This tribute was added by Chasity Wheeler on February 9, 2020
Doesn’t seem like it’s been a year, I miss you more than you’ll ever know. Seems like this family grown a little closer the past two months and I’m so proud of all of us! I love you forever and miss you always.
This tribute was added by Brandi Grant on February 7, 2020
Your candle will never go out I love and miss you so much Mama and I'll see you soon Forever and always my number one
This tribute was added by Brandi Grant on February 7, 2020
Today makes a year that God called you home I did not want to wake I just want to sleep the pain away it hurts more today than the day you left us. There is so much I want to tell you it's so much your missing it's so much more here on Earth that you should be here for. Mama you were all I had and now that your gone I now for fact o don't have no one like you I'm fighting this sorry ass world alone and it hurts more and more I know I'm not to questions God's work but I'll never understand why he took you so soon and my heart still hurts I'm still so mad everyone says that it will get easier but it's not it gets harder I've prayed and prayed that today would be my day to be with you again bc I can't do this anymore I'm not as strong as everyone thanks all I want is you I cry everynight and every morning begging God to let me talk to you. I know you would say the girls and the babies need me but I need you the same way they need me. Daddy is fine now so I don't have to worry about if he is ok RJ is going through hell with that witch but it's nothing I can do it's out of my hands bc my hands would hurt her if I didn't let it go. The boys are doing good I know they miss you too. But not having you be myside is no reason for me to keep fighting the outside world I don't want to get up I don't want to move I just want to sleep until we are together again. I'll going to see you in a while I'm going to one of your favorite places if I make it there I'm so sorry if I've failed you but mama it's so damn hard without you and I hope you understand I've done my best by my kids by my grandbabies and by my family now it's time for me to rest I'm tired and no where as strong as I used to be. I love and miss you with every breath I take forever and always my number one I'll see you soon.
This tribute was added by Ronald Grant on February 7, 2020
Boog,Today makes a year since you left me.I really miss you. I haven’t posted anything here because you know how I feel and it’s nobody’s business!! I know ur happy with Buck and Ma! I love you and always have,you know that! Rest easy baby and keep an eye on us here!! I Love You and miss you every day.❤️Boog
This tribute was added by Chasity Wheeler on June 13, 2019
Missing you comes in waves and today I’m drowning.
This tribute was added by Paul Johnson on April 27, 2019
I have very fond memories of Terry from school and from when her and Ronnie were first married. She always had a smile and a laugh. I think I was one of the first people to know they had just started dating. I came over to Ronnie`s house and he put a stereo system in my car for me. Ronnie told me they were dating. My thoughts and prayers are with Ronnie and his family.
This tribute was added by Deborah Weed on April 27, 2019
I love Terry like a sister.
I sure do miss her.But I know
She is a wonderful person.
I remmber when we live on
Hamilton Street be side each
Other we alway had the best
time togther.
She alway made me laugh .
Rest in peace my angel
I will see you on the other side.
This tribute was added by Candy Kennedy on April 18, 2019
Terry, I still can't believe you're not here to tease and laugh with, This is so hard to write about you, It makes it too final and still heartbreaking. I'll never forget you or all the good times we had from childhood to our last days at Jackpot together. You were the one constant in my life no matter how many years, months or days we'd go without seeing each other soon as I came to visit RR & family you were always part of that. I'll love and miss you always! I'll always keep your family in my Prayers! RIP my sweet dear friend till we meet again xoxoxo
This tribute was added by Chasity Wheeler on April 16, 2019
She was my very best friend! The only true friend I’ll ever have. Never a moment she didn’t have us laughing so hard we were crying I Nisan you’re jokes, I miss your hugs, I miss you kisses, I miss your back scratches. I hope your living it up in heaven because we miss the hell outta you down on earth

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