Posted by Olufunke Akin-Williams on June 18, 2021
"When someone leaves behind footprints in the sand of time, they are leaving imprints of themselves or their actions in history. These imprints or footprints  last for generations. They become memories, footprints, which may never disappear or take centuries to disappear".
This is the legacy that Uncle Taiwo left behind. 
Uncle Taiwo was beautiful inside out, very humorous, there is no dull moment with him. He was selfless, always ready to help people who come to him. He served God diligently until he died. May his Soul Rest In Peace. The Almighty God will bless and comfort his wife, Sharon, all the children and the entire Kehinde family. Good night, Uncle Taiwo till we meet on the resurrection day.
Posted by Oluwakemi Olapeka-Ogunmek... on June 18, 2021
My favorite Uncle as I fondly call him was very humorous and there was never a dull moment with him. He loves to talk and he always has stories of various events to share every time.
He was a kind hearted man who loved genuinely. He was a peacemaker and an impeccable Olori ebi who brought unity to Kehinde Family.
He was a simple man who cherished having a good name rather than storing up wealth.
He was dogged in his service to God and he served God in every way he possibly could.
He was very disciplined, focused, goal oriented and he was an achiever.

You lived well Uncle and you left lasting impressions in the heart of everyone that you came across.

Even though we she'd tears, we know you ran your race and finished your cause.

We take solace in the assurance that we will see you at the feet of Jesus on resurrection morning.

Thank you Aunty Sharon for taking good care of my favourite Uncle till he left to be with his maker. May the Lord comfort and strengthen you this season.

Sleep on my favourite Uncle, till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Toba Shoyombo on June 15, 2021
*** On behalf: Mr. Bola Adeyemo ***


The beauty of Owuland is slain in Syracuse, New York. How are the mighty fallen!!! Tell it not at Totoro, publish it not at Ifo. Announce it not at MOLEYE, nor at Yaba Baptist Church lest the lazy and the indolent rejoice.

My relationship with Bros TK lasted for almost 60 years before his unannounced departure to the glorious beyond. Less than a week before his transition, as a weekly routine since my arrival in the USA for my health surgeon, TK and I were on the phone for over one hour during which he demonstrated his sharp memory, wit and intellect. He recollected many events that I, of much younger age, can hardly recollect. This included an event in London in 1963 when he was taking his newly married soulmate, Sharon, to Nigeria for the first time and stopped briefly in London where he was given a reception.
He brought my attention to how for a sizable period of time before his timely location to the USA.

I was mostly his running mate in Yaba Baptist Church. When he left an office, he would bring me in to take over. His role in bringing about the construction of the current massive church building at Yaba Baptist Church is monumental. Starting from his advocacy for a pipe organ installation, which he thought would provide additional sitting accommodation for worshipers. This finally gave rise to the building of a new church auditorium. He started as the secretary to the building committee. When he was leaving Nigeria, he conscripted me into his extraordinary big shoes where I served for 10 years.

In the year 1976, when I was the church financial secretary, we needed a certificate of incorporation. I approached him. Within a few days he brought the necessary official forms for completion and return. What usually took up to or over one year was obtained within six months, principally for his intervention as a top civil servant.

Christian Fellowship Society of Yaba Baptist Church, Bros TK's brain child, was formed in 1967 with a few other people who shared his vision. He was the president for nine continuous years and subsequently became its first president EMERITUS. Following his ineraseable footsteps, l much later on had the fortune of serving as president.

Bros TK was not only iconic but also Titanic in the evolution of Yaba Baptist Church and on his death he will not be forgotten. Sharon is a God-sent life partner the way the relationship impacted positively the family relations and friends. May the good Lord sustain and uphold her to live long in grace and in peace with her creator and with others around her in Jesus mighty name. Amen. Good night Bros TK till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Toba Shoyombo on June 15, 2021
*** On behalf: Mr. Remi Alo ***

Having weaned ourselves from the grief of losing a FOUNDATION MEMBER and 1ST and longest serving PRESIDENT of the CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP OF YABA BAPTIST CHURCH, BRO TAIWO KEHINDE, a respectable, well-cultured man of integrity, we cannot but celebrate this rare gift of God not only to the illustrious family of CHIEF SOLOMON POPOOLA KEHINDE but also to our Society and to the Yaba Baptist Church he co-founded.

