford on 9th December 2012
The good times were among the best ever ... abalone diving in Pt Loma, four day fishing trips in a 17 ft boat, and falling asleep at the wheel and going over the edge in the mountains above Palm Springs. I wouldn't have missed it for the world!
Posted by Larry Smith on 7th December 2012
Steve had no fear of danger. I soared with that bird, but could not keep up. His spontaneity was his wing that took him beyond my imagination. My limitations let him slip away. I have many memories of my time with Steve, some I will share in future postings,some are just for me.
Posted by Jeff Stranlund on 6th December 2012
I'll never forget the adventures we had, Mexico, traveling, fishing, diving. You name it, you were into it. You were the definition of FUN. Not to mention being the kind of person who would give the shirt off your back to help a friend. We'll miss you Steve.
Posted by Bob Kennedy on 6th December 2012
Steve was a generous and funloving guy who reached out to me and my family. I am greatful for his friendship and all the memories. I often wished we would get back together with his SLO friends, knock back a few, and tell some tall tales about fishing and Saudi. And boy do I have some stories, he was larger than life: like when we played darts with his blow gun and ...
Posted by Peter Ford on 5th December 2012
Koenig... hmmm... adrenaline in his veins, love in his heart, fun (always), and the will to never say "no" when there's a way to make it happen... miss you... wait for us, we'll see you soon... uh, you decide, desert scrambling, fishing, rock climbing, mountains, @#%$ (expletive deleted), or just... whatever... I'm in.
Posted by Ginny Fischer on 4th December 2012
I have such a fond memory when Pam and Steve spent Thanksgiving in Sedona with us….we were playing Trivial Pursuit and Steve guessed on a card 'as a lonely memory'…..somehow, that was a classic and has been reminisced many times. God Bless You Steve
Posted by Dane Singleton on 4th December 2012
May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face. And the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars. Really going to miss you Steve.
Posted by Pamela Palme on 30th November 2012
Zue-Bears... I will always have a soft spot in my heart for you & will remember the good times we shared...there were a LOT of them. Some may get posted down the road. xo

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