This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Susan Marie "Dolly" Colantoni.


Susan Marie “Dolly” Colantoni died peacefully on January 11, 2012, at her home at Magnolia Gardens in Toms River New Jersey.

At her request, no service will be held.

Susan was born on March 5th, 1927 to Italian immigrant parents Frank and Marie Criscuolo in New York City. Susan was happily married to Joseph Colantoni for 57 years and they raised two children together, Ann Koukos and Alfred Colantoni, until his death in 2003.

She lived most of her life in South Plainfield New Jersey. She and her husband also lived in Forked River, and Ocean, New Jersey, and after they retired they lived in Inverness and Celebration Florida. 

Susan was a working mother who owned and operated a fountain service store, worked on an assembly line, and was employed by the Asbury Park Press in the mailroom. She loved tennis, Jai-Alai, bowling, Christmas, and being with her family. Susan was a staunch Democrat.

She is survived by her children Ann and her husband George, Alfred and his wife Nicole, her grandchildren, Lisa, Laura, Joe, Terri, David and AJ, her great-grandchildren Falon, Ian, Cassie, Colin and Josephine and her siblings Albert and John Criscuolo.

Susan was preceded in death by her husband Joseph, her brothers Al, Steve and Anthony, her sister Nellie, niece Marie, and nephew Frank.

Susan lived a remarkably colorful life, book to come, and will be greatly missed.

The family wants to especially thank the staff, nurses, and aids at Magnolia Gardens and the Caring Hospice personnel for providing loving care for Susan during her final days. We also want to thank Mom’s loyal and caring aid Norma for making Mom’s life in Florida fun, safe and enjoyable.

Susan was interred alongside her husband Joe at William C. Doyle Veterans Cemetery on Friday, January 20, 2012.


Let the memory of Susan Marie "Dolly" be with us forever


Memorial donations may be made to Habitat for Humanity or the Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean County.  


Posted by Laura Koukos on January 11, 2016
Forever missed but never forgotten   Love Laurie.
Posted by Terri Stevens on January 11, 2016
I miss you.
Posted by Laura Koukos on December 28, 2015
Merry Christmas Gram and Grandpa.... Forever Missed but Never Forgotten... This year has been a rough year with dad passing for me. I hope that you have welcomed him and the three of you and are together.... Love and Miss you all...... Love Laurie......
Posted by Laura Koukos on December 8, 2015
This year has been rough.. Dad has passed away and I know that you and grandpa are taking him under your wings. Know that you all are in our hearts. A day doesn't go by that you aren;t on our minds and in our hearts. Love and miss you all.. Love Laurie.
Posted by Terri Stevens on November 11, 2015
Miss you today and everyday. Wish I could hear you say "Terri baby" one more time
Posted by Laura Koukos on April 2, 2015
Todays would have been grandpas birthday and you are their with him - wanted to know that we are all thinking of both of you on his day... happy birthday grandpa from all of us - miss and love you both.... Love Laurie..
Posted by Nicole Colantoni on March 5, 2015
Happy Birthday, Dolly. It's Colin's birthday, too, and he'll always remember that he shared it with you. I miss you.
Posted by A.J. Colantoni on March 5, 2015
Happy birthday grandma! We miss you and Grandpa everyday. Love A.J., Erin and Olivia.
Posted by Laura Koukos on March 5, 2015
Happy 88th Birthday... Boy today you would not be a happy camper.. It is snowing and we sure know how much you loved the snow.. ha ha ... Know that you and missed and loved.. Say hello to Pop... Happy Birthday Grandma sending you a hug and kiss.. Love Laurie.
Posted by Laura Koukos on January 12, 2015
Dear Grandma;;

