This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Terry Locke, 44 years old, born on November 16, 1971, and passed away on July 3, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Vesper Locke on December 3, 2016
Just missing my husband - I love you, Terry!!!

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Posted by Vesper Locke on December 3, 2016
Just missing my husband - I love you, Terry!!!
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My Husband, Soulmate, Heart, Love, and Best Friend

Shared by Vesper Locke on November 30, 2016

I moved to Topeka almost 4 years ago.  I wanted to set up roots for my family, buy a house, and stay put.  A few months after living here, my son introduced me to his new best friend, Terry Locke. Terry and I quickly connected on so many levels and our families became really close.  We had both recently been in relationships that didn't work out and I had no intentions of getting serious with anyone again - at least not so soon.  Well, Mr. Locke quickly changed my decision on that!  We were together around 3 years before his death. 

He had wanted me to marry him for quite some time.  He told me that it was important to him because he had never been legally married before, he never wanted to be married until now, and he wanted to be married to me.  So, I agreed and he bought a marriage license and we sat a date.  Then not long before the wedding, there were some people trying to cause trouble in our relationship.  I got upset and tore up the marriage license, then asked him to move out.  He wasn't gone long before we both realized that we just couldn't be apart.  He came back home, he bought another marriage license and we set another wedding date and this time we did it.  We really legally got married!

Just when I thought I could never see Terry any happier, I was wrong.  From the very second the judge started our ceremony, Terry's eyes were open wider than I'd ever seen them, he was smiling bigger than I'd ever seen him smile, and he was totally fixated on me.  I had never seen him like this - and trust me, I'd seen a lot of different sides of Terry.  From the second we were pronounced husband and wife, he was like a whole new Terry.  I remember telling him, "If I'd known that being married to me was this important to you and had this positive of an affect on you, I'd of married you the first time you bought a marriage license." 

I miss our lives together.  I miss our routines.  I miss us.  We did EVERYTHING together: He washed the dishes, I dried.  He did the cold food prep, I cooked.  He pushed the poodles in the stroller, I took photographs.  He opened the car door for me, I drove, etc. 

We'd make silly bets on who'd win American Idol, have movie/popcorn nights in bed with our new 4K tv and nice electric fireplace (we saved for 6 months to get), sit outside snuggling on the porch swing with our hot coca in the Winter, play partners on our Playstation 3 games, take our dogs on walks together, go for walks together w/o our dogs, do the house chores together, etc.

As for holidays, every year on his birthday he'd want the same kind of cake: red velvet, and for a drink: chocolate Dr. Pepper with extra chocolate.  At Christmas we'd decorate the tree together, he'd put up the decorations, and I'd wrap the presents.  On Halloween, we'd stay home, leave our porch light off and watch scary movies until we couldn't stay awake any longer.

He bought me beautiful roses regularly and when he didn't have money, he'd walk over to McDonald's to get a sweet tea and pluck flowers from someone's yard for me.  He always gave me flowers.  Sometimes he'd even draw me roses.  He also was working on a big wooden sign for the front of our house.  Of course it said, "Locke's".  It was so detailed, with little leaves and vines. 

I have so many memories of him that I never want to forget and I'm sad knowing that he's no longer here for us to make any more. 

I can honestly say that Terry was the perfect husband to me.  I will always love him.  I will always miss him.  I will never re-marry.  He is not replaceable.  He ALWAYS told me, "You're the one I'm supposed to be with - it's Terry and Vesper forever - always for infinity."  He is correct.

A Special and Loving Person

Shared by Nancy McIndoe on November 29, 2016

Terry Locke was like a son to me and I miss him a lot. I had not been able to stay in touch with him in the last year or so. I just heard about his passing. He was a good friend to my son TJ and to me. I don’t know how many times he and TJ helped each other to stay out of trouble! They were also forever playing video games just hanging out together.

Terry was always willing to help me around the house. He helped plant rose bushes, build my shed and look after my dog Sandi. He and Becky were there for me when my own family wasn’t and I loved them both. Then little Ruby came along – she was a true blessing!!! Terry wasn’t just a father, he was a good and loving Dad. Yes Terry had his weaknesses but love wasn’t one of them. He always had a lot of love to give those who let him. He loved animals, especially his dogs, children and people. His art was amazing. The subject matter may not have appealed to everyone but it was who Terry was and the talent was awesome! Terry was always proud of his Indian heritage and passed that pride on to those who knew him.

Terry wasn’t perfect but he was a truly loving person who always tried to do what was right even if misguided. He cared more than a lot of people ever gave him credit for and I will always treasure the person he was and hold dear the memories and love he showed me. Terry, you are at peace now and I will see you again one day. Thank you for being you and a part of my life. I love you son, always.