Posted by Dave Jones on February 28, 2019
I met Steve when I was 18 in the mid 80's. At first at a couple of party's then he helped Me get a job at Huesco paints. He was my foreman on site. The boss Darwin had let me know about his pace maker an for me to keep an eye on him. We worked together for awhile and our friendship grew in that time. I remember one morning in particular, he had picked Me up to go to work in his 1972 Chevy Nova rag top. we were on our way and all of a sudden he screams Oh yea 500 miles time to break the new engine in! He down shifts an floors it. The engine screams, the nova leaps and we were hitting 100+ and still gaining speed. heading towards a red light. I start freaking, but he doesn't let up, and the light turns green and he screams 120 buried hell ya. We rolled into work all excited, and enjoyed a hard day of work. That's the way I remember him. Full of life and exciting to be around. He was a good friend and a excellent mentor.
I often felt that, the ones around him needed the pacemaker not him.
In Friendship
                                                                   David A. Jones
Posted by Barb Jones on February 26, 2019
I remember once my car had broken down at the car wash, I was stuck in the bay. It was a very nice day and lots of people waiting to get their car washed. Who am i going to call, but Steve. He was there in about 25 minutes with a tow rope to tow me out; and of course some choice words. This is the kind of man he was, always put others needs before his own. I will forever miss his kindness and willingness to help. He has been there for me and my family countless times over the years. Always with a smile and some smart ass comment just to let you know that he really does care. Miss you my friend!

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