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She gave me hope.

April 14, 2022
I met Tamika while we were both in the hospital. She taught me about an LVAD. I was so scared. She came in with that smile of hers and talked to me about living with an LVAD. She gave me hope. She was so strong. Even In that first meeting I knew she was someone very special. A few days later she asked her pastor to come pray for me. 
Tamika was so vibrant and full of life. You couldn’t help but be drawn to Tamika.
The day I got my call for transplant I walk into the lobby at OSU and there was Tamika. I can’t explain it but I knew walking in and seeing her there everything would be okay. We had many talks during our hospital stays. She was the queen of the Ross heart hospital. Everyone knew her. She was able to move around the hospital more than I was, she came to see me after my transplant in the ICU. She was my first visitor. Her room was on the sixth floor. I was on the fourth. Her nurses knew if they didn’t find her in her room they could probably go to my room and find her there. Tamika made sure that the room beside hers on the sixth floor would stay open until I got moved back from the ICU. She would come over and make sure I would get out of bed and walk. It was difficult to walk and I didn’t like doing it. But You didn’t tell Tamika no. 

I am sure God placed Tamika in my life. She talked me through some of my toughest times in the hospital. She showed me what Grace and Faith are.She was an amazing person. She will forever be remembered by me and David along with everyone Tamika has ever touched.

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