“There is something called the fullness of time in the life of every believer.
When the time comes, no force or power can stop the will of God from manifesting”
Over the years of fellowshipping together, Bro TK(as he was fondly called) emerged as a disciplined, frank, truthful, honest and trusted leader.
During Meetings, Bro TK had a penchant for being very blunt and at times forceful in his views but he always defended the right of all to be heard.
A unique Nigerian and a true “Omoluwabi” of undying principles, Bro TK was a spontaneous and generous giver to the Fellowship until he was physically challenged and had to leave Nigeria for medical attention in the US with his caring darling wife.
In the adulterated quote of the Scottish Author, Robert Louis Stevenson, our worthy Bro was a “success who lived well, laughed often and loved much; who has gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of children; who has filled his niche and accomplished his task; who looked for the best in others and gave the best he had.”
Whilst we are permitted to celebrate the glorious life he lived and the green memories he left behind, we must, as Christians, remember that he has only gone ahead of us!
“Those we love don’t go away; they walk beside us everyday unseen, unheard but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear.”
To our Emeritus President’s Darling Wife, SHARON, Children and Others he has left behind, we commend the following evergreen words of Edgar A Guest-
“Miss me but let me go; For this is a journey that we must take;
And each must go alone; It’s all a part of the Master’s plan, a step on the road to eternal home”

Posted by DapoRonke Lawoyin on June 11, 2021
The gem of a friend passes.....
I met "TK" 73 years ago. He was very warm hearted, had the incredible ability to create humor in any company. There was no dull moment with TK around. He was more than a single man-a harmonious human multitude.
We will miss you but we'll meet again when the trumpet sounds.
Posted by Faith Osindele on June 10, 2021
We never met but made great connection through our long phone conversations and stories we shared whenever we talk. It felt like we’ve known each other forever.
I’ve always admired your dedication to God’s service till the end. I will really miss you.
Rest In Peace Grand Uncle TK , till we meet again.
Posted by Elizabeth Osindele on June 10, 2021
Brother mi, am short of words. I take solace in the fact that you ran your race and you got to the finished line and a medal was accorded to you by your maker. One thing I know is that you finished well. You showed by the life you lived that you were not bothered by the things of this world because you were a stranger in this such you were laying up your treasures in heaven. We thank God for the simplicity of the life you lived and we appreciate God for the lives of people you touched. We miss you Brother mi. Thank you very much for all you did for us. We will forever be grateful to God for giving us a brother like you in the family. Sleep on! Sleep on!! Sleep on!!! We shall meet at the feet of Jesus.....O digba....O digbose ooo.
Posted by Jokotola Oladapo on June 10, 2021
Brother mi kekere, it is with heavy hearts that we received the news of your demise. You were good inside out, caring and loving, having impact on the lives of those that crossed your way. You were a man of great integrity. Your sense of humor cannot be quantified. We are missing you already. I pray we all follow the legacy you left behind. A great leader you were. Your memory will always be in our hearts.
Sleep on beloved, till me meet to part no more.
May the Almighty God console the whole family especially Aunty Sharon, Ayodele, Ayodeji and Kemi and the grand children.
Rest in perfect peace Brother mi Kekere.
Posted by Olajumoke Ewedemi on June 8, 2021
Taiwo Kehinde a.k.a Bros. mi.
The one and only TK was my big brother who made sure that I got a good education which has provided for my livelihood all my life. TK was intelligent and humorous. There was not a dull moment with him. TK told us many stories of his childhood days that will make you laugh untill your stomach aches. His education under the Baptist Convention missionaries was an eye opener into the activities of Christianity in the early days. TK'S memory was so sharp to the end. Because his cell telephone was not operating very well in his Syracuse apartment, he memorized every one's telephone number! TK was a devoted husband and father to the end. Our family has lost a pricless gem that cannot be replaced. May your gentle soul rest in peace. 
Posted by Akin Obembe on June 8, 2021
Uncle TTTTTT!! …. a special gem, an uncle in a million, has gone home to be with the Lord!
We can never forget uncle TK’s distinctive personality and fine character. Lively personality till his death, someone you would rarely have a dull moment with, no matter the age difference. Someone you were guarranteed would always trigger sessions of laughter as he would often share old family stories and sometimes some of his good old friends who I was previledged to have met during my Uni/law school days.
Someone you can count would give you sound, firm, brisk tailored advice, should you ask him and same time cautiously non-intrusive in anyone’s home issues.
He was kind, loving, hospitable and and would always indulge those of us who spent some time at Maroko Close, Ikoyi home those days.
During my Law School days, uncle T would happily joke with his friends on how some of my colleagues would walk up or stand by his then prestigious car when he went shopping at Falomo shopping centre and accost him saying - this is Akin’s car! Where is he..? Such was his munificence! No material possession was too precious to him to share with his little nephews/nieces and siblings. He was a magnanimous and contented man.
Just as if he knew his days was being numbered, he led and brought the SPK descendants together, in unity (courtesy of zoom meetings) to reach a consensus on the family estate issues. He was a leader that respected everyone’s opinion in the family, treated everyone equally and showed no special favouritism.
Aunty Sharon, thank you for the care you gave him that made him live up to that ripe old age. We love you. God will support and care for you for the rest of your life.
Whilst we miss him and morn his departure, we must thank God uncle T fulfilled his days positively on earth. He dully served God and mankind.
Let’s CELEBRATE his life!
Posted by Afolabi Shoyombo on June 7, 2021
Uncle TK, our UNCLE TK,
Rest well sir. It was an honour and pleasure knowing you and to be accomodated as a family member. My wife(Deola) will miss your weekly call to check on her and our family.
Sleep well uncle

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