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Shared by Deborah White on June 24, 2019

Missing you Teo, I always remember your smile I can see you know as I write this.I pray you at peaceĀ 

.love you

i will always miss him.

Shared by Jerry Johnson on September 19, 2010

Hi i am his youngest niece and i really miss my uncle he was the best uncle in the whole world.He was always loved and he was exspecially loved by me .I will always love him and i will always miss him.

Teo, so funny but also very serious!

Shared by Keona X on September 19, 2010

Missing him...he was a good person! I keep thinking of the time he cursed me out for disrespecting my dad. Then I remember when he teased me saying that my car smells like "old white people"....LOL he just had me rolling! And he ranked my brother saying that he is as "black as 11:59 at night" HAHAHAHAHA that was Teo, so funny but serious at times. He will never be forgotten. EVER!

From the Wright family!

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