Keeping you in my heart .... I cannot believe it has been three years already. It feels like yesterday.  You are missed and loved...
Posted by A.J. Colantoni on January 11, 2015
Grandma, we miss you dearly. It's an incredible coincidence as I was telling Olivia about you and Grandpa just last night. If that was a hint don't worry, your granddaughter will know all about her incredible Great Parents that taught me so much, and will learn the lessons you taught me about family. We love you Grandma.
Posted by Nicole Colantoni on January 11, 2015
It doesn't seem possible that three years have passed since you left us, Dolly. There is, and will always be, sadness in your absence, but there are so many memories that keep you close and make us smile. Just the other day, Al had me waiting for something to happen at the end of a TV show, just like you did with the "explosion" years ago, and which of course never did happen. He was so tickled with himself at my reaction, and all I could say was "Al, your mother would be so must have channeled her just now." I miss you, Dolly.
Posted by Nicole Colantoni on May 11, 2014
We are all thinking about you and missing you on this Mother's Day, Dolly.
Posted by Laura Koukos on April 2, 2014
Happy birthday grandpa.  You are missed. Don't worry be happy. As you would say. Love and miss you both. Laurie.
Posted by Laura Koukos on March 5, 2014
Happy birthday. Love Laurie.
Posted by Nicole Colantoni on March 5, 2014
I remember you with love, Dolly, today on your birthday, and always.
Posted by A.J. Colantoni on March 5, 2014
Happy Birthday Grandma, we miss you very much. Today is Colin's birthday as you know, and it couldn't be a better celebration of the legacy of love and family you and Grandpa created. With Love Always Grandma.
Posted by Nicole Colantoni on January 11, 2014
The world is not the same without you, Dolly, but I think of you so very often, remembering with a smile and sometimes with a tear, but always with love, things you said or did. I am a better person for having had you in my life and miss you always.
Posted by A.J. Colantoni on January 11, 2014
Miss you Grandma. Remembering you always.
Posted by Alfred Colantoni on May 12, 2013
Happy Mother's Day!!! - I miss you Mom......Love Al
Posted by Laura Koukos on March 6, 2013
Happy Birthday Gram.... I sent you a balloon and missed and loved...
Posted by Nicole Colantoni on March 5, 2013
Happy Birthday, Dolly. We all miss you so much.
Posted by Debbie Spisso Matthews on March 5, 2013
Aunt Dolly,
I can't call or send a card, but I know you hear my Happy Birthday wishes from Heaven. Love and miss you so much.
deb xxoo
Posted by A.J. Colantoni on March 5, 2013
Dear Grandma,
Happy Birthday. I love and miss you very much.  Enjoy today with Grandpa and know that all of us here are sending our love.
Posted by Alfred Colantoni on March 5, 2013
Happy Birthday Mom.....Love Alfred (only you, Dad and Ann ever called me by that name)
Posted by Nicole Colantoni on May 13, 2012
It's Mother's Day, Dolly, the first since you've been gone, and I miss you more than I could have thought possible. You were many things in your life, but everyone who knew you, knew that "mother" was the title you held most dear. I learned from you so much about the kind of mother I have tried to be, and a more loving mother-in-law is hard to imagine. Happy Mother's Day, Dolly.
Posted by Laura miceli on March 5, 2012
Dear Gram;

