Stu Righter

... one of God's most original creations.
  • 63 years old
  • Born on August 15, 1951 in United States.
  • Passed away on May 21, 2015 in Santa Rosa, California, United States.


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Posted by Theresa Cook on August 26, 2018
continuing what Meg said, I quote a sturdy-ism "what she said".
Posted by Margaret Henschel on August 26, 2018
I really miss Sturdy also. He was such an integral part of some of the best times and challenging times of my life and always made everything better with his humor and can do attitude (and you know there wasn't much he couldn't do!)When my Mom was dying in Florida he towed my car down there with his old van so I didn't have to drive alone. He had such boundless enthusiasm for so many things that you couldn't help but be swept up in what he was interested in. Laughter and song,intelligence and good humor are wrapped into all my memories of Sturdy,he is a friend who will always be with me. Thank you for holding this space where we can share our memories.
Posted by Grover Righter on August 19, 2018
I miss me brudda
Posted by Margaret Henschel on August 17, 2018
Still hard to conceive of a Sturdyless world as another August 15 rolls around.Forever present, though, in our hearts and memories of good times shared.
Posted by Art Gambini on August 16, 2018
Happy birthday my survey companion and guide. I still reflect on the memorable GPS day up in Cazadero: horizontal rain blowing us and our gear all over the place-making sure the cows did not trample the base station. we got er done and had that and many more adventures in the field and office to share. you are always in my memory my friend. Art
Posted by Ed Hazelwood on August 15, 2018
Happy birthday again Sturdy. You were in my brain again just a few days ago.
Posted by Theresa Cook on August 15, 2018
67 already and after 3 years of being gone, we all still refer to you, Stu. And I am so glad that you got to meet Tanya's children. Maybe your only "grandchildren". Devin, now 10 years old, has a wit reminiscent of yours and Tanya and I often gasp at what he says. T.C. (8) is the loyal sibling that reminds me of your steadfast loyalty and displays of love to the ones who matter in life. Thankx for being part of our lives. You are missed. Theresa Cook
Posted by Phil Danskin on August 15, 2018
Happy Birthday, Stu! The world was a better place because of you and your survey brethren miss ya - but will NEVER forget you. You did SO MUCH for our profession. For the young 'uns that never knew you: they missed knowing one kewl dude. Phil
Posted by Grover Righter on May 5, 2018
Today I told LinkedIn that Stuart passed away almost 3 years ago. They will remove his profile from LinkedIn. I have archived a copy here: .
Posted by Margaret Henschel on August 17, 2017
Sturdy I miss sharing our Leo birthdays together, always hoped we would be rockin' together in the hippy's old folks commune. Maybe we'll get together on the other side in the sweet by and by.
Posted by Walter Moody on August 15, 2017
HAPPY BIRTH DAY SUIT DAY STU!!! We miss you and hope you are visiting all the stars you knew so well here on Earth. I write this from your old spot here at RCA.
Posted by Ed Hazelwood on May 22, 2017
It's been two years since you went celestial on us. Which planet dis you most recently pass?
Posted by Ed Hazelwood on August 16, 2016
You're still younger than me Sturdy! About two weeks ago I was going thru old notes and letters I keep tucked away in my magic footlocker. Low and behold there was a letter from you that you wrote me when you were out cooking on that tugboat. I laughed my ass off at some of what you wrote. Can't repeat it here. As always my man! Love you!
Posted by Pete Jackson on August 15, 2016
Happy Birthday my dear old friend. Your guitar sits in my living room. Hardly a day passes without me strumming it and thinking of you. Remembering days past where we would play for hours. Your love for knowledge was an inspiration. Your passion for life too. I miss you.
Posted by Gary O'Connor on August 15, 2016
Happy birthday, bro! Say 'Hi!' to everybody I'd know up there, eh?
Posted by Cynthia Gillick on August 15, 2016
Happy birthday, Stu! Richard and I think of you often and really miss you, dear friend! Looking at the night sky, we imagine you surveying the constellations!
Posted by Art Gambini on June 1, 2016
I have the pleasure of reviewing Stu's field notes, sketches and office maps on a regular basis here at Ray Carlson's office where Stu graced us all with his unlimited energy and excitement about all surveying aspects, life and music. He will always remain close to my heart as I recall all the adventures we had working together in the field and office. Carry on Stu with that big survey in the heavens. Art Gambini
