Posted by Fizza Batool on July 16, 2018
another year passed... another 15 july.. . life is incomplete as I can't share it with you. no matter how much I try to make things better ... the puzzle just cant be solved without you. be with me.. i know you are nearby.. make it all easy maa. be my guide like you have always been. please come in my dream, i really need you. May you have all the best things in heaven. May we meet soon.
forever your loving daughter.
i love you.
Posted by Fizza Batool on July 15, 2016
You are the light in darkness for me.. 5 years! Every single day and night. . Every single moment, I missed you. Things are changing maa. . I'm scard. I need you. How can I keep going on without you. Love hugs kisses for you. Can't wait to meet you in heaven. Stay with me and guide me in my loneliness maa. Your ladli k saray nakhray katam ho gaye.. har arman marr gaya when you left me. I love you. You know me. No one knows maa. Mujhay aur jeena hai app k sath... kassh
Posted by Fizza Batool on July 15, 2015
Four hardest years of my life... Without you
Posted by Fizza Batool on July 15, 2015
You are always with me. I know you are. You know my weakness and my worries and I know you'll guide me through all this. Sending you lots of love kisses and hugs always. I love you and miss you so much. July became even more bitter now that khala passed away
Posted by Fizza Batool on July 15, 2014
3rd year with out you... I can't believe for a second that you are gone. Its getting harder every wound is getting deeper and deeper as time passes... I wish you can come back to me or just have me there with you. I miss you more than words can describe. A daughter with out a mother is a broken woman.. I'm broken without you.
Rest in eternal peace ammi.
Posted by Fizza Batool on May 12, 2013
Love you as my mother.
Respect you as a woman.
I trust you as a friend.
Happy Mother's Day
Posted by Fizza Batool on April 29, 2013
Your birthday was so hard for me... i couldnt believe that its already your 2nd birthday in heaven... I wish you were here.. I wish just once u and asghi get to cut that cake together..
Posted by fizza shah on July 15, 2012
This has been the longest year of my life. Mom, can you hear my cry for you, can you feel the need I hold, my desperate need to talk to you.
I miss you ami and i want you and i love you.

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