This tribute was added by Macaulay Kadiri on May 10, 2019
here are no tears today.
Only memories.
Very many memories.
And of course unanswered questions.
Those plague me constantly.
I still miss you.
It’s a dull ache somewhere near my epicenter.
Some days, I can go all day before you feature, others, I start with tears at how you would have assessed my newest challenge.
You knew me more than I care to admit.
From the very first hello, you usually can tell what the call is about.
After a while, I became your biggest worry. ‘OCIKHEMEKHA safety first in all u do? *smiles*
We are all getting by, really and I imagine you are giving Big GOD up above a huge hug today. I imagine you approached him to try and redecorate His throne in new colours of the rainbow and He told you to sit at His feet for a bit and just enjoy His presence and stop doing so much. You used to do so very much and I am sure heaven is enjoying what we miss.
Ikpemioghena looks like you and is such a ball of energy too.
I still remember conversation we had on phone the night before u left this world. Saying if theres anything above the heavens, that will be my portion. I pictured you sharing words made flesh with us. I'm sure there's an Angel there who can give you tips.
Glad to tell you that Odufa is now senior officer in the Navy! So glad to tell u about what u started.
You should have seen anosie she's now a grown girl.
Sarah's kids are all grown up
I am married and my cute baby has your cute face and smiles. I pray she carries the wisdom u had.
You remember yinka my fried I call brother he misses you and talks always about you all the time.
I still remember you planting coconut, pea, paw paw and all types of trees around the house premises. Everything you planted germinated.
I still remembered the day you hosted my friends at home after I graduated. Dad you are my real G.
I left Facebook when you died. But I think that the world need to know that you are the greatest dad that ever lived.
We have tried to do half of what you used to do and I know you may sometimes laugh at our feeble efforts.
Dad…….you know now.
Yes, I wanted to talk about the knowing all things part.
Do you know how much we miss you?
Do you know when we are troubled & need direction & want it from no-one but you?
Do you know how I obsess over how you feel about what I am doing? If you are proud of me?
Do you know when the my sisters say something and I think you would have the perfect response?
Do you know how many times I reach for my phone while having a conversation with someone to have one with you at the same time as I used to do?
But sebi you know I never did what u never wanted. May b a few sha. And i apologised for doing such.was so secure in the love I felt from you.
Who will love me like that now?
Dad there so many things to write about you. It would take years to tell the world how great and loving that you where and are.
I imagine you are trying to show everyone a good time even there.
Can you just rest today?

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