Let the memory of Terry be with us forever
  • 41 years old
  • Born on May 11, 1970 .
  • Passed away on May 29, 2011 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Terry Walker 41 years old , born on May 11, 1970 and passed away on May 29, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Zackary Walker on 12th December 2014
I miss you daddy
Posted by April Mullins on 26th January 2014
These lyrics remind me so much of you, your last night here. Maybe if I would of went with you, drove you wherever you wanted to go, you would still be here. I'm so sorry for telling you no, if I had it to do over I would come get you & Brian and drive y'all to Welch, like you wanted me to. I think about that everyday. If I was just with you, any other time I went with you, I'm so sorry. I love you & miss you more than anything. You were my very best friend. What if I said yes What if I'd gone out that night What if you'd turned left Everything would've turned out alright What if I'd spoke up What'd if I'd took the keys What if I had tried a little harder instead of always trying to please Joey I'm so sorry Ohh can you hear me Joey I'm so sorry What if I'd said no What if we'd never fell in love What if we'd gone slow Or a little be faster and broken up Would I know this hurt Would I feel this pain Do you know that with all I have left in my very last breath I will call your name Joey I'm so sorry Ohoohoh can you hear me? Joey I'm so sorry Were you sad Were you scared Did you wish for a prayer to be free Was it quiet and cold Was it light or too dark to see And did you reach for me Joey I'm so sorry Ohh can you hear me? Joey I'm so sorry Oohhhohh can you hear me Joey I'm so... Joey I'm so..... sorry
Posted by April Mullins on 24th December 2013
Merry Christmas Terry. I love & miss you so much.
Posted by April Mullins on 18th December 2013
You have been on my mind all week, with Christmas right around the corner, I'm missing you so much. You would think I would be "over it" by now...But I'll never get over it. It doesn't even seem like its getting better. Everyone says time will ease the pain, but that's not true, Its been 2.5 years since you left and I still feel that "crushed" pain as I did the day you left, the morning PeeWee called us at work and told me you were "gone", So many emotions covered me. I was torn into pieces, and I was so mad, mad cause you left me just when I needed you the most, Mad at myself, I thought maybe if I would of took you & Brian to Welch that night when y'all called then you would still be here, If I was with you then you wouldn't of got on that 4-wheeler, We would of been rushing home to beat curfew... I wish I could have just one more day with you, Hear your voice just one more time. I'll never ever forget about you. You were my very best friend. You taught me how to drive, how to play deuces wild,(LOL),how to play the quarter toss drinking game when I was like 9, you made me drink your weight gainer since I was way too young to drink beer, you TRIED to teach me how to drive a clutch, but i just couldn't do it. You've taught me so many things, gave me advice when I needed it and even when I didn't. I could talk to you about everything, its so damn hard being here without you, nobody will ever know. Merry Christmas In Heaven To You & My Brayden. I know your taking good care of him, just like you did me. I would give anything to have you both here,where your suppose to be. I love & miss you so much...
Posted by April Mullins on 30th August 2013
Good night Terry.. I love you buddy!
Posted by April Mullins on 28th August 2013
Missing you so very much tonight. Just wish I could see you, hear you voice one more time. You were my best friend. Always there whenever I needed you. Life will never ever be the same, I just cant get use to not having you here, I should be by now..You meant everything to me. That will never change. I love you so much & would give anything for just one more day..
Posted by Linda Blankenship on 7th April 2013
Terry so sad you left us so soon.Love and miss you . I know you and my dad are being your goofy selves. Please let him know I love him and miss him so much.
Posted by Brittany Walker on 7th April 2013
I love you daddy when you left you took part of me with you.I love you i would do anything to hear your voice and see your face one more time.I love you more than life it's self. we did eveything together I was like your little shadow you taught me how to work on vehicals you allways called me your little mechanic. But now it's like this family broken and it will never heal. Bradley J.W
Posted by Brittany Walker on 7th April 2013
Daddy , so much has changed since you have left and i want it to go back to the way it was . I know you are watching over me .you took part of my heart with you dad and i will always be your little girl , I remember the week before you left we was picking on eachother and the last word i said was i love you and bye Only if i knew it was going to be our last.love always ..Brittany
Posted by April Mullins on 30th March 2013
Thinking about you. I love and miss you!
Posted by April Mullins on 19th February 2013
Thinking of you always....i love and miss you so much..Not a day goes by that you dont cross my mind, I would do anything to bring you back, you were my best friend, it still doent seen right without you..I want so bad to just go in your room and talk to you when i go to mommys like i always did. I cant wait to see you again, i love you so much...take care of my baby Brayden,love yall
Posted by April Mullins on 19th February 2013
I often sit and think about the years that have passed by and the happiness and joy that was shared by you & I. I think of all the laughter,the smiles & fun.And before I even know it my tears have begun.Although it brings me comfort to walk down memory lane It reminds me of how without you Life will never be the same,ever. I love and miss you soooo much..Love, April
Posted by Darrell Steele on 11th January 2013
Terry i really miss u man. U was the only true friend I've ever had. Bud light isn't the same with out ya.. But hey man uv got my dad and son there with ya..ya got dad to talk to and Brayden to keep ya on ya toes but the main thing is man we miss u like crazy.. I'm always tellin my friends about u and how u would never let me give up..love and miss you man..
Posted by Brayden's Auntie on 10th January 2013
Hey Terry I just want you to know that u are one of the greatest uncle a person coulld ever ask for! I miss U so very much! Life is so hard without u here picking with me! I miss everything about u! U left me way to soon and I want u back!. Kiss Brayden and tell him all about me! I love and miss U so much!! Forever in my heart U will remain
Posted by Brayden's Auntie on 10th January 2013
I love and miss U Terry
Posted by April Mullins on 10th January 2013
Terry i love and miss so much...I thought you would be here with me for a very long time...I remember our very last day together, just like it was yesterday, all the times we're shared even the fights we had..Through the good and the bad we always stuck together. It was always Me & You...You we're my best friend, I would give anything to have you here with me, It just doesnt make sense.
Posted by April Mullins on 10th January 2013
I'll never understand why...Why you had to leave...Why God just had to pick you, you had so many people who loves you and misses you dearly..The days,nights,holidays just are not the same without you here..I replay all the times we had in my head over and over. You last night here on earth, when you called me, the last words i ever heard you say...If I could take it all back. I would.
Posted by April Mullins on 10th January 2013
I would of came and got the both of you and took ya'll where ever ya'll wanted to go...Maybe if I would have just been with you, like any other time you would still be here with me... i love and miss you sooo much...Please take care my little Brayden for me, kiss and tell him i love and miss him so much...i love you both more than life.
Posted by Shirley Coleman on 10th January 2013
Terry, me and Charlie loved it when you came around and hung out with us. You always had something to make us laugh about. You was always a good friend to us. We always had a great time when you and your children came to visit.
Posted by Donna Mcdonald on 9th January 2013
i love and miss you terry, i would love to be able to talk to you,, take care of brayden for us I LOVE YOU..
Posted by Martha Walker on 9th January 2013
Terry when I watched you going up the driveway I never thought it would be the last time I would see you alive. I would give my life to see you again, to hug you and to tell you I love you .I want you back I was not ready to let you go. I should have went first. Your mom

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