Shared by eric peacock on December 23, 2011

by the way I am still missing my 9/16th end wrench.

Shared by David McGlone on April 17, 2011

I met your father in boot camp @ MCRD San Diego in September of 1980(platoon 1092).  He occupied the rack above mine.  Over the years I have remembered him often.  Him and those days we spent trying so hard to become the men that our children could be proud of.  I hope he always laughed as easily as the guy I remember.   I have no doubt that he faced every challenge with the same determination as he did when he was earning the right to wear that uniform.   I am ashamed that I allowed the thought of your dad to pass so many times through my mind without seeking him out.  You are older now than those young men I recall and I am happy to see his success in the pages of your tribute.  Your pride is obvious. 


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