Happy Birthday...while you are missed dearly here I know that you and Pop are united again and enjoying your second journey together. I am not sure what could be better that what you already enjoyed, experienced, gave nor received. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Love You and Miss You. Laurie
Posted by Donna Clark on March 5, 2012
Dear Dolly,
Happy Birthday to you! I certainly miss you but know that you are happy with Joe by your side. I will always remember you.
Lots of love,
Posted by Terri Stevens on March 5, 2012
Happy 1st Birthday in heaven my beautiful and dearly miss grandmother. I think today will be a wonderful day for you to ne celebrating it with you best friend, partner, and true love ... my wonderful and also dearly missed grandfather. I thank god I had u in my life and this will be a very special day for me to remembet u always. Colin has the honor to share this day with you. I love you
Posted by Debbie Spisso Matthews on March 5, 2012
Wishing my Dear Aunt Dolly a Happy Birthday. I miss not hearing your voice when I call. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you. May have been late with the card from time to time but you never were or will be forgotten. Happy Birthday.Love you bunches. deb xxxooo
Posted by Norma Collado on January 23, 2012
Dear Susan,
Susan we will miss you and we will always remember you as a special friend. I will never forget the moments that we spent together.
With lots of love,
Norma and family
Posted by Dina Arce on January 19, 2012
I only met Dolly once but that was enough to leave a lasting impression...from then on I would refer to her as Estelle Getty!
She must have been a wonderful lady to have produced such a lovely family that we have the priviledge of being neighbors. May God give all of you His peace during this time.
Posted by Victor Kurilew on January 17, 2012
Dear Dolly,
 Only you would understand what you have meant to me in my life. Your love and wisdom that you have shared with me for over 50 years, will stay with me forever. I will miss you along with Joe 'C' always,but I'm glad your with him again. Say hello to him for me and rest in peace. Love Victor
Posted by j magee on January 15, 2012
Dolly-thank you for all the love you gave me. You loved me like one of your own & I am forever grateful. I smile at ALL the memories, but my favorite are w/ you & Joe at Disney. Your love for eachother & childlike joy in life always awed Terri & I- this love is your greatest legacy. I see it in Ter & all that have followed. We're all blessed. Enjoy that 1st dance w/ Joe, may it never end.
Posted by Susan Williams on January 14, 2012
Dolly, I did not know you but your daughter Ann always has such wonderful stories of your spirit and zest for life. I know that your family is better for knowing you and from being loved by you. May they all be comforted by these wonderful stories and remembrances. Rest in piece Dolly.
Posted by Walter Kurilew on January 14, 2012
"Dear Dolly
Thank you for the great times,Some of the best I ever had were at your house. you and your husband have always been like a aunt and uncle to me.Rest In Peace.
Posted by Laurie Kurilew on January 14, 2012
Dear Dolly, Thank You from the bottom of my heart for all the love, wisdom, and guidance that you have given to me over the many years that we had together. I am so happy that you are together with Joe again and you will both be in my heart forever. God bless you and rest in peace. Love you..XOXO
Posted by Ann Koukos on January 12, 2012
Dear Mom:
I will most miss our "you can't make this up" sessions that made you laugh. I know that moving back to NJ was difficult but once you were here you enjoyed being with your family and new friends. It was wonderful being able to see you often and know you were safe and nearby. Thank you for a wonderful childhood. Love you always, Ann
Posted by Kristen DeLucca on January 12, 2012
Aunt Dolly,
There is no one in the world like you!! You are truely the most kind, loving and admirable person and Im so thankful to have had you in my life. You and Uncle Joe meant so much to my parents, Shelley, Victor and I, and we will forever be greatful for all the memories we have of you both. Forever in our hearts!! Love you
Posted by Ann Koukos on January 12, 2012
Dear Grandam Colantoni- I realize only now what a wonderful,joyful and whole-hearted person you were.Since I have known you have been the best grandma a young boy could have.Moving you to NJ was the best idea we had because you were closer to the family than ever.You always had a smile on your face and a flame in your heart.You were loved your whole life and will be loved forever. Love Ian
Posted by Margaret Celentano on January 12, 2012
" Dear Dolly,
I just want to tell you that you will be miss,Do i remember all the good time we had at your and joe house .You and Joe are GREAT !!!!!!!! If you had to talk to anyone it was DOLLY ! LU Dolly you will be miss !!!!!!!! oxoxoxoxox Rest in peace !!!!!!!oxoxoxoxox
Posted by Shelley Kurilew King on January 12, 2012
Dear Aunt Dolly - You were like another Grandmother to me and I will treasure you always. I will hold close to my heart all of the wonderful memories you and Uncle Joe gave me - Christmas mornings (the 2nd Christmas upstairs!), New Years Eve, our trips to visit you both in Florida, and so many more. Rest in Peace now and give Uncle Joe Hugs & Kisses from me. Love you Always XOXO
Posted by Laura miceli on January 12, 2012
Dear Grandma,
I will always remember our times together. Know that I loved you and will miss you terribly.. I am glad that we spent the last few years laughing and enjoying one another for that I am thankful. Rest in peace. Love Laurie...
Posted by Debbie Spisso Matthews on January 11, 2012
Aunt Dolly,
I was so fortunate to have two sets of parents, my own and you and Uncle Joey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love.  The "Sept 20 Club" is together again and I know you all will continue to watch over us from above. Love you bunches, deb xxxooo
Posted by Susan J Kellman on January 11, 2012
Aunt Dolly, my dear Godmother,  You were always like a Mother to me, and one of the greatest blessings in my life. Your love will live with me forever. I love you, Susan.
Posted by Ann Koukos on January 11, 2012
Dear Dolly
I will always cherish the wonderful times we shared together. You were a remarkable woman who touched so many lives. You had a beautiful soul and the heart of a lion. I will never forget you and I will always be proud to call you my mother-in-law. God Bless You. Rest in Peace.
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Posted by Laura Koukos on January 11, 2021
Not a day goes by without remembering you nine years seems like yesterday. Forever in my heart both of you with love Laurie.  I will see you this weekend like always
Posted by Nicole Colantoni on January 11, 2021
Remembering you with love, Dolly❤️
Posted by Terri Stevens on January 11, 2021
Thinking of you today. I miss you so much. Hug Grandpa for me❤️
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Shared by Ann Koukos on July 19, 2020
Today is nothing special.  It is a Sunday morning, a beautiful summers day and my thoughts went to George, you and Dad.

