Let the memory of thomas be with us forever
  • 19 years old
  • Born on May 6, 1973 .
  • Passed away on June 13, 1992 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, thomas beckett 19 years old , born on May 6, 1973 and passed away on June 13, 1992. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Sandra Snedden on 7th May 2016
Happy birthday Thomas,another birthday another year,you are still and always be remembered,never be forgotten,Loved and dearly missed by all each day.But not more so than these birthday wishes each year that passes.God bless you.xxx
Posted by Amy Tauscher on 13th June 2015
Flowers for you, Thomas.
Posted by Sandra Snedden on 13th June 2015
Another year without you, sad times of the year for our family.you seem to have more of the family,as the years goes bye with you in Gods beautiful garden.one day we will all be together. Sending love to you on this day,The day you was taken to become a Angle in Gods keeping. R.I.P Thomas Loved & missed xxx
Posted by Amy Tauscher on 6th May 2015
Happy Birthday in Heaven, Thomas.
Posted by Sandra Snedden on 6th May 2015
Happy Birthday Thomas, you got a lot of the family with you that you've gained over the year's. So I hope your time up there won't seem so quite now.At least you can have a good party now,with that lot that's with you,you will.ha ha.anyway love sent to you as always. X
Posted by Sandra Snedden on 5th September 2014
Well Thomas I hope you was waiting for your dad at God gate,Now you are together you can show him around & he can see Gods garden with the feeling of peace & love around all that enters that world above.Take Care of all our family up there,We down here, are thinking of you & them every day.xxxxAll Love & miss so much R.I.P.Tom.xx
Posted by Amy Tauscher on 14th June 2014
For Thomas.
Posted by Amy Tauscher on 14th June 2014
Janice, you'll be in my thoughts today. I miss you. I have a new FB page and will look for you. Just know that Thomas is always with you. Love and (((hugs))) -Amy-
Posted by Sandra Snedden on 6th May 2014
Happy Birthday Thomas,It would have been your 41st today.You are with good company with so many of our family now with you.So you party away up there & enjoy your day,Love & miss you all ,R.I.P. xx
Posted by Janice Beckett on 25th December 2013
hi darling,well another xmas without you,dad and I have had a xmas on our own again ha ha but your brothers are ok,as you know.please watch over them when you can.love and miss you so so much,i still hurt as you know but that's me silly moo ,well darling love you always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lots of love mum,dad,robert and christopher
Posted by Sandra Snedden on 13th June 2013
Thinking of you To-Day as always.The years go by.But the love is always there for you,You are sadly missed by all,God bless you.R.I.P.Thomas.XX...The Snedden Family.
Posted by Janice Beckett on 6th May 2013
well thomas,hope you are having a great time in heaven with evryone,we love an miss so so much,put your cards up, as usual,hope you like them.40yrs old now ha ha ,oh what fun we would have had,but still you are with us 24/7.love you always darling,,lots of love &hugs,mum,dad,robrt and christopher.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Sandra Snedden on 6th May 2013
Hi Thomas,Not forgotton to send you Love & Birthday wishes to you on what have been your 40th Birthday this year,Hope you are having the best party ever up there,Say Hi to our Family as you party the night away.Wishing you all Love & Hugs,..XXX From the Snedden Family
Posted by Janice Beckett on 8th March 2013
hello my darling,another mothers day without you.i miss you so so much,need your help once again,need dad and your brother to make-up,if you arent to busy could you sort it.i still wish i could feel your big hugs,see your lovely bluey-grey eyes.you loving smile,miss you so much,my heartaches,but then you know this.love and miss you always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlove you my son xxxxxxx
Posted by Sandra Snedden on 29th December 2012
Hi Thomas.Just a little note To say we missing you again for another Christmas & the New Year is once again is almost here,Your not alone now you got the best people up with you,Nan & grandad & the rest of our family walking beside you every day.So i send my love to all of you,Take care of one & another,You are all very much miss & loved xxx
Posted by Janice Beckett on 11th December 2012
