Shared by Joanna OShea on June 29, 2021
You were at every big event we have ever had... from our wedding to the birth of our kids...I will never forget when we got married... the pastor stuttered really bad... Tommy was able to look at my bridesmaids who were able to keep a straight face...I on the other hand had to look at YOU! I was doing everything in my power not to bust out laughing cuz of the faces u were making at me! U always knew how to make us laugh! To my kids u were uncle Steve... to us u were a brother and a best friend! We will miss u everyday but I promise u that in our hearts u will live forever! We love u our dear friend!
Shared by Jeff Gudorf on June 26, 2021
4 years old wen he came to my front step ready to go swimming in his new pool tht big Steve just installed in their BK yrd!! 
       He looks at me at the front door not holding a towel so like any 4 year old would say: "where's your fucking towel man!!!  Not knowing or seeing my momma right behind me till it was too late.... The words had been spoken!!! His .... My eyeballs bigger than dinner plates as we looked at one another and momma's jaw left on the front door step!!! Lmmfao!!!!! The very first of so many other memories I have with you Stevie!! You were my brother from a different mother for a lot of years growing up and the pleasure has been all mine too have known you bro!!!  Nothing but love and respect to you and the fam!! Love all of you!! 

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