The world is going through some real challenges now and I believe you would have been quite outspoken about your opinion of them.  It would be fun and enlightening to have a discussion with both you and dad on the issues at hand.  Of course, I would have no expectation of winning the discussion/argument, but regardless, the banter would be delightful.

It is a beautiful summer day and with a little creativity we can enjoy the local beaches.  

Just wanted to say I love you both, the next generation is missing two very special people, but we will do what we can to fill in the gap.
Love, Ann

Con te partiro Dad

Shared by Ann Koukos on April 16, 2020
Sadly, its been many years since it "was time to say good-bye." 

The time we spent together before our final good-bye was short, the years that we were distant were much longer.  You and mom happily filled those years with close family, extended family and friends creating lifetime memories.  

I miss you, the man I knew, the man who warmed his hands over an outside fire at Christmas, the man who loved to take his daughter to the Elks dancing, the funny guy who could swim laps in the pool with such ease and grace.  I miss the man that taught me to ice skate and would shake his head in disbelief when I didn't change the oil in the car.  I remember that man with love and gratitude everyday and am proud to be his daughter.


St. Joseph's Day

Shared by Ann Koukos on March 20, 2020
Watching the news this morning with all the reporting on the newest human challenge, the Covid19 virus. New Jersey news casters giving updates and warnings, but before the anchor handed over the spotlight he said something that seemed out of context.  He looked at the women next to him and said "your Italian aren't you"?  I thought, where is this going with this?Italy is sure having its problems handling this virus, but why would he want to divert from the conversation at hand?  To my surprise he said, "Happy St. Joseph's Day, to you and all Italians."    Wow, I thought that recognition of this Italian day of celebration was long gone.
I couldn't help but think about the changes over the years and a  family tradition that  became less and less important. 
Mom, you never forgot, you would always be sure to say "Happy St. Joseph's Day" to Dad. When I was young Dad would get phone calls from family members wishing him "Happy St. Joseph's Day. ' And of course there was the yearly trip to the local or NY bakery to get the special St. Joseph Day's pastry.  So,  let me say, "Happy St. Joseph's Day" to my father and my son.  For the time being I will remember this day for you.
Love, Ann