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Shandy & Bryce

October 9, 2011

We went to Shandy & Bryce's wedding yesterday. You would have been so proud of her & Laurie. They both looked amazing. It was a happy day but you were truely missed. Your boys walked her down the isle. They are so grown up, especially Jesse. You can very proud of all of them. Laurie has done an amazing job.

As always we love & miss you and hope that you have found the peace you deserve. Tell Mom I love her and miss her. Please be there to greet me when I get there.

Love always, Sandi 

Missing You

May 13, 2011

Four years have come and gone since i heard your voice for the very last time. What i would give to hear you say "I Love You" one more time. The ache i have in my heart since that day you left hurts just as bad now as it did then. I miss you so very much. I miss you the most when our three kids and grand kids are all together joking,laughing, and loving each other it warms my heart and at the same time my heart breaks because you are not here to share that with us. You would be so proud! The best gift you ever gave me, was our three beautiful,wonderful children. There is one thing that gives me comfort. Knowing you are home now with God and you haven't anymore pain. That i am thankful for. I will always Love You and always Miss You! Until we are together again.

Missing Him

April 26, 2011

Your Welcome Matt!! I have been doing alot of thinking myself. I was gone from here for over 10 years and I missed my family. It was 5 years on April 20 since Mom died and I just hope that Dad, Mom and Steve are together and happy. I know how much Steve loved all of us and he will always be in my thoughts and prayers. He will always have my love and I wish he could be here for just one more moment for Lori and his children. Love Sandi

Always there.

April 26, 2011

There was never a time that I can remember when I needed help that Steve wouldn't or couldn't be there for me or anyone for that matter. When I think back to how he was, the word that comes to my mind is unselfish. Some how he always could just be there for me. We did many many things to help each other in one manner or another. I only wish that he was here now. But no matter what he's in my heart and, especially since this tribute, he has been on my mind..Thank you Sandi. As time moves forward, and as our lives change, sometimes we don't take the time to remember our families past and present. I love and miss all of you.God Bless.

Helping me meet my Dad

April 18, 2011

Because of Steve, and only Steve he convinced me to go meet my real dad, who i hadnt met in the 16 years of my life. After him getting me a bit pumped up on some liquid courage, he took me into daimond dave resturaunt in the mall, and i got to meet my dad for the first time. It was so overwhelming i couldnt give all the details. but long story short, my dad would be nothing but a faceless person if it were not for steve's loving intervention to bring us together. Even in his death, i am forever in his debt.

Growing up

April 16, 2011

As we grew up it was not always smooth but I remember all our talks and the things you share with me about the love you had for your family.And the new life you wanted to have.  I know you loved us and we did have good times. You are with Mom & Dad now and I hope you will be waiting for me when I get there. I miss you, we miss you, Love, your sister Sandi

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