darling thomas,sorry i havnt written to you in seems ages,please forgive me,well its another xmas without you.your brothers are ok,as you know by watching over them,i am ok i suppose,feeling down at this moment as you know,oh i wish things could get better for us,one day good then bang the nexted orrid ,still i dont need to tell you that.love and missyou more than words can say xx luv mum
Posted by Karen Lloyd on 13th June 2012
My darling nephew I know we didnt get to see much of you growing up but we all still loved you very much and you are so sorely missed by myself and your uncle Richard. I am sure that you welcomed grandad and nan when they came to you and you had lots to tell them about your life even though it was cut so very short. I love you very much and miss you Aunty Karen. XXX
Posted by Sue Howard on 13th June 2012
Janice I won't say I know what you are going through because I don't. The only thing I can say is Thomas hears every word you say. Just think of him in the next room but there is an invisible door. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. It was your loss and heavens gain. RIP Thomas xxxx
Posted by Sandra Snedden on 13th June 2012
This is so little,But means a lot,Just to say dear Thomas,We have'nt forgot, Forever missed,...R.I.P. Thomas,...God Please Take Care Of Him We Trust Him In Your Safe Keeping...Amen..Love The Snedden Family.xxxxxx
Posted by Janice Beckett on 13th June 2012
well son today is the sad day,sun shining as it did the day you left,tears will fall once more for you,my heart is aching as i look back on that day so clearly,dad misses you and also your two loving brothers robert and christopher,thanks for all that you left behind,the laughs we all had,the memories will live on in us xxxxxxxxx love you always and forever,till we meet again xxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Janice Beckett on 12th June 2012
my darling son,here again ha ha,that nutty mum of yours.20 yrs on the 13/june you went from us,so so sudden,miss you all the time,your brothers,robert and christopher do as well.its a sad day to us and everyone who knew you.we often laugh at things you done.miss you so so much it hurts.you gave so much and took nothing in return bless you darling,love you always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Janice Beckett on 12th June 2012
well my darling it will be 20 years since you left us,as you know so much has happened,good and bad,your brothers are well doing their own thing,as usual,miss so so much,i talk to you all the time hoping you can hear me,i need your strong arms round me your hugs i miss,your little chuckles,your lovely blue eyes(i hope the persons who have them are happy).oh thomas,miss you,love you 24/7 xx
Posted by Janice Beckett on 6th May 2012
well darling its 10.55 p.m an mum is off to bed hope you had a great time will say a pray for you before i sleep,love an miss you,well you know that anyway,your bros,robert an christopher send you their love as always an thank you for watching over them.our love always darling,love mum,dad,robert an christopher xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Amy Tauscher on 6th May 2012
Janice, my deepest sympathies to you on this day. You will be in my thoughts and prayers today. Just know I love ya. I know Thomas is looking down on you from Heaven. xx
Posted by Sandra Snedden on 6th May 2012
BIRTHDAY WISHES,are sent to you to-day for what would have been your 39 year.Years come and go but you will still have your birthdays as ever year and we will still send you Love and birthday wishes to you,If you party,Party hard & enjoy,Love & miss you..R.I.P.Thomas,xxxxxx From the Snedden Family xxxx
Posted by Janice Beckett on 6th May 2012
your birthdat today,haha 39 yrs old ,bet your having a raving time ,robert an christopher are both fine an thinking of you today an always as they do ,dont get too drunk ha ha luv ya mum,dad,robert an christopher xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Sandra Snedden on 30th April 2012
So nice we can now put something on your page,To tell you how we all miss you,Partying up there with the rest of the family,Just keep the noise down becouse it may just start the rain again,talk to you soon ,Love & miss you,R.I.P. xx
Posted by Janice Beckett on 30th April 2012
miss you son 24/7,you were my first born,ilove you as i do your two brothers robert and christopher.you were and are an angel love you forever,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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