Posted by Robin Middlet on June 15, 2021
John and I met circa 1972. Over the decades we shared countless dinners, wide ranging conversations, and hilarity. We traded advice. He was a good man and a good friend, a compassionate soul, generous, and intelligent. He encouraged me to run off with my boyfriend, who is now my husband of twenty nine years. Good call! In a mail from May he was happy with Barbara, “step kids, and step dogs”. John contained multitudes and I treasured him. My heart goes out to everyone who feels this great loss. Thanks to everyone who made him happy.
Posted by Georgia Cullum on June 12, 2021
My late husband Jack and I met John in 1975 when he was living in a big old house in Urbana, MD, along with a ragtag group of cavers and hippies. Those were some interesting times, not to mention fun, and I remember some great parties and pranks. Through John, we met people who became lifelong friends.
Over the years before he moved to Florida, John was a big part of our family life, remembered for his wry humor and the “Muthisms,” which we still quote to this day. Favorite lines include: “Dogs in the way get stepped on,” “Living in the land of thermostats,” “ Collie dogs are born with original sin,” and his usual greeting to my son as a kid, “ Well, John, how’s life in the world of problem boys?” He was an avid gardener who claimed that you needed to “taste the cow manure in a ripe tomato.”
John was an intelligent, unique and soulful human being who will be missed by all who were fortunate enough to have known him.
Posted by Luther Jett on June 11, 2021
I met John in an alleyway behind the old Bethesda Theatre, sometime in 1970. We were college kids and it was a photo-shoot for the Montgomery College yearbook (I think). Behind the sometimes irascible front stood a genuinely compassionate man who would go out of his way to help a friend. I am not the only person who spent many days and evenings engaged in deep conversation with John about a vast array of topics — philosophy, history, geology, literature .... He leaves behind many who will remember him with a smile.
Posted by Ben Smart on June 11, 2021
What to say. John was my bestest buddy for almost 50 years. We worked at staying in touch after his move to Florida, talking on the phone weekly and regular visits between Maryland and FL. 

I got very good advice at times of need from John over the years. He was known for getting to the point and especially honest. Of course anyone who took a long road trip with him got to know his “special” side, a bit cranky.

He loved and trusted his wife Barbara. She was his closet friend for over twenty years.

I will miss him more than anyone can know.
Posted by Chayan Lahiri on June 4, 2021
Thank you Mr. John, for sharing some very interesting things with me during the conversations we had.
Posted by Bruce Morgan on June 3, 2021
John was my best old friend, and my Mom's best friend too! We met in about 1964 due to our mutual interest in caving. We were both early Hippies, and he and I both got thrown out of the caving club because there were other members of the club who were CIA spooks! We were considered such a radical threat that the FBI followed me around for years! (I don't know if they followed John?) Oftentimes John would come over to my Mom's house where we would drink vast amounts of beer while discussing world events, philosophy, and science, especially geology. Needless to say we had countless adventures. One day after an especially rowdy time downtown in DC we returned to his Dad's home where I made the mistake of taking a "power nap" on the pool table. Don't ask me how I got home alive, but when I did I walked into the bathroom to discover that my face was jet black and it wouldn't come off. John had completely covered me with India ink! John was a brilliant man who never really lived up to his potential, but when he found Barbara he found happiness!
Posted by Rebecca McNally on June 2, 2021
You and my mother showed me that true love exists. Photography, Mexico, “Trumplicans”... oh John, how missed you already are! You have my word on the promise I made you. THANK YOU. You were a GREAT man. I love you.

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