Posted by Jo Stuart(Josie) Pais on May 22, 2016
My dad, C. Frederick Grover, was Aunt Jo's brother. I have fond memories of when we all lived together in Alexandria, VA, when Uncle Hall was deployed to Japan. Stuart was such a sweet little boy who stole my heart, have always loved my cousin and always will. Jo Stuart Grover Pais(Josie)
Posted by Phil Danskin on May 21, 2016
Wow! Just THIS week, I thought . . . "Oh shit, Stu! You could help find the buried bones for my client." Your survey buddies miss you dearly, Stu. You have impacted all our lives and hopefully have instilled the appreciation for history that you had/have! Send us a "sign" from up there on our next research project in the form of direction: "No! Look there!" And show Jas Arnold the ropes up there! Phil Danskin - Sonoma
Posted by Margaret Henschel on May 21, 2016
One year since one of my favorite Leos stopped roaring and blessing us with his majestic presence. I had a dream about Sturdy the other nite,we were laughing and having fun as usual! I won't say rest in peace to you Stu,but enjoy your change of state with gusto!
Posted by Gary O'Connor on May 21, 2016
Weird.... I was at Carlson's today and thought of Stu. Miss his chats at our counter. That cat forgot more than I learned.....
Posted by Shannon Hughes on June 13, 2015
I am so very sorry to hear about Stuart. I didn't know him well but I love looking through his pictures and hearing about what a wonderful and unique person he was. My father (Grover) always spoke so highly of him and I know he will be missed terribly. Much peace and love to all those affected by his loss. ♡
Posted by Jim Doolittle on June 2, 2015
Sturdy... you were my longest standing friendship for over fifty years. Memories of shared events, camping, hiking, sharing, living together. Really glad for phone conversations, thought you were over the hump and on the rebound. Love you my dear friend.
Posted by Walter Moody on May 29, 2015
Stu lives on in all of us he cared to spend time with and yes he knew how to spend time. Sincere, zealous, talented, caring and intelligent. I worked many years with Stu at Ray's and we learned a great deal from each other through respect and humor. Coordinates, GPS, GIS, datums, conversions, hardware, software, methods, history, stars, field and office were some of the professional passions and pains we shared. My condolences to his family and my hope for those seeds he planted in all of us to grow.
Posted by Robert Curtis on May 28, 2015
I chose to "Light a Candle" because Stu was always in good spirits and our long discussions on surveying and related history were always enlightening and enjoyable. I have been enriched by knowing him. God Bless him.
Posted by Art Gambini on May 27, 2015
It has been a privilege and honor to work with Stu as a survey field crew partner, employer, and fellow committee member in CLSA since 1990. I will miss his excitement and dedication to the surveying community, his professional and personal friends, and his never ending quest to preserve the history of surveying records and past surveyors for all of us. Art Gambini
Posted by Theresa Cook on May 27, 2015
Too many emotions to write coherently even after these several days of contemplation. The world is less without Stu and his intelligent good humor. Tanya and I walk around in a daze; looking at photos, reading old letters, sharing stories of Stu from decades and mere months ago. More later as the ache subsides - if it ever does. TLC
Posted by Susan Ruschmeyer on May 27, 2015
Very saddened to hear of Stu's passing. I still wear the hand-tooled survey belt that he made for me when we worked together. A big man with a huge heart and intellect, and endless curiosity. RIP Stu
Posted by Phil Danskin on May 26, 2015
Damn! Bad, bad news! Not only is the surveying community going to miss him, but also the Historical Society. That dawg could hunt. And find he did. To all his friends and family - most sincere sympathies. Unfortunately, I can not attend, as this is "my weekend" to mother-sit. Please give hugs from Danskin!
Posted by Michael Ford on May 26, 2015
Stu, Farwell my friend. The Sonoma County land surveying community will miss you. I'm not able to attend the celebration but my thoughts and prayers are with you. Sonoma County CLSA won't be the same without you. Mike F.
Posted by Cynthia Gillick on May 26, 2015
Rest in peace, dear friend. We will miss having dinner and attending shows at WFC with you and Sharon. Cynthia and Richard

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