This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Steve Harrison. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Sarah Harrison on April 23, 2021
Your Wings were ready
But my heart was not

Miss you so much DAD xxx

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Posted by Sarah Harrison on April 23, 2021
Your Wings were ready
But my heart was not

Miss you so much DAD xxx
his Life

Chapter One

Stephen Michael Harrison Born 17/03/1952❤
St Partricks Day

Son of Mary & John Harrison
Brother of later born Catherine Wilson 

Grew up a very smart quiet young boy, fair hair gorgeous bright blue eyes
# (Little boy blue eyes)

Met High School sweetheart & Later in life wife
Denise Harrison 

Started at British Telecom and progressed to Technical Engineer known for his highest standards of the company in his department

Set up home with wife Denise and had their first baby Stacey Amanda Harrison
Later addition 2nd baby girl
Sarah Louise Harrison 

Had lots of Happy Family Birthdays, Christmas, Holdays and Day Trips ❤  lots of happy memories made.

Bought their first Caravan at Chapel St Leonards

At just 46 had a heart attack, which changed all our lives forever, the start of his poor health & discovery of his increasing serious illnesses He remained a Strong supporter & Family man regardless  

As his girls grew up he doted on his given Grandchildren 

Harry Dean Gostolo-Renshaw
Leo Michael Harrison
Lexie-ann Harrison 

They helped keep grumpy gramps (poorly gramps) on his toes and kept him smiling and fighting his serious illnesses (definitely kept him alive longer than anticipated) although we didn't know this till much later . 

He hid how seriously ill he was for year's. Know for snoozing so often, we didn't know why!!
Yet still he worked & then came home & took care of his family even after retiring at 58 due to poor health & sight decline. 

When his mobility declined he still stumbled around the house caring for his family, stubbornly declining outside help .

But sadly when it came to our precious NHS he an we were drastically failed and let down

He had reocurring sepsis they failed to successfully treat & ignorance an lack of mental health care

 No thorough investigations were carried out to find out where the main cause was coming from and no alternative mental health meds provided. Serious bang on his head & cut (stitches) on his back, he was in agony with. They failed to disclose the information on this!! A bad fall he had which resulted in taking his ability to stand ever again and died about 1 week later. Due to basic lung care instead of complex as he needed!! Low oxygen. Random drops. Even though multiple staff in his ward in sight they failed to see his mask come off & take his last breath while I was in the loo. 

Luckily he saved one last breath as I got to him & sat him up with help.

His blue eyes sparkled   so bright
a beaming smile ,
let out a raspberry lipped sigh & went off to his forever sleep

It broke my heart not being able to get mum there to be with him before his time stopped and still does

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My first Driving Lesson

Shared by Sarah Harrison on April 23, 2021
    1. My first and only ever driving lesson with dad lol

Ended up me swerving a speeding car clipping the curb and busting a tyre lol 

Poor dad